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30 Minute Freewrite - Werewolf/The Skull On The Wall

I’ve decided to do another one of these things, because, I don’t actually have a reason. I just had a good thirty extra minutes or so and decided I might as well waste my time doing something. The thing on my mind for this one? Werewolfs, for some reason. So, hopefully this isn’t terrible! - :-)

I didn’t have on shoes, that’s what I was worrying about when I had fallen after stepping on some thorns. My breath was ragged, the grass under me was damp and it was night time. My heart pounded like a drummer’s drum in the middle of that epic no one will here because he’s still in the garage, he’s giving it his all and i’m afraid my heart’s going to stop. To be honest this was all my fault. My father hunted for a living, small animals like squirrels, deers and wild pigs and the like. Not Werewolfs, until a few months ago, I may want to be my father to much. He was a man’s man, the very definition of that, I was, well, a failure on every level. That was when I decided I could do anything he could do, even though he would laugh if he heard about this idea of mine, hell, he’d do a lot more than laugh. He’d fling multiple insults my way and ask what I was going to do with my life, I still wasn’t sure, if I lived.

“Damn it all, my foot!” my voice was more nasally than I would like but I hoped this was one of those things were I was my own worst critic. I muttered a few profanities under my breath just incase someone heard me and it got around to my father.

I stood up and hobbled along a path, giving up on trying to hunt a werewolf of my own. I feel a breeze on my right thigh, as luck would have it, I tore the pants I had on. They were thin pants and wouldn’t have taken much to tear but that’s just an excuse honestly. No one is going to be surprised that I tore them but no one is going to be happy either. Miraculously as I checked the rough pants I had on, which felt like a sack you would keep potatoes or rice in, I only had the one cut, and yes I cut my leg too. It was bleeding and would be fine, I had hoped. My long blouse like shirt was stained and would be a pain to get clean, ah well, it is what it is.

That’s actually as far as I feel like going with that. I don’t like how long it was compared to how much was actually said. I could amount eighteen minutes of writing to “Some dude fell and complained about it.” Ah well.

There’s a skull on a wall that stares at me. I’m not sure where it comes from but momma says it won’t hurt me. She’s never seen it though. I see it at night, I don’t know where it comes from but when all the lights are off, I sleep like I am told to, I’m a good boy. I wake up every night at some point and see a skull. It doesn’t have skin on it but it has eyes looking down on me. It has teeth too, It’s above my dresser looking at me, I imagine it smiles.

I roll around and it watches me, I can feel it watching me, sometimes a car drives by and the window gets an extra burst of light from the vehicles headlights. I see it more. I want to cry at those times because I think it’s going to say something and I wonder what it sounds like? It doesn’t though. It just stares at me that dastardly skull on the wall looks up at me from atop the dresser and continues to do so. It doesn’t look unblemished. The skull isn’t white like Mrs. Folwt’s dummy one on the class. It’s got brown stains and a big crack on its cheek.

The skull on the wall stares at me and I want to sleep. I can’t because I think it’ll grow a body and take me like it took me brother. He was a wee baby but he left one day and daddy left soon. He told me he’d always love me. He held me close.

The skull laughed tonight.

Thanks for reading - :-)


Bill the King #5 (30 Minute freewrite)

We're done! Finally done! I can't see myself doing something like this again but I enjoyed doing it none the less. I'd guess that from part to part the story is very clunky and even from paragraph to paragraph there's a clear lack of stuff not belonging.


It might not be power and knowledge that corrupts everyone. What if everyone was already corrupt? What if we were just all patiently waiting for an opportunity to stick a knife in whosever backs we could? While this is a rather cynical viewpoint and almost certainly isn’t true it may hold true for a particular group of people. People just like Bill, maybe Bill was the type of person to push you down a flight of stairs, maybe he wasn’t. He was just an average fellow before all of this after all, could knowing everything really make him evil? I mean, what makes evil? Given the chance and not knowing everything would Bill have done dubious things? Would he of maybe beaten a girlfriend? Gotten involved with a hit and run? It may be pointless to wonder if Bill was always a bad person because as well all know now, he’s a horrible person now. What did happen to him though?

Year Six A.

