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@mcu-defender333 said:

Haha, good one ¬_¬

Well you did insult my intelligence so...

First, how fast do you actually think Naruto is, exactly? Because it's commonly accepted that Saitama is relativistic at this point, considering all his feats (particularly the moon to earth jump).

At least High-End Relativistic+ to start with around 90%+ the SoL considering Night Guy bent space with his speed which for reference ur mass only doubles at 90% the SoL there's no way a 400IB man can bend space so he's most likely faster than this but i couldn't be arsed to figured out how much mass you need to bend space so yeah.



What Does Mass-Energy Equivalence Mean?

It means that if an object moves at a velocity that is 10% of the speed of light, then it would experience an increase in its mass by 0.5% of its original mass. On the other hand, if an object traveled at 90% of the speed of light, then its mass would be 2 times its original mass.

and then Sasuke blitzed Madara with speed and he was blitzed by Kaguya and then Naruto blitzed Kaguya save to assume he's at least around Night Guys speed tier.

meh Saitama's moon jump always seemed like a strength feat and not a speed feat to me, considering its well him jumping and not operating or fighting at that speed regardless it took him about 3 seconds to get back to Earth which is only around 33% the SoL when i give him the benefit of the doubt.

Second, Tatsumaki could definitely be a factor. In a 1v1 Naruto at his best would dominate her but if her telekinesis is strong enough to halt Monster Garou when she's wounded then she could definitely at least affect Naruto's speed. At the very least she could provide a smokescreen for the others by hurling stuff at him.

Good thing Naruto can well clone himself to deal with her and has way better speed compared to her.

Third, did you just suggest that a rasenshuriken could kill Saitama? Good to see the Naruto wank is alive and well. What, you mean the same technique the 3rd Raikage survived, the one that Madara tanked in his base edo form (the same Madara kicked in half by Rock Lee, lol)?

Difference between them and Saitama is they actually have Cellular Level Durability feats were as any argument you could make for Saitama relies purely off of conjecture also Blunt Force=/=Cellular Level Destruction via piercing/ cutting.

That's hilarious. FRS has zero feats to suggest it would do any lasting damage to Boros or Garou, let alone Saitama. Boros and Garou tanked multiple hits from Saitama and got back up, the same physical hits that have carved out mountain ranges with their air pressure alone and blow up multi-city busting meteors.

U got that mixed up there buddy its the other way around there is nothing suggesting they can tank one, all of those instances don't prove anything thats blunt force damage not cellular level cuts also Naruto's Bijuu-Rasenshurkiens Vaporized 100km long/ wide Meteors so city busting meteors don't really stack up compared to that.

And before you say 'but cellular destruction', so what? Boros's first energy blast was stated to erase all traces of fact, that's generally what most energy blasts tend to do in other series like DBZ, Naruto (bijuudamas), etc.

Already did too late, which is vaporization not being attacked on a cellular level too completely different things.

If a FRS can't even one-shot Madara or the 3rd Raikage (and is weaker than a bijuudama), it poses zero threat to OPM's top trio.

Hardly weaker than a Bijuu-Bomb when Tailed Beasts can easily tank their own BB's and Naruto's Rasenshuriken caused Kurama some pain in their little clash, even so a Bijuu-Bomb may have better DC and AP but that doesn't mean it attacks in the same way at all just cause you can tank a big explosion doesn't mean you can tank an RS.

Fourth, I agree with you about Toneri's moon slicing- none of Garou's individual attacks are that powerful. But you should also remember that said moon slice was not as impressive as some make out. The moon was smaller as big chunks of it were being hurled to Earth throughout the movie's timeline and it was a mostly hollowed moon.

Regardless splitting the moon the way he did is a Continental feat bare minimum even if the Moon was completely hollow.

Fifth, LOL, when has Naruto ever used sage chakra giveaways offensively apart from against one Path of Pain (and that was because he was desperate and had no other option)? That also required Naruto to remain in one spot for a while to gather it.

