Recommended Reading List, First Quarter 2015

Here are some books I started reading this year and L.O.V.E. I hope you do, too. What are you reading?

List items

  • Nameless, ironically, is the title character in this Grant Morrison vehicle about a surly hedge wizard hired to safeguard Earth's last hope against an asteroid marked with a magickal sigil. Good read. Imagine the DC/Vertigo John Constantine in Armageddon...

  • Richard Corben (Heavy Metal, Cage) tells the doomed to madness tale of star-crossed Kito and Clark. If this is based on a Lovecraft story, I'm not familiar with it; those elements are there, though.

  • Marvel reacquires the comic book license for Star Wars, and between this book and Southern Bastards, writer Jason Aaron reveals that he can tell any damn kinda story he pleases. This book has a cinematic feel, and gorgeous art.

  • IDW's adaptation of the sci-fi series is not the strongest title on this list, but I am so enamored with how well-done the television series is, that I am tots on board with the comic, written by the t.v. series' creators. Each issue focuses on a different clone and interweaves material from the series with original material. Some of the flashbacks are kind of clunky, but I'm willing to forgive since this is a new medium for them...

  • While this has been around since 2013, it was new to me when I snagged it at my friendly neighborhood comic store. I was already in love with Paul Pope's art; this story kept me entertained from start to finish.

  • Also not brand new, I recently picked up volume 1 of this trade. If you are a Rage Against the Machine fan, check out Tom Morello's look at a bleak, dystopian future and how one hood gives its people hope.

  • I love Mike Mignola. This was also a 15 minute-long short on the Syfy Channel, now available on DVD. Lovecraftian steampunky monkey madness. This is from 2002, but I just recently copped this for my collection.

  • From 1984, this annual features J. Jonah Jameson's wedding to the recently slain Dr. Marla Madison. However, the Scorpion crashes the party. I guess I had forgotten that Stan Lee scripted this, and Ron Frenz, Jackson Guise, and Bob Layton create art for this issue with a very Steve Ditko-like appeal. It's a good read if you are nostalgic for the Peter Parker stories of old.