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Tabatha Review. 0

Tabatha, the latest offering from the mind of Neil Gibson is a four part mini series that tells the tale of what happens to four enterprising youths who get caught on the wrong side of a twisted mind.The story opens with some light humor which carries on throughout even through some of the darker scenes with the characters almost making light of their predicament. Caspar Wijngaard's art is somehow animated yet realistic in it's tones, sleek and well detailed, his Splash pages instantly draw you...

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Not quite hitting the mark. 0

When I first saw Ape Entertainment had released a Temple Run series I asked myself how they could possibly turn a smart phone game into a readable comic series?It seems from the first issue that the answer is they will struggle. The issue starts out with some strange pacing that didn't seem to flow well for me when I read it. While the creators promised the series would explain the "backstory" to the characters the first issue explains very little off the bat but a lot is hinted at, I don't want...

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A strong opening 0

Letter 44 starts out bold, it quickly sets the scene but doesn't skimp on the detail. We know what we need to know when we need to know it and the story moves forward at a nice pace. The opening to Letter 44 is very sci-fi and the short monologue would feel right at home within a space opera.The art style is very animated and boldly colored, it's not exactly to my taste, I prefer a more refined realistic look but it works well enough for this book and nothing should be taken away from that overa...

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A bit weak... 0

I enjoyed issues 1 & 2 of this new series but issue 3 felt a little.... rushed. It didn't grip me like the first too and just seemed flat and dull. I hope the whole series doesn't go this way and blaze through to the end. It may sound strange but I'd like to see more of the actual killing, I understand there are a ton of people for Deadpool to work through so skipping through is the only way but I feel a little bit more time could have been spent on this.The scene with Wolverine was good as ...

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Keeps on pleasing... 0

This series is fast becoming one of my big favs. These first four issues have set up beautifully what is sure to be one epic story arc. In this issue we see a loose alliance between Hawkgirl and Flash learning a little more about them along the way. They do their best to defeat the rampaging Solomon Grundy with the new Green Lantern assisting whilst they get used to their new roles as Earth's protectors showing us a human side to the characters which makes them more receivable to readers.The art...

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Solid 0

I picked up a bunch of new comics yesterday (digital) and curled up to read them, this one stuck out the most. First off I must say how much I love the artwork, it's fresh and bold and reminds me of older comic books, it's almost a retro look. We meet Clint the man, not so much Clint/Hawkeye the Avenger. He mentions his affiliation to Earth's Mightiest Heroes but this is very much a tale of the man inside and he sense of right and wrong, he goes out of his way and risks his neck for what he know...

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