You just answered your own question, Kakashi was impressed by Kurama's intelligence during the War, Kakashi is said to have Shikamaru level IQ which is 200+, so Kurama can just inform Naruto of his opponents lacking chakra and his senjutsu's affects on ppl, also Naruto got rid of his Toad Sage Modes limitations in Naruto Gaiden he went into Sage Mode while moving and in The Last he gathered Sage Chakra literally instantly from base.

Let's be clear: Saitama is more than capable of ending Naruto in one hit. Nothing in the Narutoverse has been shown to be as powerful as his serious punch, which plowed through (at the very least) a surface wiping blast and still had enough energy behind it to deal fatal damage to Boros and send a shockwave across the planet- and it was stated Saitama still 'had strength to spare'. If you think, after that, he couldn't punch through a rasengan (really doesn't matter which one), then you are deluded.

Saitama won't even tag him tho he's much faster and has precog so him landing a hit is unlikely, You're seriously deluded if you think nothing is more powerful than his serious punch (which at best is surface wiping+ level) in Naruto unless you're talking about physicals which is whatever, considering Naruto casually made a Rasengan that matched Toneri's SWRE which casually plowed through an entire countries worth of rock on the moon and has made a Rasengan that blew someone literally into space he has more than enough at his disposal to just hit Saitama from behind and bfr him into space.

Lastly, you can preach 'AP' all you want (of course I understand it), but tell me- how did Kawaki survive it? He actually negated it with his arm shield, surely it would have plowed straight through it? Not only that, he actually reacted to it fast enough to intercept it, which puts Naruto's speed in a terrible light. For the record, I'm actually a big Naruto fan and hated that fight, it made Naruto look pathetic, even if you account for him holding back and the kids being there.

I already told you tho its kills of cells and stops regen in the area it hits Kawaki literally said this while explaining the technique, his arm got disintegrated so it did its job, he didn't he predicted it and jumped in-front of it we see action lines as Himawari is thrown into the air (which are used to indicate when a character is going or is doing something). Even tho Kawaki couldn't keep up with base Naruto at all? It would just be PIS if you wanted to go this route honestly.

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@emperorthanos-: my bad things got a little heated

Evs, he's been proven wrong. Didn't think he'd start begging towards the end tho, shame

lmao here you go talking shit again CaV me big man if it's so easy to prove me wrong XD

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@silentnightzNever been trashed in a debate, especially not here. Naruto bias is the reason I don't do NARUTO CaVs, the others are general laziness.

Every debate you've had regarding Naruto ever. "NaRuTo BiAs" again here you go crying about shit when you low-ball them to below bullet level speed don't @ with your BS anymore I'm tired of having you in my notifications.

Haven't really met many decent debaters here, normally just threads plagued by ur kind.

Funny statement coming from CV fodder lmao

OPM being popular and having biased individuals doesn't mean it has them in the same quantity as Naruto. Y'all outnumber the rest 10-1, only reason all of u r so keen to CaV someone. How many times do I have to tell u 'no'?

Then don't talk shit and complain about bias and Naruto wank when you're one of the most unknowledgable ppl on the subject in general.

1. Funny their not ur posse and u barely know them but knew exactly who 'They' are...U don't disagree with them on any of the threads I've seen u on, especially regarding Bleach v. Naruto.

I'm assuming ur just talking about Naruto debaters in general cause unlike you I'm smart enough to put 2 and 2 together, cause maybe i'm not in that many Bleach vs Naruto threads.

2. Maybe thats because Naruto's Jonin tier is Bleach's fodder trash tier, but not gonna go into tht here. Don't go trying to hide Naruto wank behind the rest of the trinity, fishing for sympathy. It doesn't matter if someone downplays the HST, upscaling the feats just makes things worse. Disprove them like an honest debater and show they're wrong.

True colours are finally showing i see complains about bias proceeds to be biased ur a joke lmao, all of the HST is downplayed doesn't change the fact that in raw stats Naruto>Bleach>>>>OP, who says i'm fishing for sympathy???? I'm stating something thats obvious out of exasperation. "Up-Scaling the feats" maybe you should take a crash course in Attack Potency and learn that Vaporization>>>>Pulverization and that not everything is about DC mister caveman. Waste of time just like this.

