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Every comic book fan should own some Eisner. 16

(Sorry for my lack of reviews as of late. This review was written entirely from my phone so any odd formatting and peculiar typos are because of that!) Will Eisner is a bonafide comic book legend. There's a couple of reasons why but it could really but summed up as "The man was just damn good at his job." A contract with God is called the first graphic novel. Whether or not that's true is something I'm not entirely sure of, but for a boom from 1978 it's aged well on all fronts. It con...

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Worth tracking down for a read. 13

(NOTE: This review was written on my phone, so if any weird formatting issues appear that's why.) I'm going to keep this short, Face is probably going to throw you for a subtle loop If you read it like you would a random comic that you came across serendipitously. You'll still be pleasantly surprised by how well written it is and probably in awe of how much Milligan gets done with such short space. Your socks shall be gone and on the floor as you see Feregdo's art, which is great here. ...

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Mr. Punch never dies. 11

This is a weird book, very well written (Like all of Gaiman's work) but still pretty weird. It's truly about a young man's memories, and how some stuff seems a little off when he looks back on it.Have you ever been lying on the couch, just lying, thinking about stuff you've done in the past? Then you get to that part where you realize something is totally off about what you remembered, something you did could have straight up killed you. Of course, it did not kill you as you're alive now but th...

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Over time the eagle will soar while the mountain wears down, but which is which? 4

This is a through examination of Superman and Lex Luthor's relationship. The thing about Astro City though is that while the characters are definitely inspired by others they do have enough to be good on their own merits. In this case Infidel the Luthor stand in, is a ancient man hungry for power who was able to achieve it, and then lost it all due to The Samaritan's heroics. As with all of Astro City you don't have to read anything beforehand to get what's going on but it may help to have read...

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I'm joining the hippies! 8

"Hey man, what's your favorite ongoing?" "Deadpool or Fables, I don't really count Fables because I read it in trade and caught up, so Deadpool, I guess!""Deadpool? But isn't he just a dumb character with no development or anything anyone would would besides dumb jokes?""No."Deadpool by Duggan and Poeshn has been asbolutley brilliant from start and its soon to be finish. One of the things that has really made it stick out is that after every arc they do an issue where they slow down and have a ...

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"You are so far removed from average that you seem MORE than Inhuman. Like a necessary God." 0

Jenkins and Lee's Inhumans is one of my favorite stories ever published by Marvel. So much so that if for some reason I was to make a list of my favorite Marvel stories this is the story I would put down first, it may not be my absolute favorite at the end of the day but it's easily the most memorable. When you open up the book you a credits page and then an introduction by none other than Alex Ross. He talks about how he was using the Inhumans at the same time this was coming out over in Earth...

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The force of nature that is, BATMAN!!! 7

Note - This review in on both parts of Engines, issues 74 and 75. The GoodWhen both the writing and the art is done by the same person you either get great results or terrible ones. There isn't really a middle ground, I don't really know why that is, it just seems to be that way from all of the comics I have read that fall under that specific category. This particular story falls under that "great" category and if I was forced to make a top 25 Batman stories I would probably put it on it. Becau...

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Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel... 9

Fun Fact: The First Noel has got to be my favorite Christmas carol. The GoodI'll be upfront with you, the art is the reason most people will buy this book. It's jaw droppingly gorgeous, beautifully realized, and an all around pleasure to look at. Gotham city has never been more detailed and sadly probably won't be.The story on the other hand does in fact have a lot goign for it as well. It's pretty much A Christmas Carol done Batman to most people and that statement does actually have merit the ...

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Instant Classic. 5

When the words instant classic it means that what you just read will be regarded as a classic and you have noticed it now. That isn't actually what I mean though. What this issue actually does is have all of the stuff from a classic Captain Marvel story from say, the 40's and captures that lightning (See what I did there?) in a bottle, instantly. One could even say that Multiversity so far was the pure Billy Batson, a good kid but not a superhero who could save everyone, this issue made the sto...

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You must tour Akham one of these days, why not today? 9

So I was going back and forth on whether I should review this or Batman #663 otherwise known as the issue with only like four images. It's prose, yo. I decided to go with this one simply because I figured I could write more about it. Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean it's a pretty well known comic book which has sold a ton of copies. It's also pretty polarizing but most people do seem to love it.The GoodThe story is actually pretty straightforward, everyone's clown prince...

