Return of Cable

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This is my first real attempt at something like this so bear with me if it sucks terribly. 
Cable. Nathan Dayspring Summers.  
The man died valiantly to save Hope and preserve the mutant race. Traveling to the future with X-Force to thwart Bastion he didn't make it back alive. Is this his final mission? 
The Setting: 
San Francisco, CA. It is several months after the events of Second Coming. It's winter time and very chilly in the city by the Bay.  
In a local children's hospital a young child named Joshua Baker lies in his hospital bed. A victim of a near drowning accident, the 13 year old boy has been here for several months and is only kept alive by a respirator. His parents have clung to a false hope that one day their son will return to normal and walk and play again. They still visit him everyday and bring his favorite candy and set it at his bedside. The family is slowly beginning to lose hope and the doctors have given them a timeline for their son to be taken off the machine.
On Utopia, Cyclops is having a rare day to relax and think. He reminisces over the events of the last few years and his thoughts float back to the time when his son was born. As a tear runs down his cheek and alarm sounds. It's the San Francisco Police Department and they have dire need of the X-Men's help. A splinter group of the Friends of Humanity is holding hostages at a local museum and have intentions to kill or maim everyone inside. Cyclops mobilizes a team of himself, Northstar, Wolverine and Angel. They meet the SWAT team outside of the museum and Cyclops devises a plan using the building's schematics and layout. The X-Men make short work of them and the hostages are saved. 
Back at the Children's Hospital, the decision time has come for Joshua Baker's parents. The doctor's reports aren't promising and per California state law they can't keep the boy on life support any longer. His parents Maggie & Thomas have had many sleepless nights pertaining to this day. They have a final meeting with the doctors and both agree that the time has come. They walk into Joshua's room and look at him for what they think is the last time. The doctor enters the room and after a brief conversation he tells them that it is time to pull the plug. 
Maggie holds her son's hand and strokes his cheek. Her husband holds her tight as they fight back the tears. They knew this day would come but that didn't make it any easier. A group of nurses enter the room to assist the doctor in the procedure. As the doctor begins to perform the final procedures there's a sudden spike in the readings on the medical instruments.  
"Doctor, what's going on?" asks his mother. 
"I'm not exactly sure. I've never seen anything like this before. There's a sudden and strange amount of brainwave activity." The doctor replies. 
The boy's father shouts. "What does it mean??!!??" 
The doctor is dumfounded. "This is unparalleled...." 
The boy's eyes open and his father tightly grips his hand. He looks around the room and then spots the television in the background. There's a news report with the X-Men that were involved in the bank hostage situation. Cyclops is onscreen in full costume. 
"Dad?" The boy asks... 
"I'm here Joshua, I'm here!" Mr. Baker is in tears with joy at what's happened. 
"My name isn't's Nathan". The boy retorts. 
"Son, you must still be in a state of confusion. I'm your father. Your mother and I are right here for you." The father replies. 
"My father? My father is the man on the tv......."-Joshua 
To be continued.......
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