3. So u hardly visit those threads, but when u do ur speaking AGAINST Bleach and saying nothing against Naruto? Kinda just flying ur colors there, buddy.

I hardly have enough knowledge on Bleach scaling to give an accurate opinion i only know about the God-Tiers and there general AP, Speed and Hax, Again here you go misinterpreting my sentence i said i speak against the misinformation brought up by the Bleach side regarding Naruto not against Bleach itself smh.

4. 'Hardly' isn't the same as 'not'; u admittingly downplay Bleach. Throwing some odd claims out suddenly won't detract from that statement.

Here you go again not understanding how the English language works, i don't downplay Bleach i have a higher opinion of the HST compared to most of CV as I've already stated previously, for someone who throws out the word Straw-Man so much you sure love to do it.

5.Again, 'HARDLY', not 'we DON'T'. So u do wank Naruto feats despite saying u don't? Wipe the drivel off ur chin. I don't want to understand at THT cost...

lmao you love resorting to Ad Hominem attacks to save face don't you like it somehow proves your points at all and straw-man fallacies despite complaining about them in every post you're a hoot really.

Starting with conjoined bs just makes it more BS, half their respective casts' can't take country busters or less. Don't try to extend an olive branch to Bleach now that ur waist deep in a cocktail of logical fallacy, bs claims, and Naruto 'secret sauce', don't need the sloppy seconds. Fiction defying OUR logic doesn't mean it defies ALL logic, each verse has its rules and sticks to them.

Blatantly false statement, wah wah logical fallacies wah wah Ad Hominem attack wah wah Naruto wank continue to cry pls your salt fuels me.

Don't pretend Naruto fanboys don't wank characters to galatic/solar system levels when none of them are even planet rockers. Ending with a strawman, whole point: 1.5/10

Don't start on this again when i thrashed you in our little DM kiddo and its hardly a Straw-Man when its blatantly what you're talking about summed up in a sentence lmao.

No, not just as bad, don't play it off to mean the same thing here. And what u mean to say is 'anyone with their hands on Naruto's Six Paths staff would know how full of 'we're caught' that claim was.

Nope still just as bad either way and still BS to anyone with rudimentary knowledge on the series so don't complain about anything cause either way that statement is autistic. More Ad Hominem Attacks nice.

So ur not gonna comment on any of those claims...because they're accurate. Don't worry, ur not the only one who feels the urge to physically harm u

No cause its a waste of time debating with u as I've realized over the course of our little debates. Glad to know join the club.

Ur not understanding my point: HIGHBALLING AND LOWBALLING=/= HONEST ACCURACY. Now, am I going to need to go over that with u again?

Which wasn't my claim in the first place yawn

Been over this CaV thing with u. If i can't get an honest opinion on regular threads, why would I want to see just how skewed bias is for Naruto in numbers? Not like I haven't peeped other CaVs, y'all can't even form defensible arguments without scaling bias.

Yup continue to duck CaV's to save whatever face you have left while you continue to complain about Naruto wank and bias while spewing low-ball from that hole you call a mouth lmao and i guarantee half of those people would dominate you in a debate ROLF.

Prime opportunity to call out the wankers and lowballers and u pass it up? No more tears. U don't want to call them here and have them turn against U in the other threads. U know who 'they' are, I know who 'they' are, let everyone else know who to watch out for. I mean u 'barely know any of them' afterall....

I'm calling you out right here right now let's CaV you and me you can even decide who gets to vote and who doesn't idc

So ur balls re-dropped? Nice trying to call me out when everyone here knows ur biased

Pot kettle my friend pot kettle. Also hardly biased i have a clear view of where the Naruto verse is and where it caps at its just higher than most of CV.

Scans? Kaguya NEVER displayed this level of striking force, Guy has the best taijutsu feat in the series and he only put Madara 500ft or so in the ground. No excuses, scan it in.

Big F.

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Bottom Left.

Nice to see you neglected to mention Gai also plowed Madara's body through his TSB when even Obito's tanked an attack that destroyed a Deity Gate when even a Juubi-Dama couldn't big f.