This was the year were Bill really started to set himself from everyone, on earth. He gave up on trying not raise attention or even not using all the knowledge he had, he wanted to show off now. He got bored, maybe even lazy with this. He had ten more years and he was beginning work up plans to have some fun on a much wider scale, deciding that he didn’t really want to relive his life. It wasn’t worth it, he only had so much more time and he decided that there was no point in doing what he was when he could be getting everything. Live all of his dreams, but what about the nightmares? Would the dreams being lived out somehow bring those out? Would he be wasting even more of his time with this? Was there even a point in any of this? The world was doomed from this point on, he crushed every political power and made hell on earth. Earthquakes and widespread famine became common occurrences, vile beasts that would swoop down and tear people in half. He sat on a throne in Tihiti watching it go down, with a smile on his face. He had a fun next ten years, watching chaos insue just for the fun of it.

Year Six B.

It was at year six that even when he knew it all that he realized all what he did. He was sitting in his room in a foreign house because he was getting moved from house to house in the foster care system of Kentucky. It just dawned on him that he was the reason his father was in jail, the reason his mother was dead and the reasons that not everything in the world was alright. He cried, and he cried. Bill did everything wrong, he let the small things get to him and he didn’t, and wouldn’t accomplish anything, unless he turned his life around right then, so he did. He used his knowledge to skip grades and become a prodigy in every level. With the proper equipment he won nobel prizes with the scientific advances he achieved effortlessly. He always felt rather empty until he died but he helped and he stopped being king smiling.


Thanks for reading! :-)


Bill the King #4 (30 Minute freewrite)

So, I'm back again. So, I'm going to finish what I started. So, how are you? So, how are you looking this so far? So, you ready to start?


Year one.

One would assume that Bill would be walking in his as soon as he could, and he may be trying as hard as he could. He wasn’t doing a very good job at it though. His mother had quickly gotten worried at how many times he had fallen over in his vain attempts to prove superiority over all children. The real problem was that he couldn’t hold up his head, like most babies. He’d get a start and then his head would sway wildly in the wrong direction messing him all up. His mother, the worried one, was taking him to the doctor often like parents often do when their first child gets injured, in any way. His father was of a different breed, he had no problem letting Bill do whatever he wanted, he didn’t seem to care. Which surprised a Bill who was doing his best not to look into his vast knowledge and find out what makes his father into the over protective person he becomes.

The food was also weird to a man who had steak before. He had no want for “Peas and bananas” because it was extra healthy for a growing body. It was things like those that made him hate his first year. Hating the first year or not, he was walking mildly well at six months. Both because he finally let in and explored everything he knew to figure out who to walk and simply because he knew how to walk.

Year three.

He wanted to keep a low profile until he was 7, then he would really start to show that he had something special about him, he was going to be a prodigy at something, anything he wanted really. That may be the problem though, at three he was already being a quiet little child, always frowning looking off and exploring things that no three year old should ever do. He was odd and it was effecting his mother more than he would of thought. It was like her son was out of a horror movie, a grown man (She wasn’t dumb, she noticed how ahead of everyone he was) somehow looked like her son. She had started to drink more and more. She didn’t want to be a three year old, it made her feel horrible, her husband wasn’t helping, ignoring the “rougher” parts of his son and guilt tripping his wife. Their marriage was doomed and Bill was picking up on that, at this point his ego was getting the best of him and he was becoming a rotten apple and decided that a divorce wouldn’t be enough for the emotional story he was going to have. He wanted to have the true underdog story.

He started to be odder when alone with his mother (which wasn’t often), he did this for two months before he knew he had reached the boiling point. His plan was simple, he was going to get his mother murdered. To add to that he had decided that his father would be the one to do it. It was getting increasingly hard to get them in the same room without yelling, his father burying himself in work and mother sitting in the kitchen drinking while her son watched TV. It was nighttime that he settled on being the best choice to get it done. He knew his father wasn’t a violent man so for the first time in a long time he used those powers had with being king and made his Father’s violence raise.

He stepped into the house yelling “Cathy! What did you do now?” He was a hard working man and he always would be when Bill was raised, the first time. The last part of the original Bill felt sorry for what he was about to do but he had plans and nothing was going to stop him now. Not even past memories.


So.... The story took a really weird turn and I'm not entirety for why it did that, but it's interesting (to me) to see how I approach this story day to day.


Bill the King #3 (30 Minute freewrite)

While I'm still pretty happy with this little experiment of mine I do think I may be writing too little in the time I have and am not progressing enough. Let me know what you think please.


