In Defense Of Matt Fraction's Latest X-Men Story Arc Quarantine

I come to you today fellow Viners to defend one Matt Fraction. Universally praised for his work on Iron Man and universally panned for his work on the Uncanny X-Men, I want to state a case that his newest work on the Uncanny X-Men comic is indeed praiseworthy.  
The biggest complaint I've seen against Fraction is that he focuses too much on Cyclops and Emma Frost, leaving the other characters in limbo. His latest story arc "Quarantine" (it begins here) not only delivers the saga of Cyclops & Emma but *GASP* there are other mutants involved as well! Angel, Pixie, Northstar, Dazzler, Storm, Fantomex & Kitty Pryde all get quality face time.  
There are 3 main story lines going on in Quarantine. The main story is an outbreak of a virus that only seems to be affecting mutants so far. The mightiest of the x-Men on Utopia have all been affected, especially mutants with mutations that affect their entire body. Even the mighty Namor and Wolverine have been humbled and bed ridden by this virus. Due to these circumstances a quarantine has been placed with no mutants allowed in or out.  
The 2nd story line involves Lobe of the Sublime corporation and the Collective Man. Lobe has used drugs to give 5 humans the powers of the original X-Men. Using them in publicity stunts, they are seeking to capitalize on their newfound powers and become the darlings of the San Francisco media. This will bring them into conflict with the Collective Man who has been acquiring a power base by killing criminals in the city. A team of X-Men not on Utopia have become the by default field team of x-Men and are investigating this new team of Sublime's experiments. This X-team includes Angel, Northstar, Pixie, Dazzler & Storm. 
Finally this brings us to the saga of Emma Frost & Sebastian Shaw. Emma used her mental powers to make Namor believe she had killed Shaw and the fact that he still lives will make Namor an enemy of the X-Men. She has enlisted Fantomex to help her kidnap Shaw from the prison under Utopia and plans on eliminating him. However, Kitty Pryde is in solid disagreement with these tactics and is along for the ride to make sure nothing of the sort happens.  
All in all, the story arc so far has been rock solid and I am enjoying it. 
Edit: Thanks to the lovely Xerox Kitty's keen eye, she also pointed out that Kieron Gillen is now co-writing this with Fraction. Perhaps, thats why I've enjoyed it.