Wait, What? Dazzler vs Enchantress In A Singing Contest?

I get to work this morning and I'm randomly surfing around Comicvine. I notice a random thread involving the Enchantress so I decide to click on her page. A picture of her backhanding Dazzler catches my eye so I read a little further.  
According to her CV page it says that she had a couple of signing contests with Dazzler at some point in history. To make a long story short, the Enchantress traveled to EArth to steal some mystical energy. The source of the energy happened to be in a disco where Dazzler was singing. They engaged in a singing contest and Dazzler wins. This enraged Amora but several of Earth's superhumans happened to be in attendance and came to Dazzler's aid. They later met again when Dazzler spots her in an airport. Amora teleports her to Asgard and challenges her to a duel. At first Amora doesn't take it seriously and then begins to absorb Dazzler's life force after Allison gained the upper hand. Odin soon arrives and demands to know whats going on. Amora claims Dazzler disrespected her so Odin orders another singing contest.Amora goes first and mesmerizes every man in the room. (similar to the abilities of Venus) But then Dazzler takes her turn and Odin admits she has a better voice. He then teleports her back to Earth. 
I mean was Odin sitting at a table like Simon Cowell?  
Does anyone have scans of this? It sounds freaking classic!