“We know, but as a formality we must ask if you’re sure.” Her voice was faltering, he knew it wasn’t really her. He knew she was a cheap imitation. He knew the only thing real about her was the way she looked, but maybe that might be what was actually making him sad. In the back of his mind he just wondered if that made him shallow on some level, the only thing that was affecting him in this scene was that his ex was becoming unhealthier because of him and it was showing.

“Yes, i’m sure.” His voice was shaky but he knew what would happen, he would blink and he’d be out of the castle, turning down any other possibility for a different route, he knew he would die in sixteen years and he knew that he would relive the first sixteen of his life knowing what he knew now. He was going to make the best out of this, he just didn’t know if he wanted to be a prodigy or relive tenth grade and try and get all of the women he didn’t the first time.

He blinked. It was like a shot, a quick pain but unlike a shot it was all over his body. He shrugged to off with a weird apathetic tone that he had gotten since he knew literally everything, ever. The only thing stopping him from having a panic attack of levels most people couldn’t even dream about is that he was ignoring most of the information he knew. That was his plan for the next several years or him may as well just hope that the next person chosen for this had a better idea because he was just worried that he would lose the excitement in this quickly if he knew what would happen if he said this or that. It was almost like wanting some type of excitement, some type of room for error. He opened his eyes.

He was being born, it was surreal and almost unnerving because while he could think and knew what was happening he couldn’t move, and maybe the oddest part of it all is that he knew where it was and the one who knew that you must wear clothes and what was wrong and what was right was a little creeped out.


Bill the King #2 (30 Minute freewrite)

Following with what I started yesterday, I just wrote what can't to mind and tried not to forget completely what I wrote yesterday.


They say that the head that wears the crown is heavy. That’s one of those lies that happens to get spread around until it seeps into the mind of pop culture. When you truly become king, leader even you lose your mind, even your brain. You may be wearing the crown you fiended for, but you lost your soul in accomplishing what you really wanted. This is what happens, unless you never had a brain, never had the ambition to strive for something and just lucked into power, maybe you were born into it, who knows. Bill was one of this few who lucked into it.

He curled into the bed and fell asleep. It was a long sleep, a very long sleep. When he awoke he was surrounded by goblins, fairies, monsters, slimy slug looking creatures, a plethora of monsters from vintage movies, and even a few of his personal nightmares. An old girlfriend, the one he said was “The one that got away” was the one who spoke to him, “Hey, now that you can do anything, what will you do? Will you escape into your thoughts and live your wildest fantasies or will you be the first to show yourself to the actual planets?” Her voice was a little deeper than he remembered but his face lit up. He sat up in the bed, bewildered.

Most people may hurl out profanities at noteworthy speeds at this point, maybe yell, maybe soil their clothes, but Bill was a bit of an odd guy through and through. “Uh, where am I? I’m scared Lucy.” His voice cracked a bit near the end and he coughed to clear his throat.

“You are in The Castle, you are the king now, Bill.” She smiled, her teeth were a brownish yellow, it was subtle but he felt bad, he was the one who got her to start smoking. He realized that may be why her voice was just a bit deeper too. Somewhere in the back of his head he also knew that he was king and knew what was going on, it may have just started to really surfacing.

“Yeah, so, I can do anything I want?” It may just be that Bill already knew the answers to all of the questions he was asking, he knew everything now, his mind was just sorting it out. It was like waking up knowing you were a different man and nothing would be the same anymore, he wanted to be scared now, but he couldn’t anymore. It would be surreal, but he knew what he would do and he was doing his best to not figure out how it would all end.

“Yes, boo.”

“I want to live the first sixteen years of my life over.”


Bill the King #1 (30 Minute freewrite)

In an attempt to write and put more things on Comicvine for the next five days I'm going to put five thirty minute free writes which may have a clear story to them (somehow) or may just tell the same story five times with a few twists, who knows? Either way, Bill is a/the king and that's all I know.


His name was Bill, he was by all accounts an average guy. His pasty skin, dirty brown hair and very nonchalant demeanor just made him a likable guy, nothing more. He could get a girlfriend but it wouldn’t ever get very far, she wanted more than he could offer on a salary as a person who worked in fast food. It was true that he didn’t have high hopes for his life anymore and was just hoping not to die broke, dying alone was something that could happen now and he was beginning to accept that, well, he was beginning to accept that fact.

