Jake Fury Random Reviews #1-Strykeforce Vol.2 2004

A little background to begin with, Strykeforce is a team in the Image universe that has had a few incarnations. Strykeforce Volume 2 is a five issue limited series that was released in 2004. The team roster for this volume consists of Stryker, Sly, Killawatt, Anvil, Lift & Tia Katana.  
The Cast: 
This book almost has an A-Team type feel. The team leader is Stryker who's a non-nonsense, take no crap, the mission means everything type of guy. He's also a cyborg with 3 arms on the right side of his body. The rest of the team consists of Sly a beautiful young girl who can turn invisible except for the fact she can't turn her clothes invisible. This leads to a few compromising situations for her much to the delight of her teammate Anvil. Anvil is the only team member that is mutated beyond human. He resembles an actual anvil with blue skin, heightened durability and strenght to match. His Hulk impression in a few of the issues is hilarious. Killawatt is a man with a secret and plays a key role here. Tia is another beautiful female who actually uses her sword tattoo as a weapon that can cut through nearly anything. Finally we have Lift who is a telekinetic and the equivalent of A-Team's Face. He's the team con man and his TK is only limited by what he can see. 
The Good: 
This is a fun five issue series with a simple story. Like a typical A-Team mission, Strykeforce is trying to track down a woman's son for her and learn quite a bit about this unique young man along the way. Their mission takes them from the jungles of Peru, to Califronia, Idaho and a few places in between. There's also quite a twist with a certain team member and their squabbles with the US government don't make anything simple. The writer mixes in some witty dialogue to go with a lot of action. 
The Bad: 
I couldn't find any followups to this series which is disappointing. 
The Bottom Line: 
Just a fun simple book and the only bad is that it leaves you hanging.