WHAT?! Prove that was Saitama?? Ok, I know I haven't read/watched most of the series but I AT LEAST know who did tht: ITS POSTED WITH HIS FEATS! We're done here, go check out the episode or something, at least KNOW what ur debating against before making a claim(this is tht bias I was talking about)

Where's the statement that he blew those clouds away? Scan? Quote? You're the one who claimed it was him prove it.

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@wanderez said:

>90% SoL Guy



What Does Mass-Energy Equivalence Mean?

It means that if an object moves at a velocity that is 10% of the speed of light, then it would experience an increase in its mass by 0.5% of its original mass. On the other hand, if an object traveled at 90% of the speed of light, then its mass would be 2 times its original mass.

Guy traveled so fast that space bent around him obviously more than 2x his mass so he's more than 90% the SoL High-End Relativistic Night Guy confirmed.

>long chakra sword that can cut through thin moon rock>>>>>>>everything on OPM

An actual continental feat unlike OPM which only has statements to back it up but then again CV will except those without question but when it comes to anything HST related statements are disregarded entirely smh.

The wank is outta control.

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Naruto is the perfect counter to all of Sasuke's abilities he stomps, they may be equals when fighting opponents on their level but when it comes to a fight between the two Naruto would neg everything Sasuke did.

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Clears Round 1-2 no diff, in Round 3 he may pull a win via attrition but thats about it

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@mcu-defender333 I wouldn't bother, nobody with more than half a brain would believe Naruto couldn't solo the whole OPM verse.

Fixed ;) he statues the verse quite casually no one in the OPM scales to him speed wise, the only threats are Boros, Saitama and Garou all of which have no durability feats to suggest a Rasenshurkien wouldn't 1 shot them, Garou's slicing technique is nowhere near the level of the blade Toneri hit Naruto with, Boros CSRC requires him to go into his second form which he'll be one shot before he gets the chance, then it comes down to Saitama who won't get through Naruto's layers of pre-cog, superior speed and numbers before he's either BFR'd to space via a big ass Rasengan or one shot with an RS or Naruto just touching him and kill him by giving him Sage Chakra etc. etc. etc.

(Especially after Naruto's hilariously nerfed, shit performance against Delta in the Boruto manga, look out for those tree-level lasers)

Someone doesn't understand the concept of AP also not what the attack is for it kills off cells and stops regen in the area it hits it would neg Boros if he was hit with it.

Naruto was holding back to ensure she was captured alive and Kara members are stated to be Otsutsuki Level she scales to around Kinshiki/ Base Toneri or so, she has shit absorption and lacks big AoE DC attacks but thats the only down sides she really has, all round its actually a good feat for Naruto if you actually pay attention.

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@silentnightz: It doesn’t matter to me if other Naruto fanboys agree with u, y’all can all be wrong together.

Lmao you get thrashed in every debate you have with them and yet you say they're wrong XD honestly a joke then you duck CaVs under the pretense of "NaRuTo Is ToO pOpUlAr iT's iMpOsSiBlE tO gEt a NoNbIaSeD vOtE" when its Naruto vs OPM and OPM is one of the more popular series on CV and has its own fair share of "biased" individuals

U have the nerve to talk about HST downplay, when u and ur posse run around downplaying Bleach to oblivion and jerking Naruto hard enough to turn him Son Goku red?

  1. Not my posse i barely know any of them and half of the stuff they state regarding Naruto (and Bleach) i disagree with entirely mostly the Bleach stuff tho
  2. I have every right to talk about downplay when half the Naruto vs Bleach threads on this forum have Naruto God Tiers somehow losing to Bleach mid tiers and vice versa etc. the HST in general is downplayed on CV there is no denying it you'd be a fool to believe otherwise.
  3. I hardly ever go into Bleach vs Naruto threads they're a cesspool and when i do i argue against the misinformation being propagated by the Bleach side and not the actual battle itself cause i could care less so i don't know where you got me downplaying Bleach from.
  4. I hardly downplay Bleach when i think the God-Tiers are Multi-Planet Level and FTL and majority of CV thinks they are like small country level and sub-rel at best lmao.
  5. We're hardly jerking Naruto off you just lack the basic knowledge necessary to understand Naruto scaling

Piss off with that, if this site was made for COMIC BOOK character debates,

Oh my what an intelligent response from such a competent debater /s

then yea the HST kinda ain’t shit to those moon breaking, sky burning, world ending, logic defying, galaxy eating, multi-verse shitting, 4th wall breaking characters.