In a dim room that could easily fit in an average home was where the king was on his deathbed. The only thing he didn’t have access to was immortality, every king before him got to live the the same age after becoming king, sixteen years. He lived the life of a partying maniac until two days ago, he knew his final days were coming so he partied harder. Losing himself in every earthly pleasure, and even more unearthly pleasures. He was horribly depressed five days into becoming king, with nothing to accomplish everything felt pointless to him, in his final breaths he felt sorry for whoever was going to be next, he wished them luck. There was a list than had a name for every organism alive and one name glowed per second, when the king would die the one that was glowing would become king.

They say anything can happen, that’s true, anything CAN happen. Anything won’t happen to you though, it never does. Following this small tangent (Hear me out dear reader) the butterfly effect is interesting in that one small factor could change everything. What is the small factor? A king fell, and that’s where our pal Bill was able to get lucky. Luckier than an old irish man who finds a genie in a bottle in a pot o’ gold. Which is astronomically lucky, Bill had gotten very lucky.

Bill was actually sleeping when it had happened, he woke up and he was in a completely different place. He was scared out of his mind and had no clue what to do, he could see that he was still on a bed but that’s all he could make out. “Hello? HELLO?” His voice was shaky and the situation was so foreign to him he just wanted to lay in that bed forever, escape whatever odd situation he had gotten into and go back to his mother’s house. He wanted a re-do.


And that's the first of five, not sure where I'm going with this but I'd say it was a mildly productive thirty minutes and I'll have the next part up tomorrow.


30 Minute free write - Random mumblings.

"It was a damp night, the ground at the fairgrounds was fairly muddy and it was by anyones standards a slow night for them. That's when Felix decided that's what he was going to do when all of his other plans fell through

Felix was one of those people who truly fit his hair. Tanned skin, brown hair with blonde tips, a huge frame for a body but he was skin and bones because he didn't really like the idea of physical activities to get into better shape. He was Felix, and he was a dope. That dude who would tell you he was super extreme and if you messed with him he'd burn you alive, in a word, obnoxious.

Since he was in a decent bike ride's distance from the fair grounds he rode the bike there and paid to get in, by jumping the fence and writing it off as his presence was worth gold, so it's okay.

Our best bud Felix spent the hour of his to be three hour trip there striking out with the few girls he saw there. He fit frustrated and punched a tent he saw, he was getting mad, do was I. He actually payed to go on a ride and after that he went into my tent." His gravely voice was making me mad, his show cadence to his words just made me sad that a man with such a errie vibe could actually be given a job as an entertainer, even on such a scale. Dude was just creepy.

"Could you please hurry the hell up? Did you kill him? Yes? Then just spit it out, maggot." That has way more aggressive than I wanted, he just has that type of presence.

"Temper, temper, sir, brevity is for chimpanzees."


That's what thirty minutes will get you. In my head the first narrarator was going to confess in a twisted sort of ways and the cop would lose his temper but who knows what I would have settled on in the end.

(NOTE: This was all done on my phone in 27 minutes) :-)


My top nine albums of all time.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time now. So, when I finally decided that I should do it listened to a ton of music to start and get the list together. It took me a solid month to get the order right because I didn't want to look back at this in a week and hate the list. Even though i couldnt find the tenth album that would have made this the more common top ten list but, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There's actually not a lot these albums all have in common besides genre and that I can listen to any of these albums, older than a year, and not want to skip a single track.

Honorable Mentions

There's no way I could fit more than ten albums on a top ten. Here are some others that I really enjoy

  • Capital Punishment by Big Pun
  • Slim Shady LP by Eminem
  • Get Rich or Die Trying by 50 Cent
  • Liquid Swords by GZA
  • Lifestylez ov da poor and dangerous by Big L
  • Stanktonia by Outkast
  • College Dropout by Kanye West
  • The Diary - Scarface

Number Nine - Word of Mouf by Ludacris

The Album Cover
The Album Cover

Ludacris isn't going to end up on everyone's top ten list of greatest rappers anytime soon. His presence in the 200's is unarguable though, with this being his magnum opus. He isn't going to beat Nas or Jay-Z in lyrical battle but he's got a fantastic flow, entertaining vibe and a good ear for beats. From the beginning track (Coming 2 America) where he says he's like a foreign king in America with the way women treat him to the track that never fails to hype me up (Move b*tch) it's just everything I would want in a Ludacris album, pure fun that never fails to get me to do something stupid.

Favorite Tracks: Growing Pains, Move B*tch, and Cold Outside.

