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Terrifics Vol 1 Review 0

Synopsis:This is a new series spinning out of Dark Nights Metal. The team consists of Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and Phantom Girl. This is NOT the Phantom Girl of the Legion of Super Heroes fame. The Story:Brought together by fate, these 4 heroes are bound to each other by a visit to the Dark Multiverse. This series feels like a direct attempt by DC at creating their own version of the Fantastic Four. That's not necessarily a bad thing as this is a fun, lighthearted team book which i...

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New Beginnings 0

The Story:After Black Bolt unleashes a Terrigen Mist cloud on the world, new Inhumans begin occurring at an alarming rate. Dubbed NuHumans by Queen Medusa, she and her fellow Inhumans begin an attempt to gather them and nurture them in the city of Attilan. This of course doesn't go quite as well as planned and we're also introduced to different sects of Inhumans from around the world.This collection introduces us to a wide variety of new Inhumans with a strong focus on Medusa and her desire to f...

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Avengin' in the wild, wild West! 0

This Secret Wars tie-in is simply fantastic. Duggan takes the Avengers of the present and puts them in a wild West setting and the result is a massively entertaining read. Each character he uses translates to a near flawless role in this time displaced book. The art is great and goes perfectly with the book.Most of the original Avengers are here as well as some classic Marvel villains like you haven't seen them before. If you're a fan of Westerns or just a fan of seeing your favorite characters ...

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Headed For The Open Road! 0

The Back Story:Dennis Hopeless teams up with artist Mark Bagley for this post Secret Wars series starring the time displaced X-Men. Jean Grey is of course a member of the Extraordinary team so the original 4 male members are joined by Idie, Genesis and X-23.The Review:I didn't read a great deal of the first series starring the original five X-Men but I did enjoy this first volume. It has an innocence and lighthearted feel that you don't find with a lot of the darker titles that seem so prevalent...

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That's Not A Moon.... 5

The Story:Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato bring us this Secret Wars mini series starring the Guardians of the Galaxy. Charged with protecting Nowhere in it's orbit around Planet Doom, they run into some familiar and some new faces. The Good: The art by Dedodato on this is his usual level of greatness. He is one of my all time favorites and does a fantastic job here. His battle scenes are simply phenomenal and this mini series has plenty of them to go around.The action is this one is basically non-...

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Conning Earth 2... 2

BackstoryThe decision to bring John Constantine to the mainstream DC Earth was loathed by many fans from the outset. As a result I don't think a lot of people gave this book a chance from the very beginning. While not up to the lofty standards of Hellblazer, I think its been entertaining and much better than I expected. Now on to the review for Apocalypse Road!The ReviewThe main premise of this arc is John being transported to Earth-2 and meeting his counterpart there. As expected they are compl...

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Darkseid War Part 2 1

The 2nd chapter of Darkseid War has hit shelves and provides an adequate follow up to the opening salvo. There are several different points of interest in the book and this chapter felt stretched quite thin with so many things going on at once. Sadly, there wasn't enough issue for each particular point of interest to advance the story line much farther. I feel this will read much better in trade as opposed to the single issue format. The art by Fabok is the high point of this arc so far for me....

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Muy Excellente... 2

The opening issue of this limited series by Garth Ennis hits stands and is a much welcomed break from the current comic landscape of huge crossovers, crises, universe collapses and what seems like our annual reboot or retcon to boost sales.I have never read Preacher but if this issue is any indication then it will be moved to the forefront of my comic read list. The main focus of this issue is a hero named Six Pack gathering a team to face an unknown threat. The threat isn't revealed but we get ...

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Fantastic.... 3

This is a six issue limited series set during WWII. The main premise is that each Royal Family on Earth has been blessed with superpowers, thus explaining many of the famous kings and queens throughout history's remarkable feats. However, a pact between them prevents their involvement during WWII. This all changes when young Prince Henry of England and his sister Princess Rose witness firsthand the horrors of war inflicted upon their country and fellow countrymen.What follows is an epic tale of ...

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Fresh Start.. 1

This trade collects issues 1-5 and some material from a Marvel Point One issue.The Good:In today's age of comics its not often you get a book starring a brand new character without decades of convoluted history, This is exactly what you get in this series from the creative team of author G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona. The series stars Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager living in the city of Jersey City, New Jersey.It's been quite some time since I have read a series starring a...