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Just okay. 8

Everyone who I have ever talked to about Hellblazer loves it. It's John's 300 issue epic which has him doing everything with an attitude that screams cool. Since they are now reprinting the whole series from the start and at this moment are at issue 96 I believe. This covers the first nine and two issues from Swamp Thing, with a different creative team.The GoodDelano seems to have taken a page from Moore's Swamp Thing and decided to go with the prose-y poetry overload. It's a rather hard thing t...

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Something else for sure. 10

Before I say anything about the contents of the actual issue, I want to talk about Jae Lee's variant cover. This is some top quality Jae Lee art. That just oozes a very creepy atmosphere due to Jae Lee being great and the colorist doing a top notch job. You could literally spend hours looking at it.As far as the actual issue goes, it's well, Morrison as Morrison gets.The GoodWhen I review a comic I try and not ruin an important plot detail, and for this particular issue I won't try and tell you...

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Gotham City done right. 17

There's a lot of titles that either take place in Gotham City, feature Batman, or Batman associated characters. Some of them are good, some decent, some head-scratchingly random. That said I only really like one of them, Grayson. If this book is like this first issue i'll be liking two of them, because this was fantastic.The GoodRay Fawkes does a great job starting this title off with a bang, wasting no time to get a story started and moving a head with many ways to move forward. We meet Preci...

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If we could move a little faster, I am sure no one would complain. 0

Remember how I said in the review of the first issue that there was a Nazi gang in New york? Yeah, I made a mistake, that's actually in this this issue. That's actually pretty much the only thing that happens here. Sure, the barely defined goverment(?) prepare and talk for awhile and we see the demon one more time. The thing is, that just isn't enough for a whole issue, it felt like half an issue at best. On the flip side the art seems to be getting even worse. I do wonder why someone decided to...

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Your short term game needs work. 3

You can write for an issue and just get most of the plot done in one issue, you can write for an arc to really stretch your story out. The thing is, at the end of the arc I want some idea of where this story is actually heading. I didn't get that here, the story has a neat cliffhanger but using common sense I know that's nonsense and they won't do that. So... I am just kind of confused.We meet Tommy Taylor, his dad wrote something like Harry potter but even more popular and then just kind of we...

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Frank Miller's other, other good work. 5

Out of all of Frank Miller's is either loved and considered pure genius (Daredevil, DKR, Year one...) or though to be so terrible it's not worthy of being used as toilet paper (DKSA, Holy Terror, All Star Batman). Before I even started to write this review I looked to see how much of Miller's work I have read, and the weird thing is, I have actually read most of it. My only real omissions are Sin City, and his Elektra with Sienkiewicz. That's both a pleasant surprise and rather perplexing since...

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Brubaker's Magnum Opus. 4

Brubaker is a writer known for many fantastic works, namely Books of Doom, Captain America, Catwoman, Gotham Central, and Iron Fist.That's a pretty impressive list of titles there and none of them even come close to touching Sleeper. On the other hand doing all of the covers for Sleeper and the interiors, Sean Phillips. Who to my knowledge is known for working with Brubaker and doing cover work, mind you they're very good covers and work with Brubaker. The thing is you just don't get Sleeper in...

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I don't understand the hype. 10

I don't get why people like this book. I found myself hoping for the book to just be over when I was about 15 pages in. I swear I wanted to enjoy the book I just couldn't get into it at all. The colors were dull and bored me; the art was nice I feel it didn't really fit this book. The writing had a really slow pace which would of been fine if I cared about any of the stuff it wasted time on. Still, I could've seen why people liked this book if the villain wasn't so lame. I've seen people compla...

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Very somber. 8

So to catch you up on what had happened to Ol' Swampy the past couple of issues before this particular one (Spoilers ahead) He died, or so we were told. He got shot and then lit on fire, assuming he was gone for good. This is the issue where we find out he isn't dead. He's just on a really blue planet far from earth. My blue heaven is one of Moore's best Swamp thing issue's for a couple of good reasons. Let's start with the writing, shall we? Swampy is on a planet... and it's really blue. He sl...

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Don't we at the very least deserve the right to exist? 3

Brian Azzarello has a sense of humor? I mean he's made me chuckle to myself with some dark humor a couple of times but this book has bad puns and a nazi gorilla(Later he's also a vampire) quoting Planet of the apes. So, it's kind of weird. The problem this book has is the way it was published, which was as a backup. That said while it is pretty short the only part of the book that actually suffers from this is the beginning. The story picks up and finds a nice pace and sticks with it. While stil...

