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My Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Films

...So far.

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  • Loved, loved, loved it in spite of some hammy line-deliveries. I think I have owned the soundtrack on four occasions since; I wear it out with play. The Rollins Band cover of Suicide's "Ghost Rider" is amazing.

  • Yes, there are discrepancies between the original source material and the film, but that's true for ALL comic book adaptations. It was a little necessary to make the film relevant to a contemporary audience, since the original maxi-series was approximately two decades old. Whatever, Alan Moore.

  • Like The Crow, the soundtrack is as memorable for me as the film itself. Each track was evocative of a certain mood. I enjoyed the hell out of both.

  • It was great that one of my favorite characters from 2000AD was portrayed by someone who was actually a fan, as opposed to a Hollywood actor collecting a paycheck.

  • Steve Buscemi is one of my favorite actors, and his role in this film was no less engaging for me.

  • When one analyzes this movie, the realization sets it that both Scott and Ramona are awful people, but this movie was a lot of fun. Another movie with a great soundtrack! Frank Black? Beck? Hells to the yea-ah!

  • I saw this opening night with my mother, who is a huge fan of Norse mythos. We laughed and she made fun of the movie's explanation for the loss of Odin's eye. Definitely a memorable experience.

  • The City of Lost Children cemented my enjoyment of Ron Perlman's acting. This movie did not alienate me from that love.

  • Solomon Kane was originally adapted from fiction into comics and graphic novels, but Dark Horse's limited series featuring Robert E. Howard's Puritan adventurer have had more recent success than the character has had in novelization, so yeah. I was bummed when I heard that there would be no theatrical release of this movie in the U.S., but when a friend gifted me with a bootleg (before it was released on DVD), I was delighted. Good flick!

  • My wife and I saw this movie over twenty times in theaters and at the Palace, our local second-run movie theater. I didn't think any Bat-film could top Tim Burton's original movie with Michael Keaton, but after that first showing, I was corrected. Also, I was struck by how, like The Godfather II and The Empire Strikes Back, I enjoyed The Dark Knight--a sequel--more than the original, Batman Begins.