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Comic Book Movie Script? 1

Disclaimer:I have not seen the film and after reading this I sincerely doubt that I will.I am a big fan of Mark Millar but this is definitely one of his poorer efforts. After reading this it felt more like I had just thumbed my way through a potential script for a movie instead of an actual comic. The premise is interesting enough but there's a general lack of investment in most of the characters and I didn't find myself invested emotionally in any of them.There are a few family moments between...

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Ahead Of Its Time... 4

This trade paperback is a collection of Captain Britain stories from several Marvel UK magazines published in the early 80s. The stories are illustrated by a young Alan Davis.These stories, like the name of my review suggests, are vastly ahead of the majority of mainstream comics at the time. These short stories combine to form a cohesive tale starring Brian Braddock, his sister Betsy (you might know her as Psylocke) and a whole host of characters from the Captain Britain mythos such as Merlyn, ...

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$5 For This? 4

This issue is composed of 2 stories. One is a "lost" Miracleman story written in 1984 by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Joe Quesada. The other is a story written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Mike Allred. Each story is only 10 pages and hardly enough to merit being more than a backup story they could have used in the regular Miracleman comic. You know, the one that Marvel is currently pillaging fans by charging $4.99 an issue despite it being a mix n match of old material and barely enough ...

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Post-Axis Avengers Assemble! 3

The Story:Spinning directly out of the events of Axis, a new team of Uncanny Avengers is called together.The Good:I really like the uniqueness of some of the characters Remender chose to use here. Brother Voodoo is a relative unknown to me and look forward to seeing him develop here. The rest of the team is made up of familiar faces but are definitely a unique cast for an Avengers team book. It will be interesting to see if RR can mesh these characters together or the team will be at odds with ...

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The Birth of Evil.... 4

The Story:This a solid, yet somewhat unspectacular modernized origin story of everyone's favorite Mad Titan, Thanos. I am not sure to what detail his origin story has been told in the past but this new retelling touches on his life on Titan and the factors that shape the monster he becomes.The Good:The best part of this series is the art by Simone Bianchi. He simply does a fantastic job drawing Thanos and many of the alien races he encounters in his journeys through the cosmos. The detailed alie...

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Putting The Pieces Back Together... 4

This is an absolute huge collection as it collects six issues of The Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spiderman for a grand total of 18 issues. Each arc is loosely associated with the other, but for the most part they are their own story. The Story:The United States on Earth 1610 is in shambles. The country has been divided, states have seceded and Sentinels commanded by William Stryker even rule a portion of the Southwest. In New York, a young man named Miles Morales is struggling to come...

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What Is The Secret? 3

What is the secret?After reading this first issue I honestly have no idea. We are reintroduced to Catman in the new 52 and a cast of some characters we've seen before and some new faces.This is your prototypical first issue as we get brief introductions to a host of characters but most of the focus is on Thomas Blake. However, we don't get much information on his character in the new 52 and virtually nothing regarding his background or motivations. The rest of the cast is quickly introduced and ...

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Beauty...for A Price... 4

The Good:If you're going to take a classic character and have them undergo a massive personality change I think you have to go all the way with it. There cannot be any middle ground or it takes away from what you are trying to achieve with the change. Well folks, Tom Taylor takes Tony Stark and goes all the way with a stunning series of personality changes. He reverts Tony to some of his vilest habits and we also see him sink to a few new lows. Tony's new found abrasiveness has an immediate effe...

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If She Be Worthy.... 2

Thor no longer wields Mjolnir and has sunk to the deepest levels of despair. The Good:Jason Aaron & Russell Dauternan do a great job of conveying to the reader Thor's desperation over no longer being able to wield Mjolnir. From facial expressions to body language the reader is immediately able to sympathize with Thor's plight in this issue. Another great underlying issue in this comic is the rivalry between Freya and Odin. Freya has been in charge during his leave of absence and clearly has ...

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An Island Unto Himself... 1

The Good:Bunn does a great job of taking a former supremely powerful character and relegating him to almost street level adventures. Magneto's powers have been greatly reduced but that doesn't stop him from doing whatever is necessary to protect the mutant race. He isn't afraid to get down and dirty and use whatever means possible to achieve this goal.There are also some excellent flashback scenes that show how his character was forged through tragedy and loss in his past. Mag's dark past defini...

