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Xesh/Tau Respect Thread

Respect Tau, Formerly Known as Xesh

"Don't ever presume to understand my power."

Incredibly cool character from the Dawn of the Jedi comic series. Xesh is his name as a Force Hound of the Rakatan Infinite Empire (a species of Dark Siders who enslaved Force Sensitives and sapped their energy, or used them as soldiers). Later he would rename himself Tau after gaining his freedom. So when I refer to him by Xesh, he wasn't Tau at that point, and visa versa.

It's also worth mentioning that a lot of these feats take place on the planet Tython, which is incredibly rich in the Force, which did provide a passive amplifications for Xesh's abilities after his arrival on the planet.

For the best viewing format possible, view this thread in blog format.

Force Augmentation/Dark Rage

Force augmentation is a Force ability which allows Force Users to enhance their physical abilities through the Force. For Dark Siders like Xesh/Tau, this can be called Dark Rage, where users utilise volatile emotions to draw from the Dark Side.

A laser is trained on Xesh's forehead. He uses telekinesis to move another being in the way of the laser, to scare him, and then redirects the laser back to the droid which fired it.

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Xesh catches a ball of Force lightning, which as an energy projectile should at least travel at hypersonic speeds.

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Utilises Force Leap to cut through a rift worm.

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Further utilises Force Leap to run up a wall and land on the rift worm.

After receiving a concussion from a ship crash, and having a lengthy battle with three Je'daii (receiving slash wounds and physical trauma), Tau is able to fend off numerous Force-devouring beasts for a period of time. You also see flashbacks of a brutal battle between Xesh and another Force Hound, who had been trained in combat since birth. Nevertheless, Xesh prevailed in defeating him, showing great physical ability and fighting skill.

A massive surge of Force Lightning which had engulfed a Rift Worm shoots through Xesh, but he survives and goes on to harness the energy (which I'll get onto later).

Xesh can augment his physical strikes with both telekinesis and Force Lightning.

Combat Skill

John Ostrander, the writer of Dawn of the Jedi, states that Force Hounds of the Infinite Empire are analogous to Jedi in terms of their skill.

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Xesh was the best Force Hound in the Infinite Empire.

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Tau is a dedicated swordsman.

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Tau kills numerous Flesh Raiders, who were benefiting from Tython's inclination towards the Dark Side in the same manner as Tau at that time. He then stomps a Force Hound in one move.

After a ship crash where he sustained a concussion, Xesh takes on a group of three Je'daii Journeyers at the same time, in a contest of swordsmanship, physical prowess and Force abilities. He proves to be superior to them individually, but can only match them as a trio.

A description of the fight:

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Xesh has effortlessly subdued another Force Hound, Trill, twice, with telekinesis and physically.

John Ostrander: "She [Trill] was always a little envious of Xesh, because Xesh is a more superior Force Hound. She wants to prove that she is the superior Force Hound."

Jan Duursema: "Right from the first issue, we've seen that Xesh can take her down without an effort." interview, December 30th, 2013

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Xesh reacts to an ambush from Je'daii Master Daegen Lok, showing martial skill.

Outmaneuvers Sek'nos Rath, who not too much later on would stomp Trill physically. He's also killed numerous Flesh Raiders.

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While both were holding back to a degree, Xesh keeps up with Shae Coda.

Tau defeats his master, Skal'nas, in a Forcesaber duel. Skal'nas is a formidable duelist, who kept even with Daegan Lok, who in turn has killed numerous flesh raiders, and has done well against other skilled Je'daii.

Be sure to check out my Skal'nas Respect Thread to fully understand how powerful he is.

Force Powers

Xesh/Tau is an exceptionally powerful and skilled practitioner of the Force, and in particular the Dark Side.

Force Storm/Nexus

During the first arc of the Dawn of the Jedi series, Xesh arrived on Tython. As his ship crash landed, several Dark Side Force Users were killed in the process, Xesh in fact killing his own master. As a result of their deaths, the Dark Force Energy was released and absorbed by Xesh, making him a Dark Side Nexus.

This threw the entire planet of Tython off-balance, inciting devastating Force Storms. These Force Storms fed off of Xesh's Dark Side Energy, and in return he fed off the energy off Tython, allowing him to briefly harness the Force Storm itself.

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Xesh harnesses the Force storm, becoming it's nexus. It generates winds too powerful for anyone to reach him physically. His control is dissipated only after the masters of each Je'daii temple band together in meditation to overthrow Xesh.