Over half of the Naruto and Bleach cast would fodderize Moon Level opponents, not even that impressive, Naruto and Bleach High-Tiers are planet level lmao, almost all fiction is logic defining hardly proves whatever semblance of a point your attempting to make yawn, why are you even bringing up Galaxy Level? Also irrelevant, i guess you're average Dead-Pool is capable of soloing the HST now lmao.

Not only did this entire rant amount to nothing it wasn't even what we were talking about in the first place, we're talking about the HST being downplayed not Manga vs Comics or whatever the fuck is going on in your head, but it looks like you've got some sort of West>>East mentality in regards to fiction which is just autistic in of itself and i shouldn't have to tell you why that is.

Accept that shit and get over yaself.

What do i have to accept exactly? Maybe its you who should except the HST is stronger than you think it is.

Exactly as u said, I said bullet SPEED, not bullet LEVEL. You know damn well how people interpret the word ’level’ here. Don’t do tht, it’s a slimy tactic that I once considered beneath you.

Either way just as bad anyone with any rudimentary knowledge on Naruto would know how full of shit that claim was.

Base Minato gets shit on by Ay lightning armor, he had to use his Flying Raijin to evade. I don’t recall Bee blitzing Ay, surely not DOZENS of times over, scan it. KCM Naruto was faster than LA Ay, but not initially. He had to really focus to just evade him, and it’s not like he was keeping up with him for a stream of attacks. LA Ay trashes him those first few attempts, come off it and be honest. None of tht haa relevancy to the speed of the TSB because those weren’t its feats and those feats don’t directly scale to them. Ay was and still is one of the fastest shinobi ever by feats and statements. Go cherry pick ur god tiers if u want, stop the backwards-assed distant far-off scaling, its inaccurate and irrelevant.

If the TSB are so ungodly fast, then how come everyone kept sneaking Obito and Madara FROM BEHIND where the TSB are located? Everyone was just kind sitting in the gap, gently strokin‘ his back like a enchanted lover....never seen it coming, no defense

You know i could spend the next 3 days debating with you over this but because i know what you're like and how much of a waste of time that would be i'm just gonna call it here before i feel the urge to physically harm myself.

High-ballers and low-ballers don’t offset each other, where’s the honest people at?

You're misinterpreting my sentence i said they are high ballers but not a lot, but there is a lot of low ballers nowhere did i say they were the only types of people on CV.

Being grouped in with the low-ballers for not being jockboys.

Yeah bruh sure whatever you say, maybe when you get the balls to CaV one of those "jockboys" you'd have the right to talk shit until then shut your mouth all empty words.

U say there are a few highs and lows, fine. Tag them right here, right now, both sides, call them on it. Otherwise get off this ‘but they’re picking on Naruto🥺’ bs.

and make this thread more a cesspool than it is with the likes of you here i think not, you literally have no right to talk shit to anyone about anything Naruto related with your below surface level knowledge and bullet level speed claims you're a joke and until you get the balls to CaV anyone of them or even me i don't want to waste time with you again.

Don’t say nothing at all about it unless ur dropping names.

I'm tagging one of the low-ballers right now ;)

LMAO bruv😂😂....him AIR PUNCH just ate through the geography like a Hungry Hungry Hippo,

None of which isn't impressive in the slightest its a small hill, even the shock-waves from Kaguya's punches caved in a mountainside way more impressive than that

and dig those clouds in the back. Love how they just decide to CURVE across their bottom. It’s like someone took their fist and SLAMMED it on the eraser tool🤣🤣

Talk about making things up to 🤣🤣 prove that was Saitama or GTFO, not that dispersing a cloud is even impressive all it shows is that he has AoE honestly not even sure what you're trying to prove here.