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My Free Comic Book Day 2015

I actually missed Free Comic Book Day this year; my step-son had a flag football game and I had a huge lawn to mow, but my shop with the chops, Springfield, MO's The Comic Cave, let me pick through their leftovers today, and I feel like I got the best offerings!

List items

  • I like rap like a hungry kid likes cake. This is choice from the wRAP-around cover to the three books inside. I loves it! L-O-V-E-S it! Thanks, Fantagraphics!

  • If this book isn't fun, I'm stapling a dollar to a kitten. Man, I hope this book is fun. I really don't need any more run-ins with PETA...

  • The 2015 Free Comic Book Day issue isn't up yet, but the CBLDF is a worthwhile cause that I have donated to and been a member of in the past. I look forward to giving this a read.

  • Yessss! I saved the best for last. One Judge Dredd is worth a gaggle of your Deadpools and imitation clone Lobos. This magazine-sized bestiary of bodaciousness will make my wet toad tingle.