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Rai Respect Thread

Respect Rai X

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Rai, otherwise known as Rai X, is the 10th Rai to be created by the Artificial Intelligence Father, the virtually omnipotent ruler of New Japan in 4001AD. Rai, unlike some of his synthetic predecessors, is the product of a perfect synthesis between human biology and cybernetic "Livewire." He was born to be the Guardian Spirit of New Japan and now serves as the Shepherd of the New Japanese people.

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[SPOILERS] Read his handbook entries from 2015, 2016 and 2019 here. [SPOILERS]

Rai has a special connection to New Japan which allows him to transmigrate to anywhere in New Japan's Livewire network instantly, as well as recover from total obliteration by drawing on additional Livewire, but considering the circumstantial nature of these abilities this thread will focus on Rai's prowess independent of being on New Japan.

Table of Contents

  • Physical Abilities
    • Agility
    • Durability
    • Endurance, Healing and Willpower
    • Speed
    • Strength
  • Senses
  • Fighting Skills
  • Miscellaneous Powers
  • Equipment

Physical Abilities



Endurance, Healing and Willpower





Just to quickly lay out some durability feats for the X-O Manowar armor:

So yeah... the overall damage output of the Rais weapons wielded with their enhanced strength is ludicrous. I'm not saying they hit with the force of atmospheric re-entry or can bust cities (obviously), but they can cause damage to an armor that can tank those kinds of attacks. Sort of like how a knife might cause more damage than a gun depending on the situation.


Fighting Skills

Rai is a warrior of "Superlative skill", meaning "of the highest quality or degree." This comes from the 2019 Valiant Handbook, which includes entries for every noteworthy character in the Valiant universe, including Ninjak, Jonin, Undead Monk Students, Shadow Seven, the Ninja Programme, Eternal Warrior, Obadiah Archer, The Myth and Fitzhugh clones, all of whom are master-level in all known martial arts/weapons/forms of combat and/or have mystical training/abilities which takes ones fighting skill to superhuman levels.

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Rai has achieved mastery in martial arts, swordsmanship, armed and hand-to-hand combat.

The only other people who have received the designation of "mastery" are:

  • Archer
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Fitzhugh Clone
  • Ninjak
  • Roku
  • The Myth
  • The Jonin

Lesser fighters (like Aric, Livewire and Bloodshot) have been given designations like "advanced", "comprehensive" or "highly skilled".

Everyone so far who has been given the mastery designation is either a master of all known martial arts, weapons and ways of combat and/or been mystically trained to superhuman levels (in the case of Ninjak, Jonin, Roku and Fitz), or in Archer's case he can instantly master any martial he sees instantaneously due to his unique Psiot powers.

The Eternal Warrior regards Rai to be a "true warrior", something not many others can claim...

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Rai was trained directly by Father in the ways of war, to prepare him for challenges both physical and mental.

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This is important for a number of reasons, namely:

It seems to be the case that Father implanted the most comprehensive knowledge of martial arts, weapons use and warfare possible directly into Rai's brain and trained him from a young age to be the ultimate killing machine, hence why he has been called "a warrior of superlative skill." Given that half of what makes up Rai is extremely futuristic artificial intelligence, that will only enhance his ability to draw on his extensive martial arts knowledge.

Miscellaneous Powers

Bodily Functions

Rai is "the perfect blend" of humanity and artificial intelligence, half-human, half-robot.

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According to Father he is the "perfect synthesis" of human DNA and his artificial intelligence. -Rai #16

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