My Girlfriend's Thoughts on the DC Reboot & Changes

Most of my girlfriend's comic knowledge is a result of me being a huge nerd and always telling her about the goings on in the world of comics. We were talking this morning and she had some seriously unintentional hilarious comments. I've already told her about the relaunch but then told her about a couple of other changes. 
The following is our conversation: 
Me: "Guess what else DC is doing?" 
Her: "What?" 
Me: "All of the women are going to be wearing pants." 
Her: "What, how is Wonder woman going to fly when she's wearing pants?"  
Me: "Superman flies and he wears pants." 
Her: "Superman doesn't wear pants he wears tights. They're different. They're lightweight and aerodynamic." Thus totally proving me wrong, typical woman.
Me: "They're also getting rid of his red underwear on the outside." 
Her: "Tell me you did not just say that!" 
Me: "It's true, I've seen the pictures." 
Her: "These changes sound stupid. They should fire every one of them."  
And there you have it. This is coming from someone who doesn't even read comics....pretty telling, eh?