Batwoman in Space is why I killed my Batwoman themed profile. With a hammer.

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COMics shUma-gORath reCOmmended 2 Me

Some times when you entreat the gods of prehistory, they make you nigh invincible--like you could take on a fleet of limousines in battle--and other times they muck about with your head, because--and have no doubt--some o' them critters have senses of humor, too. So it came to pass that I picked up some interesting reads at my last visit to the local comic book place. Reading 'em didn't make me any more special, but damned if they weren't entertaining as heck. So from Shuma-Gorath to me, and from me to you, here's what that old cephalopod said.

List items

  • iF u SHouLd eVer mEEt Ben Templesmith AT a cON, he'S aGonna aSk you a QuEstioN reGarding TENTACLES. gO witH IT. 'fIt eVer GOes to fILm, I wanNa sEE michael WincOTT as ELI frOM 1.

  • whERe there iS lIFE, there iS hOPE. MEet hOPE in NUMMer tWO.

  • tHe FIrST trAde. mAKEs fEAR Agent LOOk lIKE a DOOFus MANual.

  • alREaDy a dREDd fan, tHE SUB cOVER won mE oVer. LOOks as iF ARTist capTUREd OliVIA THRILby's soul wHeRE CAMeRas fAILED.

  • manCHESTer BLACK! NO TENtaCLES, but PLENty of MINd gamEs. Fo'Get sCOTt lobDELL's rUN; I'm loVIN' thE PFEIFER era.

  • OLE SHUma fEels like Doc OCK is KIN, i SUPpose. STOPped reaDing SPideY AFTer "the GAUNTlet," BUT i am intriGUEd By tHIngs to cOMe--SEEmed lIKE a gOOD jUMping-on POInt.

  • I WANna TEXas LONGhorn hAT, TOO.

  • tHIs GAve me NO iNsights to MarVel Vs. capCOM, but a FUN read and SWEEt ROMP dOWN MEMory lanE. I WANNA tee WITh the NOWlan cOVER. wELL, tHe tOP. OLE SHUma is insIDE, too! That OLE sELF-prOMOtING so-n-so.

  • MOre ELDery gOD-TYpes!