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Daegen Lok Respect Thread

Respect Daegen Lok - "The Mad Je'daii"

"Mad? No. I honed my skills on Tython's dark moon. Preparing for what is to come."

My second favourite character to come out of the Dawn of the Jedi series, Daegen Lok is a character who is uncompromising against any odds, and as twisted as he is determined. His telepathic abilities are matched only by few.

Fighting Skill

Daegen Lok was a general for the Je'daii during the Despot War against Queen Hadiya.

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Kills a platoon of soldiers with his blade.

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Fights Je'daii Master Fenn, defeating him by feigning fatigue. He also put a serious hurting on Fenn, judging by the scars on his arm that weren't there at the start.

KO's Rori Fenn in one strike.

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Diring the battles against the Flesh Raiders, the Je'daii were heavily outnumbered and surrounded. Lok was usually leading the others into battle, on the frontlines.

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Lok kills several Flesh Raiders while being swarmed by them, and then receives some help from Sek'nos Rath, allowing them to kill about a dozen or more of them together.

Duels evenly with Skal'nas, a skilled Rakatan warlord who fought his way up to the top of the brutal Rakatan hierarchy. Lok tries to use a Mind Twist but fails, ending with him being impaled (but not killed!).

Force Powers


Without much strain, collapses a large portion of a ceiling.

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Ragdolls a non-Force sensitive, and a Je'daii who was under the influence of a Mind Twist.

Telepathy/Mind Twist

Telepathy is a Force power which allows users to communicate with other beings mentally, as well as penetrate, manipulate or attack the minds of other beings. Mind Twist is a telepathic power which allows the user to twist the minds of other beings, exploiting their greatest fears, implanting information in their minds, manipulating them, leaving them under permanent mental trances and more.

Lok implants a sigil in the mind of Shae Koda against her will.

He then reads her mind, effortlessly.

Performs a mind trick.

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Makes a guard believe he is seeing the Seal of Ryo, when really it's just a silver coin.

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Performs a mind trick on Je'daii Ranger Hawk Ryo, making him believe that he was having a Forcesaber duel with Lok when really he wasn't even there.

Uses a Mind Twist on Xesh (early on in the series), making Xesh find reality twist on itself, and feel like there is no air.

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Mind Twists a Je'daii into believing she is on fire, and she won't be able to break out of the trance until he allows it. She's still affected by it some time after the fight when she's back on Tython and Lok has left.

Makes a man believe a pack of rodents have infested his forge, and that he needs to keep very quiet so they don't eat him.

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Puts Shae Koda into a trance akin to sleep walking, calm and quiet.

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"War is coming -- like nothing we have ever seen! To face darkness, we need to be armed with the Dark Side!"

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