Huntress vs Shiva-My Take!

 Wow, this fight is getting a TON of hate. I'm going to offer my view of the fight. It's based on an unbiased perspective having never read a comic involving Shiva. 
During dinner Huntress clearly doesn't want to participate in this in any way. Dinah realizes she also has zero chance and wants her teammates Zinda & Helena to tell Babs & Ollie that she loves them. Dinah asks Huntress to be her second and issue the challenge to Shiva. Zinda says, "That's Shiva Woosan, just say no, don't do this. Are you insane?"  
Black Canary remarks in a dialogue box that Shiva is without question the best martial artist on the planet.  
 Huntress tosses water in Shiva's face and calls her a stuck up bitch. Zinda & Dinah again remark that she's lost it. Shiva calls her stupid and Huntress cuts her off stating she isn't scared and that she is challenging Shiva tonight. White Canary says it is acceptable.  

The Fight!

Huntress asks if there are any rules and Shiva says no. Huntress says, "So, it's street fighting". She thinks she may have a chance. 
Huntress goes for a right, Shiva easily dodges. Huntress goes for a left and again Shiva easily dodges. Huntress' inner thoughts indicate she is extremely worried.  
Shiva blocks a knee strike attempt and again makes it look easy. She hits Huntress with an open hand strike and easily breaks her nose. Huntress leaps at her and Shiva easily grabs her arms & slams her into the ground. 
Huntress remarks to herself "Oh God" indicating she realizes she is completely screwed. Shiva lets Huntress get to her feet and nails her with a left front kick to her face. Huntress remarks again she can't breathe due to the blood.  
She then tells Shiva that she "hits like a girl". Shiva hits her with a left elbow strike and White Canary asks how she's still standing. (Indicating to me she's clearly just trying to survive and give the team time to find the child they're looking for)  
Shiva then hits her with a right/left combo and Huntress can barely stand. She even remarks to herself that she's surprised.  
Huntress again taunts Shiva, asking her how she liked her drink earlier. Shiva answers with a devastating right cross. 

To this point Huntress has not landed a shot!

In the meantime Dinah & Terry have located Sin.  

Back to the fight!

Huntress is spitting up a ton of blood. She tosses some of it into Shiva's eyes. Huntress finally lands her first punch of the match and manages to trip Shiva. She then uses a double punch to knock Shiva off her feet. Shiva easily recovers and is back to her feet in no time.  
White Canary is shocked. Dinah then intervenes and says the fight is over because Sin is safe. Thereby stopping the fight.  Dinah says the fight is over and Shiva says the fight is to the death. Dinah says, "But you didn't specify when". Dinah says they're done and says if White Canary has a problem she can fight Shiva and Dinah. White Canary doesn't answer and says her death will come.  
Shiva asks to help Huntress to her feet because Lady Blackhawk is helping her stand.

In My Opinion

Shiva was clearly being manipulated here by the White Canary due to Sin being held prisoner. Maybe, she had some knowledge of Dinah's plan or even a hunch that Dinah (who wasn't present at the beginning of the fight) had a chance to free Sin. Clearly she could have killed Huntress at anytime (she never really gets too aggressive so maybe she was killing time for Dinah). If this fight had been judged on points Shiva wins by a landslide. 
Just my take.