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In a hypothetical lottery type system where a winner gets a superpower, one would probably want to sue if they won "Deat 9

Something tells me Invasion was a real pain to read. Like every damn thing tied into it, ever, though it did have one major development that affected a mildly recent comic. (Talking about Ted Kord's killer) but this book is dealing with the immediate aftermath, I think, or buddy is just randomly in Florida. Either way buddy is in Florida for some reason and the last issue was a Invasion! tie-in. If this was an Invasion tie-in, people probably felt cheated, because I have no damn clue what this ...

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What is Superman? An icon, that's what. 2

I could not say enough good things about this book. It's simply awe inspiring, thought provoking, and easily my now favorite Superman story. That said, Superman isn't really in this book, sure he sets off the story and is the reason we have the story but he's not actually a character in it per se. This book is really about Steve, he's a comic book writer for DC, he was just offered the chance of a lifetime to most writers, the chance to write a Superman miniseries. So, what does he do? He says ...

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I'm not entirely sure what I just read. 13

I went into this book without expectations really. I knew the writer Gerard Way was supposed to be pretty good and the artist Jake Wyatt did a two part arc on Ms. Marvel, which i've only heard great thing about. (And really need to get around to picking up the first trade.) Anyway, my point is the only thing I knew about this book is that it was about an alternate universe's Spider-Man.The GoodThe opening could only be described as chilling, and me being the terrible person I am will spoil it f...

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Kind of disappointed in myself I skipped this when it came out. 5

So, I am quite the terrible person, I skipped this issue (and all of edge of Spider-verse) when it came out. But today I actually got the opportunity to borrow this issue. And after reading it I came to the conclusion that I really messed up, 'cause this was great. Meet Gwen Stacy, high school graduate who instead of going to college or something like that she pursues music! Her father wanting her to go on and do great things is kind of disappointed she's pursuing music. Oh, and she's also the ...

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A really entertaining start but not quite there. 3

The GoodI was pretty apathetic about this book. I mean who really cares about Hobgoblin? You do? Weirdo. Well, I don't, or didn't, because as soon as the preview came out I was white on rice with this book. But did it live up to the hype? Partially. The first part which actually focused on the real hobgoblin was incredibly entertaining, enough so for me to want to read a full fledged ongoing about it. It was a genuinely new take that I personally have never seen before. I also really liked a cam...

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Best one shot of the year? Best one shot of the year. 10

Multiversity is here again! Multiversity is here again! It's back with my most anticipated universe too! And would you like to know the best thing? This issue didn't disappoint at all. The Good!Morrison's writing is very Morrison. Which is a great thing, fantastic dialogue, crazy ideas, AND amazing pacing! What more could you possibly ask for? This book has two scene's that'll really stick with me for awhile for sure, the first is Batman and Superman's conversation. It's filled with a snarky bu...

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This is something special, real special. 5

Rick Remender's writing has never really done it for me. I'll check out his work if everyone is going on about it but most of the time I sit on my bed/couch/desk/wherever I may be asking myself "Why did I buy this again?" I didn't even know who Wes Craig was! So, when I say I had convince myself to actually buy it am not lying, and boy let me tell you it was worth every single penny. (Beware, minor spoilers ahead.)Meet Marcus Lopez a Hispanic teenager who's a homeless orphan. His parents died w...

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When you see me coming? Run. 12

I'd like to start off by saying that you should go and buy this book, now. I got it for like 10$ from Amazon, it'd be rather silly if you passed it up. It's pretty clear Ellis clearly wanted to do something special here, and he did. The neat thing is that he didn't really want to redefine Marc or heroes in general, what he wanted to accomplish is pretty clear once you finish the book, he wanted to define Moon Knight. He didn't want to take him into a radically different direction that would leav...

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Why don't you own this already? 8

This was fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Possibly even the best thing Matt Fraction will ever write (I'd say an argument could be made for Iron Man.) and one of Brubaker's best works (Which is saying something since everything he writes is awesome.) Most of the art is done by David Aja which works really, really well here. Included in this book is all of Fraction/Brubaker/Aja's run. We quickly get started with Danny's company in some fishy HYDRA business. This leads to an interesting developme...

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This was something, alright. 9

I am not a huge a Milligan fan, like at all. This is my first real attempt to get into his work and you want to know something? I still don't know if he's a world class genius that dares to question everything or a lunatic who's messing with stuff that has no need to be messed with. The art while very good wasn't especially mind blowing. It showed what needed to be shown, but never tried to do more then that. TKe that for what you will. Now when I heard about this book I asked myself "Se...

