Would You Buy It? League of Assassins Ongoing Title

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Hello friends. It's been quite a while since I've submitted a blog around these parts. I've always been a sucker for the villains in comics. When done well and given the proper motivations they can be every bit as interesting as the heroes they oppose.

One particular group has piqued my interest of late. The DC unit known as the League of Assassins have been a staple of DC Comics for quite some time. Recently debuting in the new 52, they have some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Consisting of Bronze Tiger, Cheshire, Lady Shiva, December Greystone and Rictus they are currently opposing Red Hood & The Outlaws as they attempt to sway Jason Todd to join their ranks.

When this arc is done I don't know what DC has planned for these characters. Will they fade into obscurity and be brought back later or show up sooner to oppose another team of DC heroes?

My question is simple. Over the years we've seen DC give miniseries and even ongoing titles to characters they consider villains. Deathstroke has had his own series and even his own Titans title. Black Adam, Lex Luthor and others have starred in their own miniseries..

Would you buy a League of Assassins comic? What sort of direction would you give them? Who would you want as a creative team? I personally would buy a book with the current group. They have a pretty diverse powerset and could make things miserable for individuals and teams in the new 52.

Thanks for reading.

~Jake Fury