If I ran DC Comics....

First and foremost, Dan Didio and Geoff Johns would be on the next train to Nowheresville, Outer Mongolia. Now that the dead weight is out of the way, I present Jake Fury's DC Universe! 
Step 1: 
I'd bring back the Earth-1 & Earth-2 concepts. I loved them when I was a kid and I think DC has enough characters to pull it off again. However, there wouldn't be any crossovers or a yearly Crisis.


 Shocking, I know.  


Earth-1 is the home to many of DC's more famous heroes and Silver Age icons. This Earth shapes up as follows: 
-JLA- The premiere super hero team of Earth-One. It consists of Superman, Batman (Bruce), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Hal) and the Flash (Barry Allen). All of these members would also have their own solo titles. 
-Superman, Superboy (Connor) and Supergirl. The first family of super heroes for Earth-One.
-Batman & Robin- (Bruce & Damien) 
-Birds of Prey-Bruce's main support group in Gotham. It consists of Black Canary, Catwoman, Huntress and is led by Oracle (Barbara). 
-The Outsiders-A group of heroes that combat threats on an international basis. It is made up of Black Lightning, Katana, Geo-Force, Halo & Metamorpho. 
-Green Arrow-Oliver Queen resides in Star City and is the CEO of Queen Industries. He also masquerades as Green Arrow and is assisted by his two sons Roy (Arsenal) & Connor Hawke. 
-Teen Titans- Led by Tim Drake, this is a team of Legacy heroes. They receive training from the JLA and sometimes work beside them on missions. The team consists of Tim Drake, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash (Bart Allen) &  Beast Boy. 
-Shadowpact- A group of mages and magicians that tackle the mystical problems that arise. It consists of Zatanna, Dr. Fate & Raven. They are often sent into situations/missions by the Spectre. 
-Booster Gold & Blue Beeetle. The two BFF's are reunited with Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle once again. These two partake in zany missions that many of the other heroes frown upon. Many of these take place in different or alternate time periods.     
Earth-2 is an alternate Earth that diverged from the other DC Earth at a critical point in history. It has many of the Golden Age's greatest heroes and others. 
-JSA: The premiere superhero team of Earth-2. It is made up of Sentinel (Alan Scott), Wildcat, Jay Garrick, Power Girl, Liberty Belle, Hourman & Captain Marvel (Billy Batson). 
-The Marvel Family: The first family of DC's Earth-2 heroes. It consists of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel & Freddy Marvel. ( I hate the Captain Marvel, Jr moniker) 
-Batman & Nightwing: Thomas Wayne & Dick Grayson. Yes, I'm stealing this idea from Flashpoint. Thomas Wayne survived the family shooting, not Bruce. He recruited a young Dick Grayson as his apprentice after Grayson's circus family was murdered. There's a significant age gap in this reality as Grayson is in his late teens, early 20s.  
-The Flash: Starring Wally West as the Flash and this Earth's one and only Scarlet Speedster. 
-Green Lantern: Starring Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern. In this reality, Kyle is Earth's only GL. 
-Secret Six: A team of mercs for hire. They're often used by Thomas Wayne when dealing with some of Gotham's more dastardly villains. The group is made up of Catman, Bane, Deadshot, Cheshire, Scandal Savage &  Ragdoll.  
-Doom Patrol: led by Niles Caulder, this team explores the weirder side of things in this reality.  
-L.E.G.I.O.N.: A group that deals with incidents in outer space. It's made up of Starfire, Adam Strange, Cyborg & Hawkman/hawkgirl. In this reality the Hawks are the Thanagarian versions. 
-The Female Furies: This is a group of female only heroes. It is made up of Donna Troy, Stargirl, Vixen & Jade.  
-The Authority: This is a mysterious group of heroes not sancitoned by any of the world's governments. They are viewed with distrust by the JSA and most of Earth-2's heroes. Some even say they're worse than many of this Earth's villains.
There you have it. jake Fury's DC Universe! 
Dc, if your money is right then we can make a deal...........