Would you date a telepath?

You're at work or college or high school and you've had your eye on this particular someone for a long time. Their looks, personality and everything about them just float your boat in an unbelievable way. You hear through the rumor mill that this particular perfect person has told someone that they've had their eye on you. So you're walking home from school or walking across campus or just having an after work drink with a friend and you declare your intentions to your BFF that you plan on asking this person out. They get a weird look on their face and mutter those awful words..."You know about (insert name of god or goddess here),right?" Of course you say no and then your friend spills the beans. Your friend says, "(God or goddess in your eyes) is a telepath".  
What do you do? Do you still go for it? Are you afraid he or she is going to mind fry you if you look at someone else or think they're having a bad hair day? 
Decisions, decisions.......