Hellfire shall burn once more

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It's me again...

You may know me, you may not...

For the uninitiated, I was an asinine 13 year old dick who really sucked at writing and desperately want to sit at the Big Boy's table. When I got, eh 14-16, I shed the title of Midnight Lantern and went to this name, "The Drifter".

I was sort of respected among my peers (despite being snubbed in the CVHOF like five hundred times..feel like DiCaprio before The Revenant.) but alot of that respect came from simply just me working hard at what I was doing and finally treating writing like it was something serious.

I went from "Here's Wolfenstein and he's sitting on a church" in Comicvine World War 3 to being compared to Neil Gaiman in one of my Fan-Fictions.

Towards the end, I did some things I wasn't proud of. I did plagiarize a website once, I did steal a couple of avatars (in fairness, it was labeled Community Avatars but I digress), I even hurt someone who well, they don't matter much now but that's not the point.

Point is, I'm moving on. I'm desperately trying to my GED. I'm trying to get a girlfriend (getting close) and trying to become a film-maker and channel this violent Tarantino-esque energy that I have into something more meaningful. I guess what I'm saying is two things

A. Comicvine isn't what it to used be (atleast not for me), then again I've been since 06...

$*%#'ing 06 man!

B. In trying to make it better or what it used to be, I'm losing sight of my goals and how to achieve them.

And so it's with a heavy heart, I request that G-man and the Mod team just delete this account, all the posts, and everything in a similar fashion to someone else I knew.

If you guys read this and think, "ah shit man, not Drift"

Well, My skype is HandsomeFrog22 (remember when MSN/Meebo was a thing? #@$! I'm a relic) and I'm on twitter @BallsOBeason

So that's all. Bring in the new age. Out with the old.

It sure wouldn't be a Drifter post if there wasn't alittle "Disturbed" though