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Baby Yoda

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"What is it? Like a pet or something?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"The Child" otherwise known as Baby Yoda is a male force sensitive belonging to the same species as Yoda. Not much is known about the child aside from the fact that its wanted dead by the Galactic Empire for unknown reasons.

Power & Abilities

  • Force Sensitive: Baby Yoda has a strong connection to the force showing great feats of telekinesis and shown the ability to cure poisons
  • Extended Lifespan: Baby Yoda's specifies appears to have an extended lifespan. The child is supposedly 50 years old but only in its species' infancy.

Force Abilities

Tho Baby Yoda is able to perform remarkable feats with the force it causes a great toll on his body and leaves him incapacitated for some time depending on the difficulty of the feat.

Force Shields:

Baby Yoda can use the force to create a barrier strong enough to repel a powerful flamethrower weapon and than redirect it back at the shooter (The Mandalorian Season 1: Chapter 8)

Force Choke:

Baby Yoda demonstrated the ability to utilize the force in order to choke people he considers hostilities (The Mandalorian Season 1: Chapter 7)


Baby Yoda displays telekinesis powerful enough to halt the force behind the Mudhorn's bullrush and than lifts it in the air for a bit before passing out from the strain (The Mandalorian Season 1: Chapter 2)

Force Healing:

Baby Yoda utilizes the force to heal Greef Karga of the poison coursing through his body (The Mandalorian Season 1: Chapter 7)


Baby Yoda is able to survive an extended game of hide and seek with a droid until Mando arrives to save him. (The Mandalorian Season 1: Chapter 6)


Baby Yoda is easily one of the most powerful force users by live action feats only despite his complete lack of training.