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Much worse after a re-read. 13

So Marvel's 3.99$ titles come with a free digital code and I happen to give my free code to a guy on Comicvine. I read the issue rather quickly; amused with the book I had just bought. A smile was on my face, as was a odd arrangement of my eyebrows because at moments the art totally neutered the book. Now, back to the digital code thing I mentioned, the user I gave the code to said "Dude...I couldn't enjoy WS. The art made it so difficult to follow the story. Especially since I was on the Marve...

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War Comics + Multiversal Madness = Win. 14

I do not hide the fact that Grant Morrison is my favorite writer and when he knocked it right out of the ballpark with Multiversity #1. I knew the upcoming one-and-done issues while different in pacing and what they are out to achieve would be delightful and everythign I want in a comic. I wasn't wrong at all, this issue was everything I wanted from a pulp-y team of Superheroes that had Atom, Doc. Fate, and Abin Sur in it's line up. The GoodI've actually not read much of Chris Sprouse's work be...

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Underwhelming. 6

So people talk about Busiek's Astro City, a lot. Almost all of the thing I have heard about it are positive. Which would lead one to get ready to have your mind blown with how good this is, right? Well, it doesn't really do that at all. Don't get me wrong this book has a certain charm that makes you want to love it but it never really gets there.What you get is six issues that are kind of standalone. The first and the last issue feature The Samaritan heavily. You also see Crackerjack come into p...

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As far as comics go this one is a solid read. 1

So today I was in lunch sitting around bored (I am now back in high school as I write this.) So I was like "Yo, homies we needta head up ta da library, yo!" (No I don't actually speak like that.) So we went to the library, and I was looking at some Stephen King books. After awhile I looked around and saw the graphic novel section and I picked up a few along with Doctor Sleep. One of the comics I picked up was this one. Now personally I am not a huge Bendis fan, most of his work to me is below av...

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Expectations were set, expectations were met. 3

When I found out that Multiversity was actually coming out I was over the moon. When the days dwindled down and it was only a week away it was the only thing I was talking about. Today when it came out it was the only thing I could think about. So to put it lightly you could say I was excited. Now, Grant Morrison is my favorite writer so I would be excited to read anything the man wrote but the idea of Multiversity would of gotten me to check it out if anyone was writing it. So as of now I have ...

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I have absolutely no idea what I just read. 0

When this particular book was suggested to me it was said to be very "Hickman" and after reading it you could replace "Hickman" with indecipherable and have no problems. You see when you read a book that is the opening arc to a creator owned series you should A) At the very minimum care about at least one of the characters and B) Have some type of grasp on how the world works. I did neither, the characters were confusing and somewhat bland and the world was confusing and somewhat bland. (Spoi...

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Sabretooth is a dick. 0

GOODThe art was absolutely fantastic, looked kind of rugged at times but it really fit the tone of the story. Good job with that.The story was kind of neat, I don't really get why it needed to be told but it was a decent read all things considered. BADMy problem with this story is it went nowhere. Sabretooth showed up and laughed at Wolverine which was great but it would of been nice to see them actually fight instead of all of the other stuff I didn't really care about. It was told in a decom...

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This issue doesn't really have an actual story. It's just fighting. Cap's story is literally Cap fighting EVERY SINGLE PANEL. ALL OF THEM. Iron Man's story has one development, it's a pretty big one honestly... Hogan got shot. Iron man couldn't save him. the stories may just be extended action scenes but they look great and they entertained the heck out of me. 4/5. ...

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Cliffhangers are my arch nemesis! 2

Caps story sucks. Iron Mans is great. This has been happening since Cap came into this title, they have absolutely no idea what they want to do with Steve. This time he only appears for 3 pages.... so he can be shrinked and put in a bottle.. like a ship. Then the americans fight Germany. Sounds like the same story I have heard on most of these Captain America stories. Cap has a story, it concludes... RANDOM FIGHTING! Not what I like to read but... whatever. The art by Jack saves the story. Ir...

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Well, it could've been better. 0

Last issue was fantastic sadly this one wasn't. Tony starts to see stuff because his cousin is a dick, then when everyone starts saying "Tony may be crazy." He sees aliens for real and fights 'em. I mean I don't really mind a coincidence but this is pushing it, really far. Nothing else really happens but the story was pretty entertaining so maybe they'll improve next issue?The cap story is a bit different, it picks up the story perfectly. The bad part is that it doesn't know how to end it. Magic...

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