Number Eight - It's Dark and Hell is Hot by DMX

The Album Cover
The Album Cover

DMX in my mind has two great albums, this and And then there was X. This is by far my favorite of the two though, it's just something that I listen to all the time and it never grows old. With skits that don't do much but set a mood and doesn't do something skits do very often, be incredibly annoying. His debut album is chock full of songs that'll get you barking with DMX (Ruff Ryder's Anthem), wondering if DMX is alright (Damien), or Just plain wondering if he's being serious about what he's saying (X is coming)

It's just a grimy album filled with an omnious mood that works, very well.

Favorite tracks: ATF, Let Me Fly, and Damien

Number Seven - Man on The Moon: The End of day by Kid Cudi

The Album Cover
The Album Cover

Kid Cudi's debut is completely different from all of his other albums simply because he likes switching up his sound with every album (and song sometimes) none the less, I really like kid cudi. This is his most consistent piece of work and quite frankly his best. Almost every song on this is a viable an anthem which is a feat in itself. There's also a story to the album (Which isn't too complicated but the way it's told could be clearer) which is nice but honestly this album works not because of the story but how simple and great it sounds. Which may sound weird but it's simply a great sounding album with simple lyrics.

Favorite tracks: Soundtrack 2 my life, My world, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Number Six - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

No Caption Provided

Kanye West is a genius. He'll even tell you himself. His ego is part of the reason we got this album and plays a big part in what it's about. Even if you didn't want to think about a possible theme and reason for everything in the album. What could come off as a braggadocio filled slap to the face (or ears?) Is a brilliant, exhilarating album that shows that Kanye does what he wants.

Favorite tracks: Hell of a life, So appaled, Runaway.

Number Five - Good Kid, M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar

The Album Cover
The Album Cover

This album was an instant classic and with it Kendrick caught lightning in a bottle quickly cementing himself as one of the best rappers doing it today. His studio debut album is a story of a young Kendrick Lamar in Compton having an outing with some friends. The story is easy to follow (he sticks to the concept well) and it allows him to talk about what he wants with a cinematic way (It is called a short film in its subtitle for a reason) that's remincent of Biggie Smalls Ready To Die. Showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon Kendrick Lamar is here and he's fantastic.

From the various skits of Kendrick's mother calling for her van to Jay Rock stealing the show on Money trees it's just got everything I could personally ask for in an album and I've listened to it far too many times.

Favorite Tracks: The Art of Peer Pressure, Money Trees, and Backstreet Freestyle.

Number Four - Late Registration by Kanye West

The Album Cover
The Album Cover

One of the hardest choices I had to make when I was making this list was whether to include The College Dropout or Late Registration. In the end I went with Late Registration. So, Kanye West is genius. I know I said that before but it's worth mentioning again if only for how versatile he is. Late registration is continuing the story set in college drop out but it features a Kanye who has a bit more of a handle on what he wants to do how to do it. He shows improvement on pretty much every area possible and honestly, who doesn't love Gold Digger?

Favorite Tracks: Gold Digger, Gone, and Heard 'em say.

Number Three - Ready to Die by Biggie Smalls

No Caption Provided

Once I start listening to it I feel a compulsive, almost instinctive need to hear the whole thing barring that one part (You know the one). Having the best ending to an album ever and best intro ever are just two things that set this album apart from its competition. My mother once told me that Tupac was a real poet and was something that inspired everyone, Biggie was the dude you got high to with friends after I told her I prefer Biggie. I still do, Tupac may inspire a huge crowd of people but Biggie will talk to the singular man at night when he's pondering his thoughts Suicidal Thoughts being a perfect example of this.

As I stated earlier, This album has a very cinematic feel, not because it sticks to a concept and follows it for dear life but rather the general feel it gives off. I know that doesn't explain much but listen to it and you'll get what I mean.

Favorite Tracks: Suicidal Thoughts, Ready to die, me and my b*tch.

Number Two - Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers by Wu-Tang Clan

The album cover
The album cover

Every song on 36 Chambers has ingrained itself into pop culture, even a few particular lines have too. This album is so filled with energy it's crazy, from Ol' Dirty Bastard's verses to the martial arts samples to the production from RZA in general. It's just, mind boggling. It isn't a polished idea where everything seems to fit and that may just be why it shines so much, it's grimy and has a breakneck pace. It's filled with merobale characters who all have distinct voice and styles which helps it all the more. Its almost like it was a bunch of the best at their who had been doing this for years on a hot streak of five albums, except this was their debut.

