The Top 10 Things I've Learned From Comicvine This Year

I joined in February but didn't start posting until a few months later. There are some cool, fun people on this site and they know who they are.

10. Some people are just smart ass jerks, plain and simple. I learned to avoid them.
9. Some people are going to be unhappy all the time. If you listen to them there's never been a decent comic book and everything about (random comic company/writer/character) sucked, currently suck or is going to suck. I learned to avoid these people too.  
8. Trolls will be trolls. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. They're like cockroaches in a nuclear war. They'll never be extinct.
7. Some people can't and more importantly WON'T listen to reason. Again, I've learned to avoid them. 

6. Certain characters in battle threads should be avoided at all costs. Seriously, most of these battles are just begging for someone to comment so they can flame the person that disagrees with them.  
5. I've learned to accept fanboyism and fangirlism. They're not going to change. Accept it and move on. 
4. The "What's Going Through Your Mind Thread" is the funniest stuff ever.
3. Batman can and will defeat anyone with prep.
2. Every version of the Hulk, Thor, Superman and Juggernaut has been used in a battle thread. Hopefully, 2011 will have some new versions of these characters created by DC & Marvel to keep the batte forums going strong. <Sarcasm>
1. Thanks to megaboom I now know everything that Zatanna and Wonder Women are capable of doing with their hair and their cleavage. 
Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year and a great 2011!