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Meh Warriors 3

I probably shouldn't have read Defiant by writer Kevin Grevioux and artist Paco Medina when I did. I'd recently taken in a lot of pop culture dealing with themes of "otherness" and the evils of colonialism, and the story in this trade paperback, which reprints the first six issues of The New Warriors rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know that I've really read anything else by Grevioux, but the lack of research and the consequential taking for granted of a boatload of Marvel's mutant hi...

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Big Hands, I Know You're the One 2

I cannot remember if it was Gail Simone or Jill Thompson or Devin Grayson who wrote about the resignation that she felt whenever someone invariably asked her at a convention, "What's it like being a woman in the comic industry?" Women are no longer a novelty in the comic industry. They are very here and quite now. G. Willow Wilson escaped from the womb without a y-chromosome, and thank goodness. Have you read Air?? Breathtaking--pun intended. And now this new Ms. Marvel. No Normal reprints the f...

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Avengers 2 Felt Like a Sequel 4

Linda Cardelini's man hands distracted me in every scene she was in. No spoilers here, but her character takes Hawkeye's face in her hands to kiss and I was more than a little concerned for everyone's favorite non-DC archer. Have her hands always been this gargantuan? Now I feel awkward for my Freaks & Geeks inspired crush. Her hands could have played Erik Josten as Goliath. Seem superficial? Sorry. Man hands just freak me out, especially on a 53 foot wide screen.The rest of the movie felt l...

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Cullen Bunn: Terrible in your cover band, but perfect on original material 6

First, it's an interesting state of affairs when the regular cover is more attractive than the "exclusive" variant. If you are tempted to pick this up because of the Jae Lee cover, be aware that Jeremy Haun provides the interior art. Haun's art is attractive, and with colors by longtime Vertigo guy Lee Loughridge, is totally appropriate for the Cullen Bunn's original, full moon horror story. As Bunn writes, Haun indeed draws a mean werewolf.Okay, now for the rest of it. Cullen Bunn's superhero w...

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Fighting for readers? 3

I loves me some story, especially when it involves attractive black female protagonists sporting baseball bats to do something noble like save their dying little brothers. Amarosa appeals to the Pantheon, which appears to be a council of deities from different traditions and faiths, for entry into the Wishing Well, where she will be confronted by nine, potentially head-removing challenges. Kinda like Al on Quantum Leap, the pixie-sized Announcer is her guide--her overly optimistic "Help" button,...

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I'm Not Even a Morning Person 2

"Dan Slott is a namby pamby, Spider-Man-ruining milksop," the kids down at the local comic store would tell me. "'Brand New Day' is the nail in the coffin for all true Spidey fans," they'd add, lips slick with freshly sucked down Yoohoo. I used to be in this camp, and surely, there are more holes in "One More Day" than in Courtney Love's drug-addled memory, but 546 was in a box of comics I got in trade from a local bespectacled roofer in need of new reading material. I gave it a read, and whadda...

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New 52 Harley Evolving? 1

I don't know whether to applaud or weep for the way Harley Quinn is characterized in New Suicide Squad # 3. After the team's mission went south last issue, Black Manta, Harley, and the Joker's Daughter are on the run. Joker's Daughter provokes a fight with Harley, with some predictable "you were never good enough for the Joker rhetoric." However, through the battle, Harley seems quite lucid, and not at all the shticky "Lady Deadpool" character that she's been depicted as in recent, um, years. Sh...

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A Sin to Miss 2

In 2003, the horror of 9/11 was less than two years behind America, and Marvel Now and The New 52 were still distant on horizon of the comic industry. I can't recall exactly what I was doing then. Getting divorced or exorcising my last marriage in every bed that would let me crawl in. I was working a horrid customer service job, for sure. Anyway, what is certain is that I was thoroughly enchanted by Guy Davis' art in Sandman Mystery Theater, which I had discovered late in the game. I discovered ...

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Don't be a goon! Check The Goon! 0

Like the man crooned, misery's the river of the world, and in The Goon #25, it's banks find the Goon's doorstep. The Buzzard alights from the spirit world an' imparts some heaviness on our hero, spelling out the implications: leave town and be happy or stick around and live like a sad sack to the end o' your days. Happily and humorously, Franky helps put things in perspective so the Goon can make his choice. Also, fun with firecrackers, a declaration of war, and Eric and Dave tag-team your eyes ...

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An Occasion of FUN! 0

If you turn upside down sos you can see the sky, there'll be buzzards wheeling around unsuccessful titles. This ain't one of 'em. Eric Powell wins awards, and the art and writing in this book clearly demonstrate it isn't for his blue ribbon cows. The Zombie Priest's brethren come a-calling and Franky, Goon, and Co. meet them as they enter the city, setting up primary conflict in this story. Meanwhile, there's a new woman in the Goon's life, maybe two. One's a friend, and the other is a gold digg...

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