My Thoughts/Review in a Nutshell for the new DCnU Titles

I'm not going to read all of them but I thought I'd offer my thoughts on the titles I have read. I'm not a DC historian or expert by any means but I've read my fair share of books over the years and have an acceptable knowledge of Bats, Superman & the JLA. Without further ado, on to the comics!
-Justice League:  
For an opening issue this was fine. It's hard to judge the comic so far because the entire cast isn't even in place yet. The entire concept behind this being their "very first meeting" wasn't easy for me to take in. I wanted to just scream to the world, "DAMNIT, YOU ALL KNOW EACH OTHER!" But in all seriousness this was pretty decent for the opener.  
-Action Comics:
Is this Superboy? Superman? Superteenager? I wasn't too sure after reading this. It almost felt like something from the Spiderman movies with the teenager on his own in the big city with the landlord figure,etc. Maybe it'll get better but this one just didn't do it for me.  
-Green Arrow: 
Green Arrow has apparently been rebooted to the Smallville version of the character. He's much younger and some of the cast felt like certain characters from the Smallville universe. The generic villains seemed pretty weak too and none of hem stood out. Not really much left to say about this one without spoiling it. 
I've never read a comic involving anyone here except for Martian Manhunter. The concept seems pretty cool if a bit far fetched. Also, it references some events that happen in Superman #1 but that issue isn't out for another 3 weeks. It's a pet peeve of mine when companies release books that way. All in all, this wasn't bad or really that good. It was pretty interesting and I'll check out the rest of the arc. 
Detective Comics #1: 
This was my issue of the week. I really enjoyed all of the aspects about the book. The art is really good, Joker is crazy and Batman is frustrated due to the Joker's unpredictability. We also see another villain who's possibly even a sicker twisted freak than the Joker and a fight between Bats & Joker. No complaints here.