Top 10 Characters I Know Isn't She-Thor But Wish Was Anyway

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Title pretty much says it all, yes?

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  • Because she's been out of mainstream comics for too long. Also, what a coup! Ultimate gender subversion!

  • With the success of this book, it would wash the shame of The Fearless Defenders from fandom's eyeballs.

  • Because no one stays dead forever...

  • Even though this is probably the most predictable choice.

  • Misty Knight is being used a lot, so I hope Colleen Wing gets some more play somewhere, somehow before the MU goes to hell.

  • Turns out Convergence and Secret War both end with the merging of the two universes as Disney has bought DC off of Warner...

  • Any old Skrull will do.

  • Okay. Look at this pic RIGHT NOW. Look at female Thor. Tell me it's not possible. Yeah, she and Val share a body, but perhaps the two have been separated? Or perhaps not. Again, scourging The Fearless Defenders from your brain pan.

  • That'd bring it back around to actual Asgardian mythos, yeah? Probably not, though.

  • Barak is here, so where is this skeez in the Marvel Universe? Right here, you betcha.