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Top 13 Netflix Luke Cage Wish List

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Pretty self-explanatory, eh? Of course, I want the obvious things, like hearing Cage exclaim "Sweet Christmas!" and the backdoor loving of Jessica Jones from the last page of Alias #1, but then I want all of THESE things from the source material, things that not all fanboys and fangirls recall...

List items

  • Not just Misty Knight, but Colleen Wing, as well. I am unsure why Colleen Wing gets less panel time in comics, but this series would be the perfect opportunity to give her a push. Also, I l-o-v-e Misty Knight, but these characters compliment one another, and Fearless Defenders and Villains for Hire both would have benefited with the Knight-Wing (Ha!) dynamic.

  • An extremely significant figure in Luke Cage's history, I'd like to see him in this series, but with attire other than this 70s John Byrne-designed costume. Also, has Bushmaster of the Serpent Society (John's brother) ever met Luke Cage in comics? I want to see that happen. In the wake of Wilson Fisk's empire collapsing in Marvel's Daredevil, maybe John Bushmaster could step in to pick up the pieces.

  • Remember when Luke lived above the Gem? No. Too bad. The movie theater in True Romance where Christian Slater takes Patricia Arquette on their date reminded me of the Gem. It's not just characters from Luke Cage's stories I miss, but the artists' take on 1970s New York City. Be even better if there was always a Nicholas Cage movie on the marque since Nicholas borrowed his stage name from the Hero for Hire.

  • I hope that the Claire Temple/Night Nurse composite that she portrayed in Daredevil appears here. She's a good devil's advocate for these characters, and I think Rosario Dawson is very attractive. Keep your Kat Dennings, nerds.

  • In my mind, Jason Alexander would be perfect in this role. Why isn't Duckman on Netflix??

  • I like the idea of the Azzarello/Corben Cage limited being the basis of the first season, and it makes sense, with Tombstone (or Bushmaster?) and Hammerhead fighting over Fisk's empire. Man, I wish I could write teleplays.

  • I don't want this series to be Oz or Orange is the New Black, but I think an episode showing a prison population in the MCU would give it more depth. Do superheroes work in this storyworld as a means of reform by scaring criminals straight, or do crooks aspire to become superhuman themselves? This is another location that seems essential to telling Luke Cage's origin.

  • Regardless of whether one is going for the buff Titus O'Neil look to the left or for the original look, which was closer to Flava Flav, this character needs to happen. If not him, than please, please...

  • Shades and Comanche! My favorite forgotten villains! My fingers are crossed soooo tightly for this one. This duo would provide a good link between the present and Luke's past at Seagate. Of course, I hope that in the final episodes, the series transitions to a Heroes for Hire series by introducing:

  • Duh.

  • White Tiger, no White Tiger, it's all good. Just to remind mother truckers that Shang-Chi and Iron Fist don't have the market cornered on Marvel martial arts.

  • There have been no hispanic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that come to mind, and though villainy may not be the best way to introduce that demographic, Senor Suerte/Muerte ("Mister Luck"/"Mister Death"--aliases he has used interchangeably) would be just the man for the job... assuming there's no White Tiger in the Sons (above).

  • Since the MCU is taking cues from the Ultimate Universe (Samuel L. Fury, married Hawkeye), a Defenders appearance wouldn't be inappropriate since Cage showed up as a member of the team in Loeb and Cho's The New Ultimates. Of course, we all know these individual hero shows are building towards a Netflix Marvel Knights show, so this isn't as essential for me as, say, 1-11.