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My favorite comic book related movies.

Please remember movies are subjective and I may have a differing opinion.

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  • No question about it, it's the best and nothing is close.

  • Iron Man is funny but it doesn't feel forced. The villain is awesome and everything about him makes sense. Best movie in the Marvel cinematic Universe by far.

  • You ever wonder what a super hero would really be like in real life? Watch this movie, right now. I can't truly recommend this though since it doesn't pull its punches.

  • This is the definitive TMNT to me. It just oozes awesomeness, everyone should watch this.

  • I don't fully understand peoples problem with this movie, the only part I didn't like was Viper.. and she was a big problem to be fair.

  • Watchmen makes a FANTASTIC comic book and a great movie. Snyder did a great job of adapting it.

  • Okay, maybe it's a little goofy but I enjoy watching it every single time.

  • Jim Carrey = Gold. Funniest superhero movie and it has a pretty interesting story.

  • I thought this movie was the best thing ever when I was like 6. Now I still think it's awesome but I see its problems. Jim Carrey = Gold.

  • The special effects may not be good.. or even decent. The movie is good though, it's funny and has tons of action. I can see why people wouldn't like it but I love it. Sidenote: I haven't read any Spawn comics so I do not know if this is faithful to the comics at all.