Soldierofel's Top Six Films of 2016!

Welcome one and all to what is my second top five ah hell I've already messed this up six list of movies that I loved this year. Now, we have seen our fair share of disappointments this year (awkwardly glances at BVS and Apocalypse) but the rest have been brilliant. 2016 sure has been a weird year politically but as always, movies have their way of serenading us away from whatever ails us. So without any further ado, here we go!

There we have it, six films for 2016. Who knows we may have seven or eight next year things are good. Time will tell. Thanks for the view and here's to a fun 2017.

List items

  • Starting off with what this guy believes to be the best CBM and Marvel movie ever, we have Captain America Civil War. Civil War represents Marvel Studios's guts to go head to head with what arguably should've dominated both the year's box office and critics, that being BVS. I often find it weird that WB and DC are considered the underdogs in the CBM fight when realistically, they have the more famous characters and nearly none of them are tied up by other studios. Alas, the MCU proved it's still got plenty of fight to take on any newcomer. With star studded cast performances, breathtaking actions pieces and some of the best introductions for new MCU character's we'll ever see, Civil War confirmed my faith in the Russo brothers to deliver us a fantastic trilogy end to the Avengers films and to manage all the characters they want to use. Thus, it wasn't that hard of a choice to name Civil War as my favorite film of the year.

  • Okay, slight poof here because Comic Vine doesn't seem to have a entry for Rogue One. But on with the show; coming in at number two on my list we have Rogue One. I mean was there any doubt. I was going to make Rogue One tie Civil War for first place but Civil War was truly a special film so it gets to sit there looking pretty. Rogue One for me was a such a good film that I don't really feel the need to blush or gush about it. It's as simple as that. I loved everything about Rogue one; I loved the new characters, I loved the story, I loved the visuals, I loved that it added to the lore and I loved that it literally seals up the crack between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Plus it gave Star Wars fanatics what might be the most brutal Vader scene ever seen on the big screen. So yeah, Rogue One lands the much coveted second space.

  • Another MCU entry which I adored. Okay, I'll be honest, I was a tad worried about Doctor Strange. Oh, I wasn't scared that the film would be bad but I thought that it wouldn't catch on with the general public. And then I saw her face and Now I'm a believer. But seriously I walked into Doctor Strange anxious and I came away pleased, awed and thrilled about the MCU's newest family member. I didn't quite expect one of my favorite CBM moments of the year to come from Doctor Strange but then the Ancient One's death happened and I was literally beholden with the quiet nature of it. Everything fired on all cylinders and Marvel proved it could make another second stringer a super star. It's no wonder that Doctor Strange has just cracked the top 100 highest grossing movies of all times and it still has to open in Japan. Damn Marvel, you scary.

  • Ah the Abrams Star Trek films or technically the Li Star Trek film now. They're such a guilty pleasure; Star Trek purists hate it, film lovers are generally lukewarm to it and sci fi pursts... well they also hate it but the point is: I loved this film. I had such a good time with Beyond, with it's brilliant mix of character and action moments that did justice to the original but kept it fresh and new. It also helped that tribute done to the legendary Leonard Nimoy was done so well that it was insanely respectful. I loved this film and it takes my fourth spot.

  • Beats chest multiple times and badly imitates Tarzan yell.

    Wow, what a rush. Okay, I know this film got pretty beaten to death by critics but I loved this film. I like Tarzan, I really liked the cartoon but I also like what I read about the lore about the character. This film took quite a fare bit from the original lore and built up from it. The film had what I wanted from a Tarzan movie; great action, some awesome interaction between Tarzan and others, plus seeing Tarzan interact with animals. Plus, this has one of the best fight scenes this year with Tarzan fighting a train full of dudes and then fighting an ape. What more could you want?

  • Is it really surprising that the most negatively reviewed DCEU film is in fact my most favorite entry in the series? Well, I am pretty weird and my list reflects that but semantics. I was pretty burnt out by BVS and I scaled my expectations all the way back down to if it's fun it's good. Suicide Squad did a lot of stupid things, like putting the Joker in all of it's promotional material and having only one or two seconds worth of footage for him and including some weird music but the solid character interactions really sold the film. The stand outs were obviously Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Will Smith's Deadshot who both carried the film in parts but let's not also forget Viola Davis' near comic perfect portrayal of Amanda Waller. A solid entry that for me is the best DCEU film made so far but I mean, let's try and aim higher next guys... please.