Jake's Review For AXIS Book One: The Red Supremacy

The recent over saturation of events in comics has been a sore spot with me for quite some time. I have avoided the last several from Marvel and reluctantly read Forever Evil after its lengthy delays. With that being said I have been on a big kick reading independent comics over the last several months and found myself missing some of my favorite characters growing up, namely the Avengers and X-Men. I read a big chunk of Remender's Uncanny Avengers (and quite enjoyed it) but I have not picked up an X-Men comic featuring the main characters since Bendis took over the franchise.

Thanks mostly to Comicvine I have a general idea of the premise of AXIS and decided to check it out. I was skeptical of some of Remender's recent projects but his Uncanny Avengers has been quite enjoyable so I decided to check this "event book" out.

I am quite pleased with how this first installment has played out. Growing up reading comics, Onslaught was not one of my favorite ideas but I really like how Remender has used that character here with the Red Skull and Xavier as opposed to the Magneto/Professor X amalgam. The idea is a bit out there but in the world of comics it fits right in. Onslaught definitely has a place in Marvel comic lore and Remender makes good use of that here. It makes the Red Skull extremely formidable as a villain and increases the urgency and desperation we get here.

The art is a bit inconsistent but that is to be expected with a couple of different artists on the book. Both artists do a good job of capturing the overload of action. Leinil Yu also draws one of the most beautiful renditions of the Enchantress I have seen.


Is this book over the top? Yes.

Is it fun? Yes.

Is it unpredictable? Yes.

Do some of the events leave one shaking their head in disbelief? Yes.

Would i recommend it? Absolutely.

When the dust has settled after the first act, Remender has done a fine job of redeeming Cyclops in this fan's eyes. He also does a great job at giving the conflict/rivalry between the Avengers and X-Men a much more humanized reason than the silly mess that was AvX.

This book so far has been wall to wall action but it's the personal moments that have made it very good in my opinion.