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CaV Record

Because I was bored and recently started my 50th debate (so I officially have no life).

Here are a list of all my CaVs:


CAV: Sabretooth (M_H) vs Kirei Kotomine (Pr0)Victory, 3-1
CaV: Terrax (Major_Hellstorm) and Sinestro (Foxerdes) vs Ronan ( EmperorThanos) and Etrigan (Yarva)Victory through forfeit
CaV: (SG) Hulk and Iron Man V.S. (M_H) Brutaal and General Regent ThraggVictory through forfeit
CaV: Team Waterbenders (ANTHP2000) vs Avatar Aang (major_hellstorm)Victory through forfeit
CaV: Doctor Octopus (Major_Hellstorm) vs Avatar Wan (Mial42) Victory, 3-0
CaV: 666:Satan (Justsomerandomkid) vs Shazam (Major_Hellstorm) Victory, 3-0
CaV:Major_Hellstorm (Scorpion) Vs Valor_175 (Booker DeWitt)Victory through forfeit
CaV: Mystique (Foxerdes) vs Shocker (Major_Hellstorm)Victory through forfeit/concession
CaV: (Major Hellstorm) Terrax the Tamer V.S. Master Roshi (Queen Marceline)Victory through forfeit
Plumber vs Avatar CAV?Victory through concession
CaV: (Shirso) Luther Strode vs. YJ Superboy (Major Hellstorm)Victory, 3-0
CaV: (Major_Hellstorm) DCEU Doomsday VS. Meruem (Streak619). Victory, 4-1
CaV: (God_Vulcan) Gang Ryong vs. Backlash (Major_Hellstorm). It's complicated
CaV : CW White Canary (Major_Hellstorm) vs Achilles (All-Father)Victory through concession
CaV (King_Hellstorm) Machine Man vs (Banthabot) Yokai and Hiro/BaymaxVictory, 1-0


CaV: Battle of Supermen - KrleAvenger vs Major_Hellstorm Defeat, 0-6
CaV: The Hound (The Red Viper) V.S. Hit-Girl (Major Hellstorm).Defeat, 3-8
CaV: Boros (EmperorThanos) VS. General Thragg (Major_Hellstorm). Defeat, 0-5
CaV Major_Hellstorm (Mandarin) vs Sirfizzwhizz (Mothra) Defeat, 1-4
CaV: Jardinain2 (Saber) and Shirso (Midnighter) V.S. Valor_175 (Koro-Sensei) and Major Hellstorm (General Grievous)TKO
CAV: Luffy & Ichigo (Darthjhawk) vs Weather Wizard & Sandman (Major_Hellstorm) Defeat, 0-1
CaV Spider-Man(Blackspidey) and Green Goblin(MH) vs Ken Kaneki(Valor) and Garou(Watcher)Defeat, 2-3


CaV: (Major_Hellstorm) Midnighter VS. Gamora (Jloneblackheart)Ending
CaV: Deathstroke (KL) and Pride (KH) vs. Black Panther (DJH) and Batman (CIB). Open for votes
CaV: Kraven (King_Hellstorm) vs Shaolin Cowboy (Owie) Open for votes (please)
CAV : Haunt (King_Hellstorm) VS Baoh (SMXLR8)Ending
CaV: EmperorThanos (Skaar) V.S. King Hellstorm (Injustice Superman)Ongoing
Three Way CaV: TheWatcherKing (Yang) vs. DarthJHawk (Iron Fist) vs. King Hellstorm (MCU War Machine)Hiatus
CAV: MCU Iron Man (CitizenSurfer) vs. Ironhide (King_Hellstorm)Ongoing