SoldierOfEl's Top five movies of 2015!

Ah, 2015, you have been a fun year in movies. These are my personal top five of the year and I can already see controversy ahead as I'm not including Mad Max. My reasoning being that... I can't remember a damn thing about it. The only reason I know Mad Max is in it is because it's the title of the film. I don't really watch films to criticize or anything, I watch them for fun. Mad Max wasn't fun for me, so it's not touching this list. It'll probably tie Fantastic Four as my worst film of the year. So stone me if you want. Anyway, here goes.

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  • Up until exactly two hours ago, Avengers AOU was my top film of the year. Then this little doozy came out and here we are. I don't really know how I can do this film justice but for me personally, it was the best Star Wars film ever and the best film of 2015. I loved this film so much because it took me away from this terrible world and made me happy. So that's it. The best film of 2015 for me.

  • Ah, AOU. You know I never thought I'd see a more polarising CBM then MOS but here we are. You can't simply like this film. You either like it or hate it. I find that silly personally. But anyway, as I said before AOU was my top film of the year but it's been beaten by a worthy victor. Anyway AOU is probably my favorite CBM of all time. Ultron is one of my favorite villains of all time as well. He was sadistic, scary and pretty intense. The Avengers were all awesome as normal and I had barely any problem with it. I could easily watch it every day for the next ten years because as I said the film melted away the sadness I feel daily with depression. So a stunning film.

  • Ah, here is the Guardians of the Galaxy of the year. The unsung hero who was pretty much being laughed off before he wowed us on screen. Ant Man is the reason Marvel continues to win with CBM's. They have no fear whatsoever. None. If ten years ago, you said Ant Man would take in half a BILLION at the box office you would be declared legally insane. It's true. But now what does Ant Man do? It takes half a Billion with almost ease. Ant Man was a fun, exiting film with a unique hero who thrilled audiences and made them laugh. It was two hours of fun and again it felt genuine. It felt pure. That's what I loved. The characters were all awesome and each stole the show in whatever way they could. I'm reminded of when I went to see the film and I overhead a young boy say that he wanted a Ant Man toy. How on Earth does that even happen? To Ant Man? How does Ant Man come close to beating giants like Batman and Superman at the box office? I don't know but I know that I loved the film.

  • Jurassic World is a strange film really. It's not quite as good as the first but is clearly the dominant of the sequels. It stood above them as a fun and solid adventure movie. There were problems with various things but as I said in my brief, those don't bother me. I was entertained and Loved some of the more outlandish things. I remember before the film came out, some scientists came out criticizing the film for setting paleontology back years. I showed this article to my dad who simply laughed for a good twenty minutes. He simply said. "It's a science fiction film, of course it isn't going to be accurate." I had the same reaction. If you're look for science fact, you won't find any here. If you're looking for two hours worth of fun you will find it. Simple really.

  • This, this right here could get me killed but oh well. Terminator Genisys is the best Terminator film since Judgement Day. I loved this film. It had it's problems, there's no denying it but it was still a good film and I had a hell of a lot of fun with it. The fight scene at the end with the old T-800 was one of my favourite in the franchise. Plus Arnold just shows us what an awesome actor he is when it comes to playing this sort of role. He owned it as normal and he was helped by Emilia Clarke's Sarah Connor. I also enjoyed Jason Clarke's John Connor and thought he was a believable villain. So yeah, fight me for it! Ha, I mean that as a joke.