The Force Storm Xesh caused, fed and harnessed on Tython was powerful enough to threaten all life on the planet.

Because of Xesh, the Dark Side of the Force permeated the area where he crashed and refused to dissipate. It also fed the Force Storm. The Dark Side Energy on Tython focused on Xesh alone

Shae Coda's master states that she was shrouded in darkness, and describes Xesh's presence as lightning beneath the skin.

It was Xesh's arrival to Tython which brought the mass imbalance.

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Xesh can wield "devastating dark power."

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He was exiled to the moon Bogan primarily because he threatened the safety of Tython with his presence.

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The Je'daii fear his Dark Power.

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All Je'daii on Tython sensed Xesh's Dark Energy prior to the Force Storm, and even after the Storm was dissipated, the balance was tenuous.

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Daegen Lok, who himself is considered dangerous and powerful by the Je'daii, states that Xesh is dangerous, and that his level of power is formidable.

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Daegen Lok has openly admitted that Xesh/Tau is more powerful than him and deeper into the Dark Side than himself.

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Be sure to view my Daegen Lok Respect Thread in order to understand how powerful he is.


Telekinesis is an ability which allows Force Users to distort the world around them in a myriad of ways, by using their mind.

Crushes the heart of a massive sea creature.

Directly attacks Trill with telekinesis.

For a gauge of how powerful Trill is telekinetically, she has thrown a large creature into protruding spikes, killing it:

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Directly attacks Shae Coda and Tasha Ryo with telekinesis, incapacitating them both for a period of time.

Lifts numerous pieces of debris in preparation to launch them.

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Causes a miniature earthquake, ripping up a large portion of rocky ground, throwing the three Journeyers off-balance.

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Throws a volley of spikes as a telekinetic weapon.

Force Lightning

Force Lightning is an ability which allows Force Users to send out lethal Force energy in the form of lightning, which not only scorches the target but drains their life force. Xesh/Tau is an incredibly skilled and powerful practitioner of this ability.

Using Force Lightning, Xesh sabotaged the ship he was on, resulting in it's crash on Tython.

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Xesh releases a burst of Force Lightning, killing a group of large spiders.

Xesh powers a spaceship with his lightning that had been deactivated and powerless for decades, even threatening to overload it and cause an explosion. Afterward the ship is seen radiating this Force Lightning.

Xesh knocks out Sek'nos Rath easily with a burst of lightning.

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Kills multiple Force Sensitive Flesh Raiders with a burst of lightning, seemingly frying them down to skeletons.

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Tutaminis is a Force power which allows the user to absorb, dissipate, and in the case of the most skilled practitioners, redirect energy.

Xesh redirects a ball of Force Lightning from Sek'nos Rath into a more powerful burst, which injured two flying Rancors.

Uses Tutaminis to briefly repel the Force Lightning being shot from a Rift Worm's mouth, alongside Shae Koda.

Force Shadow

Force Shadow is a Force ability which allows the user to cast a Force Shadow of themselves to a distant location, for scouting, or even offensive, purposes. The further the Force Shadow is cast, the more strain that is put on the User.

Xesh cast a Force Shadow into Tython from lightyears away, where other Force Hounds such as Trill weren't capable of doing so. He was able to learn about the Je'daii and Tython itself while looking through the Shadow.

Tau casts a Force Shadow across planet in order to find the Rakatan base and details about it.

Casts a Force Shadow which fools Trill.

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Force Meld

Force Meld is an ability which allows two or more Force Users to combine their minds into one, significantly increasing synergy and pooling their strength.

Possible use of Force Meld with Shae Koda, as they are "One in the Force", with no need for verbal communication as they use Tutaminis.

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Mind Twist

Mind Twist is a Force power which allows the user to penetrate, exploit and manipulate the minds of other beings.

Xesh resists a Mind Twist assault from Daegen Lok, an incredibly skilled and powerful practitioner of this power.

Xesh successfully utilises Mind Twist on Daegen Lok himself, exploiting his fears.

Force Sense

Force Sense is a passive or active power inherent in all Force Sensitive beings, giving them clairvoyance, precognition, and the ability to sense other Force Users.

Xesh was able to sense and locate the Force-rich world Tython from light years away, where other Force Hounds couldn't. Locating Force rich worlds is something Xesh has done all of his life as a Force Hound.

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Xesh senses another Force User.

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Force Empathy

Force Empathy is a power which allows Force Users to sense the feelings of others.

Xesh could sense Shae Koda's fear.

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