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Skal'nas Respect Thread

Respect Skal'nas

"I will ravage Tython until she submits and yields up the Infinity Gate. I will have Tython and she will renew my power... And then I will take whatever I desire..."

Fighting Skill

Skal'nas is regarded as being "far more manipulative" than either Darth Krayt or Darth Vader, and is also praised for his strength as a fighter.

You can't have a great Star Wars story without a great villain, and you have a great one with Skal'nas. How does he compare to Darth Vader or Darth Krayt?


Jan Duursema: I think he's far more manipulative than Vader or Krayt. They're more up-front evil. He's more like the Emperor. He's insidious. He has webs within webs.

John Ostrander: He's also a very strong fighter. interview, December 30th, 2013

Skal'nas is a skilled warrior who had to endure and overcome years of infighting within the Rakatan Infinite Empire's hierarchy - until he fought his way to the top, becoming the most powerful Rakatan.

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Duels evenly with Daegen Lok, until Lok's Mind Twist attempt backfires, leaving him open to a stab.

Contends with Xesh/Tau in a Forcesaber duel, ultimately losing after a good fight.

Force Powers


Has broken the Force shields of Xesh and Trill simultaneously, and Trill individually, although how much they resisted is questionable.


Has reduced another Force sensitive Rakatan to a charred husk.

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Knocks out Shae Coda with one burst of lightning.

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Force Shadow

Wasn't sure what to title this, but Force Shadow seemed most appropriate even though it's actually Xesh casting the Force Shadow.

Xesh casts a Force Shadow, and through it, Skal'nas expels enough Dark Energy to sever several highly precognitive Jedi from the Force almost completely (but not quite).

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