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5 Years From Now..Part One 4

This JLU Future's End installment is part one of a story that continues in the Justice League title.Thankfully both issues are handled by Jeff Lemire and he paints a very bleak and barren landscape for the future of both leagues. Many members are missing, retired or dead. A ragtag group of members from both teams as well as members of the Legion of Super Heroes must team up and investigate a distress call from Mars.Lemire makes magic with the major characters involved and some of the not so famo...

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Tempting Fate... 0

I am not current with Constantine's current events and activities in the new 52 but decided to check this issue out. The cover is pretty snazzy and I was interested in seeing John take on Nabu. This is a pretty nice one-shot as we see the perennial underdog John take on one of the most powerful magical entities in the DC Universe. He always has a plan and as you can probably guess has been planning this showdown for quite some time. Fawkes does a really good job of making this more than the mag...

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Dealing With The Supers... 5

This book is not for the faint of heart. It takes every preconceived notion of the super hero genre and flushes it down the toilet then blows it up with a stick of dynamite.The Boys are a team put together by a man known as Billy the Butcher. Their job is a simple one. Do the dirty work behind the scenes to keep the superheroes in check. The superheroes in this series are definitely not angels and in some cases just as vile (or worse) as some of the super villains you'd find in other series. Bil...

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A Child in The World... 0

The Plot:This is it. The child of Death and Xiaolian faces the Horsemen and his destiny begins.The Good:This moment has been building for some time and it is well worth the wait. Hickman does a fantastic job at centering this issue around Babylon and him beginning to fulfill his destiny. The combination of science and apocalyptic prophecy involved in this book is absolutely amazing. The child entering the physical world for the first time was a journey long in the making and it is delivered perf...

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Apocalypse NOW! 0

The Good:Rick Remender takes a large cast of Avengers and former X-Men and unites them as the Avengers Unification Squad. I was a bit apprehensive at making such a wide variety of characters work but he really achieves that and more. There is obviously tension due to the massive philosophical differences involved but it is very well done.RR also does a fantastic job of making the villains extremely formidable and also making the reader sympathetic to their plight and inspirations. He also brings...

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Outstanding, Amazing and Stupendous! 2

The Good:This book breaks all the rules when it comes to traditional comics from DC. It is a huge break from the superhero norm that the publisher usually delivers. It could very easily fit into the Vertigo line of books.The main premise of the book is a common, out of shapre, regular joe named Nelson Jent discovering an artifact in the Hero Dial that transforms him into a variety of different heroes, male and female with a vast array of abilities. Each change is unique and fresh. His discovery ...

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This Ain't Your Daddy's Hellblazer 0

Disclaimer:At this point in time I have read a couple of volumes of Hellblazer. This review will not turn into a rant about that series being cancelled or why this comic sucks because it isn't Hellblazer. It will be rated based on its own merits.The Story:John Constantine has relocated to NYC and has been targeted by a group of mages called the Cult of the Cold Flame. It's up to Johnny Con to prevent them from recovering a powerful talisman called Croydon's compass that will allow them to locate...

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Avengers x 2..... 0

The Good:This book plays off some of the happenings in New Avengers in a roundabout way. If you've been following that book then you're familiar with the incursions into other universes and how the Illuminati have been handling them. We get a taste of that here as an alternate group of Avengers is brought to our Earth by AIM. They aren't quite the friendly group of heroes we're accustomed to and there's one moment that got a good chuckle out of me.There's an air of mystery as the fate of one of ...

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Invaders Past & Present... 3

The Good:The focus in this issue is squarely on the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. I feel like this was a good move on the part of James Robinson as he is probably the least well known of the four members in this book. Robinson does a great job handling the character as we get a great look at his personality and his own flaws and inner demons. Hammond has settled down for a quiet life but that is quickly interrupted by the arrival of Tanalth the Pursuer.Tanalth is a brand new character and ...

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There's Something About Mary..... 7

I am not too crazy about comics from the 80s but this has been in my collection for quite some time and I decided to check it out.The Good:The highlight of this collection is the character work. Typhoid Mary's character is beautifully explored by Nocenti as well as the relationship between Matt Murdock and Karen Page. Mary's split personalities are captured perfectly and fleshed out in a very creative way. One side is a mousey, shy woman and the Typhoid personality is a man eating, sexual predat...