Favorite tracks: Method Man, C.R.E.A.M., Can it all be so simple.

Number 1 - The Eminem Show by Eminem.

No Caption Provided

This is easily my favorite album. When starting this list I wrote down my top three and then started from there because I knew what they would be, I know this is my favorite and it's a pretty easy answer. It sold a crap ton of copies and it's by Eminem. Yet none of those reasons are why it's my favorite. I grew up listening to this, I've heard Em say goodbye to Hollywood more times than I've broken plates (And since I'm too clumsy for my liking, that's a lot of times.) I've got vivid memories of cleaning the library while this was out in the Xbox amongst a plethora of other very personal connections to it. This is just simply the best if you ask me..

(This was all written on my phone so I'm sorry for how short it is and the general crappiness)


Random Mixtape Review - Innanetape by Vic Mensa

The Cover
The Cover

Brief intro to Vic Mensa

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa's second mixtape showed two things, A) He had a lot of talent and didn't need a full band to achieve a lot of success and B) He sounds a lot like childhood friend Chance the Rapper but just different enough to be his own man with his own sound.

Having first seen him on Nick Cannon's Wild N Out sometime last year and then looking him up after seeing his performance and now him being signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation label he seems to be on the up and up which prompted this little review.

What's on the mixtape?

With thirteen tracks and one interlude Vic covers a wide range of subject matter, from getting high to mourning a lossed one to finally achieving the goal you set to how money should affect your personality. The features include: Chance The Rapper, Ab-Soul, Rockie Fresh, Jesse Boykins, Eliza Doolittle, Lili K, Kenna, Joey Purp, and Thundercat.

The production is all very similar from track to track with a very mellow feel that makes you just want to chill and listen to what he has to say. Unlike his recent stuff (U Mad) which has a more hard sound and gives you infectious dancing vibes, which isn't to you can't get down to the stuff on this tape. U mad is just more of a club banger these which are more like family cook out dance music.

Quotable/Noteworthy Lyrics

"What would people think about if I died? I wonder sometimes if this music I Make would keep me alive, But what if my tape never dropped or my album had flopped Or I stopped at a red light and a semi-truck ran into my ride, What would my obituary column be? How would they color me in the media? Wikipedia follow me Would you follow my failures or mail your family apologies? Like, sorry for your loss, like they the one that lost." - Holy Holy

"I wonder if I'll ever be the man, my momma wish I was or will I end up victim to the hand of a gun?" -Fear and Doubt

Some final thoughts

He doesn't make the wheel lyrically but he isn't lacking either. With a delivery akin to Chance the rapper and the excitement in his voice evident you should all at the least give the tape a listen since it's free. It's an interesting piece of work which makes it easy to see what Jay Z saw in him to sign him and Kanye to work with him on Wolves and U Mad to me this mixtape is easily an eight out of ten and has me pretty excited for his upcoming album Traffic.

(Sorry for the brevity in the review but this was all done on my phone and formatting this all was hard enough) :-)


30 Minute Freewrite - Silver Surfer

Right now I've got a lot of reasons for not posting these and reviews as often, valid reasons or not, I still really like writing these so I made the time to write this.

(Note: This was all done on my phone in 30 minutes.)

"You vile witch!" A bombastic and to be downright honest comically dressed superhero of the planet Steexed was monologuing in the face of his most prolific adversary. He has just bested aforementioned foe in combat when DOOM lurked nearby.

His metallic looking skin may or may not reflect the look of his heart but Norrin's appearance aside, his most inner thoughts were starting to dwell on the horrors that he was committing with his new master. He was beginning to feel utterly cold hearted. Pushing aside treasonous thoughts he worked his way to the next planet he needed to check out, Steexed. It was described to him as a vast world ruled by barbaric rulers and wizards. What was left out in that description was the thriving, well, everything. He was astonished by this meticulously planned out world that was now in his sight.

Sitting on a plateau overlooking a herd of purple and neon green buffalo he pondered if his task had any real point. If he could feel the scorching heat that the sun was giving he may be would have gotten up to do something and explore more of the world, but alas, he can't feel the weather and watched those buffalo not wanting to return to Galactus and tell him that this planet would suit his needs. But that's when trouble came.

Banished from Asgard and knowing no way to get his just revenge against the foul tyrant at the moment he turned his sight at an almost as treacherous villain, that blasted silver surfer.


That's all he wrote until the fat lady sung. :-)

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