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Top 10 Comic Recommendations for WolfKeepAdri

My excellent IRL friend, @wolfkeepadri, isn't a huge comic book nerd. Yet. Here are my ten suggestions to help her get her fangirl on.

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  • She likes anthropomorphic animals, and while I'm not sure the protagonists of this book quite fit that, I suspect Mouse Guard would win her heart and propel her deeper into comic fandom.

  • I initially heard a lot of criticism about Batwoman's new writer, but those pithy murmurs have stopped. The character is sleek, sexy, and gay, a combination my friend would find appealing, and Batwoman is tits-deep in a mythos of which WolfKeep already has a bit of knowledge. Also, WolfKeep doesn't strike me as being super-impressed by superheroes. Happily the stories are--or at least were--on the outskirts of that genre.

  • While WolfKeepAdri prefers the classic Harley look, I suspect the stories coupled with her already formidable Harley-love would win the day.

  • WolfKeepAdri would hate the ending, but Pride of Baghdad would touch her and I think impress her with its stark power.

  • A virus wipes out all male mammals but for one and his pet monkey. Women rule the Earth, for better AND for worse, as readers see through the progression of this series. No longer in print, it is collected in trade paperbacks and in some elegant Hardcovers.

  • I don't know how WolfKeepAdri will feel about Godzilla being a part of the Marvel universe, but the cover of the first issue is fun and he stomps on everything as in the movies. There are also giant monsters, robots, and hapless superzeroes for the King of the Monsters to throw down with. Good times will be had by all.

  • It's up to number 4. I don't really know how WolfKeep will enjoy this; the art isn't conventionally "beautiful," though I think it's pretty. However, there are women, tentacles, and it's off-the-beaten path, to say the least.

  • WolfKeepAdri drew the cover for MY zine, so maybe this zine will attract her to Gen 13? This really isn't a comic, but provides good background and possible incentive to check out the series.

  • If WolfKeepAdri doesn't immediately fall in love with this impossible love story that also contains ginormous lie-detector cats, spider-women and the bounty hunters who love them, and disembowled baby sitters, I declare her an enemy of awesome. However, I suspect she will. Saga's power is hard to resist.

  • No superheroes. Dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Sooo underrated these days. A must-read for all gorgeous ninjawomen. I mean you, Adri.