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Pies, Relaxation and Rogue Planets...Oh My... 4

In one of the most shocking events of the year in comics, this issue opens up.....with the Avengers RELAXING. The party doesn't last as a visitor from the future brings Earth's Mightiest Heroes a dire message of impending doom.The Good:All jokes aside, its always good to see the lighthearted side of the team even if its very brief. There's some great comedy from Thor here that revolves around the prowess of his Asgardian grilling skills. We also see further evidence of his culinary skills as we ...

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The Justice League...of Eeeeeeeeevil! 1

The Good:Lex Luthor and his band of villains have been great in this series. Seeing this team come together and Luthor's insight and motivations have been the highlight of the series so far. It's quite clear that this cobbled together team has nothing in common with each other but Luthor also sees reflections of himself in each member of the group. I thought this was particularly well done by GJ this issue. Another touching moment takes place between Bizarro and Lex of all people but I won't sp...

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Remember That, As I Take It From You.... 7

The Avengers find themselves dealing with a series of threats all around the world. Canada, the eastern seaboard of the US, Madripoor and Italy have all fallen victim to a series of strange attacks and scenarios.The Good:I haven't read a great deal of Hickman's Avengers and the size of the team initially worried me when I decided to check this out. I was afraid I would be lost in the huge roster of characters but that isn't the case here. The roster is conveniently divided up here as the team sc...

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The Rider Is Coming.... 0

I haven't followed this title in Marvel Now but being a fan of Charles Soule and the characters involved I decided to give it a shot. From the info on the flashback page, it seems like the team was put together to help out General Ross and also work towards achieving some more personal goals for each of the individuals involved. The main focus of this issue is the team tracking down and defeating a woman named Mercy (someone I know nothing about). This reads like a #1 issue and feels like a pre...

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Say Hello to Heaven.... 3

This issue continues the massive Blight crossover that's been running through this title, Pandora, JLD & Swamp Thing.The Good:This issue focuses strongly on the title character as we see the team resort to its most extreme measure so far. Journeying to the gates of Heaven to confront the Presence, the team also runs into Zauriel and the Spectre. I just absolutely loved the interactions between John & these characters. He doesn't back down a bit and scoffs in the face of their supreme pow...

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Headed For A Showdown.... 0

The Good:Having just read the first arc "Everything Dies" it was very easy to jump right into this without reading Infinity. Don't worry, I'll get to that later as I've enjoyed the fan feedback on that event. In this issue is the story basically picks right up after the initial arc and doesn't really miss a beat.We get more information on the Incursions into different universes and also learn about the existence of a potential new group of adversaries for the Illuminati in the Black Priests. Hic...

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The Scourge of Blight Continues 3

The Blight crossover continues with this issue as more of a focus is presented on the Phantom Stranger and his interaction with Blight. The Good:Dematteis really zeroes in on the inner thoughts of the Stranger in this issue. He's done a fantastic job of it since he took over this series so it doesn't come as a huge surprise. His personal rivalry with Blight is also magnified by the fact that his friend Chris has been possessed by the demonic entity. We also see the Presence return this issue an...

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The Fury of the Nuclear Teens 0

Firestorm isn't a character I've had much experience reading in the past. I've always thought it was very interesting that he is actually composed of two individuals. I'm also a fan of Dan Jurgens so I decided to check this out.The Good:One of the things that really stood out for me was the dynamic between Jason & Ronnie. Jason being the scholar and Ronnie being the jock made for a really good relationship and Jason really comes off as feeling like Ronnie's conscience throughout the collecti...

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Rise of the Dead Sea King 7

This book has been simply great since DeMatteis took over. The run under Lemire was serviceable and pretty solid but left quite a bit to be desired in the magic department. DeMatteis has returned these characters to their mystical roots and has crafted a fine Forever Evil tie in crossover so far with Ray Fawkes. After the events of last issue, we were left wondering how the team could overcome their bitter defeat against Blight. This issue we get our answers and also see the return of one of my ...

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The Jeff Parker Era Begins! 2

First and foremost, I am a huge fan of Jeff Parker. His work on Red Hulk and especially Agents of Atlas made me a big fan of his writing. When I heard he was taking over this book I had some mixed emotions. Geoff Johns had a great run on this title and I was a bit sad that his run didn't last longer. However, the excitement of Parker taking over was enough to keep me interested and see what kind of spin he could put on the character while staying true to GJ's previous work.I have to say that Pa...

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