Why Does DC Support Female Characters More?

Everytime I make a trip to my local comic shop I take some time to browse through pretty much every title that pertains to DC or Marvel. Some of them I have zero interest in but I like to keep my eyes open for anything that may potentially interest me. I also like to remain current on comic events even if I'm not reading the titles. After several recent trips, there's something thats really started to pique my curiosity and it's the way DC handles their female characters compared to Marvel. In my opinion Marvel does a TERRIBLE job with their female characters. Outside of X-23 & Spider-Girl (which I think is getting cancelled again) I can't think of a current female solo title the company produces. For me, this is a crying shame. I've grown up with characters like the Wasp, Sue Storm, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel and not to mention the countless X-women I've followed over the years. Seriously? Marvel has a rich tradition with it's female characters and the only books they have to show for it right now are these 2 titles? Nothing against the books themselves, I've read a good chunk of X-23's arc and really enjoyed it. I just think there are a number of excellent female characters that could hold their own in a solo title. However, most of the time when they're in team books they become eye candy and barely play a role in stories.There are some exceptions like Emma Frost and Rogue. But, these are exceptions to the rule and not the norm.

Compared to Marvel, DC Comics makes them look like they're still living in the 1800s. I have a hard time believing that the powers that be at Marvel would support women's suffrage and probably be against women driving if their current crop of books is any indication. DC's female titles quite simply blow them away in number and genres. You've got Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Zatanna, Birds of Prey, Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens. Not to mention other strong female characters appearing in other books like Scandal Savage, Renee Montoya and Kathy Kane. I haven't read all of these books but at least the effort is there.

Marvel needs to get with the program and follow DC's example. I'm sure there's a new generation of female fans who'd love to see what the women of Marvel are all about.