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Aleema Keto Respect Thread

Respect Aleema Keto

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Aleema was a powerful Sith Sorceress who learnt directly from Freedon Nadd.

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Aleema implements a variety of illusions, causing men to believe their own tongues and swords have become living snakes, among other items. Believing they really have been devoured by a snake, they fall into catatonic shock.

Aleema and Satal Keto were able to use their Sith illusions to conquer the six of the seven worlds within the Tetan system, defeating their six military forces individually. When staging a battle over the seventh world, Koros Major, Aleema projects illusions down onto the planet which cause the Tetan armies to believe their weapons are snakes, among other illusions. Then, when Jedi reinforcements from another part of the Republic arrive to provide aid, Aleema projects massive illusions of Space Grazers, an alien lifeform which, if real, could have destroyed the Republic fleets. Nomi Sunrider is able to see through the illusions due to her abilities in battle meditation, and then proceeds to telepathically defeat Aleema. Despite this, Aleema's cousin, Satal, is able to cast a spell on the minds of hundreds of Chaos Fighter pilots, compelling them to crash into the Republic capital ships in a suicidal final attack. It's worth noting that Aleema carried out these feats within a meditation chamber, although her cousin required no such aid in his feat.

I've posted the scans in the following Imgur album, seeing as posting all of them on Comic Vine just isn't really feasible:

With the artifacts and Sith tome in hand, Satal and Aleema quickly grew in dark side power. They led a rebellion against the government of the Empress Teta system, killing Satal's parents and delighting in the use of their newfound abilities. Barbaric, evil, and totally despotic, the pair spread fear and suffering throughout the system as the inhabited worlds revolted. Republic forces, assisted by Jedi Knights Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider, tried to put an end to the violence, but Aleema used powerful Sith illusions to confuse and confound the unwanted intruders.

-The Dark Side Sourcebook

Aleema projects another beast-form illusion.

More illusion-casting:

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After gaining years of experience, Aleema demonstrates the ability to project massive illusions in order to mask Ulic Qel-Droma's capital ships.

Magic Blasts

Aleema can project powerful magical blasts after only a few months of training in Sith Magic, able to reduce a man down to a skeleton.

Sith Sorcery

Using Naga Sadow's ancient capital ship imbued with Force power, Aleema wrenches the core from a star within the Cron Cluster, causing cataclysmic damage.


When Ulic Qel-Droma attempted to infiltrate the Krath, not only did Aleema sense him, but she sensed that he was a Jedi as well as his intentions.

Other Force Powers

Aleema has access to a wide range of additional Force abilities listed below, which I'll accompany with a bullet-pointed listing with the more common terms for some of the powers.

Star Wars Galaxy Guide 14: The Dark Side
Star Wars Galaxy Guide 14: The Dark Side


  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy, more commonly known as Tutaminis
  • Accelerate healing, more commonly known as Force Healing
  • Concentration
  • Control Pain, otherwise known as Crucitron
  • Emptiness
  • Enhance Attribute, more commonly known as Force Augmentation
  • Hibernation Trance
  • Rage
  • Reduce Injury
  • Resist Stun


  • Danger Sense
  • Life Detection
  • Life Sense
  • Magnify Senses
  • Receptive Telepathy
  • Sense Force Potential
  • Shift Sense
  • Translation, of Sith Tomes


  • Bolt of Hatred
  • Dark Side Web, otherwise known as Odojinya
  • Telekinesis

Control and Sense

  • Farseeing, otherwise known as Force Vision
  • Projective Telepathy

Control and Alter

  • Force Lightning
  • Inflict Pain
  • Force Explosion

Control, Sense and Alter

  • Affect Mind
  • Force Illusion

Sense and Alter

  • Dim Other's Senses
  • Lesser Force Shield

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