Has DC Turned Superman Into A Second Rate Character?

2010 was a great year for DC Comics. Was it a great year for Superman?  
Personally, I don't think so. In fact outside of the New Krypton arc what exactly did Superman do of note in 2010? I know he's currently walking across America in his ongoing title but I don't think that's a fitting story for the most iconic DC character of all time. With all of the Batman titles, Green Lantern titles and several upcoming Flash stories has the Man of Steel been turned into a second rate character?  
I'm afraid that he has. Even one of his former titles Action Comics has been turned over to his arch enemy Lex Luthor. This after it spent much of the year focusing on two Kryptonians Nightwing & Flamebird who aren't even around anymore. Even his own title Superman was turned over to Mon-El, a Daxamite who like Nightwing and Flamebird isn't currently in the DCU. There's even a new Justice League that apparently didn't have a spot for him.
I expected Superman to return to his former status as DC's #1 hero after the death(again) of many of his fellow Kryptonians. With a new DCU full of so many Bat-titles, Green Lantern titles and upcoming Flash crossovers I'm hoping the Man of Tomorrow can return to his former glory.

The Top 10 Things I've Learned From Comicvine This Year

I joined in February but didn't start posting until a few months later. There are some cool, fun people on this site and they know who they are.

10. Some people are just smart ass jerks, plain and simple. I learned to avoid them.
9. Some people are going to be unhappy all the time. If you listen to them there's never been a decent comic book and everything about (random comic company/writer/character) sucked, currently suck or is going to suck. I learned to avoid these people too.  
8. Trolls will be trolls. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. They're like cockroaches in a nuclear war. They'll never be extinct.
7. Some people can't and more importantly WON'T listen to reason. Again, I've learned to avoid them. 

6. Certain characters in battle threads should be avoided at all costs. Seriously, most of these battles are just begging for someone to comment so they can flame the person that disagrees with them.  
5. I've learned to accept fanboyism and fangirlism. They're not going to change. Accept it and move on. 
4. The "What's Going Through Your Mind Thread" is the funniest stuff ever.
3. Batman can and will defeat anyone with prep.
2. Every version of the Hulk, Thor, Superman and Juggernaut has been used in a battle thread. Hopefully, 2011 will have some new versions of these characters created by DC & Marvel to keep the batte forums going strong. <Sarcasm>
1. Thanks to megaboom I now know everything that Zatanna and Wonder Women are capable of doing with their hair and their cleavage. 
Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year and a great 2011! 


In Defense Of Matt Fraction's Latest X-Men Story Arc Quarantine

I come to you today fellow Viners to defend one Matt Fraction. Universally praised for his work on Iron Man and universally panned for his work on the Uncanny X-Men, I want to state a case that his newest work on the Uncanny X-Men comic is indeed praiseworthy.  
The biggest complaint I've seen against Fraction is that he focuses too much on Cyclops and Emma Frost, leaving the other characters in limbo. His latest story arc "Quarantine" (it begins here) not only delivers the saga of Cyclops & Emma but *GASP* there are other mutants involved as well! Angel, Pixie, Northstar, Dazzler, Storm, Fantomex & Kitty Pryde all get quality face time.  
There are 3 main story lines going on in Quarantine. The main story is an outbreak of a virus that only seems to be affecting mutants so far. The mightiest of the x-Men on Utopia have all been affected, especially mutants with mutations that affect their entire body. Even the mighty Namor and Wolverine have been humbled and bed ridden by this virus. Due to these circumstances a quarantine has been placed with no mutants allowed in or out.  
The 2nd story line involves Lobe of the Sublime corporation and the Collective Man. Lobe has used drugs to give 5 humans the powers of the original X-Men. Using them in publicity stunts, they are seeking to capitalize on their newfound powers and become the darlings of the San Francisco media. This will bring them into conflict with the Collective Man who has been acquiring a power base by killing criminals in the city. A team of X-Men not on Utopia have become the by default field team of x-Men and are investigating this new team of Sublime's experiments. This X-team includes Angel, Northstar, Pixie, Dazzler & Storm. 
Finally this brings us to the saga of Emma Frost & Sebastian Shaw. Emma used her mental powers to make Namor believe she had killed Shaw and the fact that he still lives will make Namor an enemy of the X-Men. She has enlisted Fantomex to help her kidnap Shaw from the prison under Utopia and plans on eliminating him. However, Kitty Pryde is in solid disagreement with these tactics and is along for the ride to make sure nothing of the sort happens.  
All in all, the story arc so far has been rock solid and I am enjoying it. 
Edit: Thanks to the lovely Xerox Kitty's keen eye, she also pointed out that Kieron Gillen is now co-writing this with Fraction. Perhaps, thats why I've enjoyed it. 

What Should Be Next For Matt Murdock?(Spoilers for SL#5 & DD#512)

Shadowland is over. This five issue series received mixed reviews and has finally ended. At the end of Daredevil #512 we see Matt getting off a bus somewhere in what appears to be small town America. What should his new direction be? Crimefighter? Small town lawyer? A combination of both? I keep flashing back to that Michael J. Fox movie where he wrecks the judge's fence and has to work at the small town hospital and ends up falling in love with the classic girl next door. 
Daredevil fans you have spoken out and aren't satisfied with the results of Shadowland. What should happen now for the Man Without Fear? What direction do you want to see his character take?  
Let's hear it here.  

Huntress vs Shiva-My Take!

 Wow, this fight is getting a TON of hate. I'm going to offer my view of the fight. It's based on an unbiased perspective having never read a comic involving Shiva. 
During dinner Huntress clearly doesn't want to participate in this in any way. Dinah realizes she also has zero chance and wants her teammates Zinda & Helena to tell Babs & Ollie that she loves them. Dinah asks Huntress to be her second and issue the challenge to Shiva. Zinda says, "That's Shiva Woosan, just say no, don't do this. Are you insane?"  
Black Canary remarks in a dialogue box that Shiva is without question the best martial artist on the planet.  
 Huntress tosses water in Shiva's face and calls her a stuck up bitch. Zinda & Dinah again remark that she's lost it. Shiva calls her stupid and Huntress cuts her off stating she isn't scared and that she is challenging Shiva tonight. White Canary says it is acceptable.  

The Fight!

Huntress asks if there are any rules and Shiva says no. Huntress says, "So, it's street fighting". She thinks she may have a chance. 
Huntress goes for a right, Shiva easily dodges. Huntress goes for a left and again Shiva easily dodges. Huntress' inner thoughts indicate she is extremely worried.  
Shiva blocks a knee strike attempt and again makes it look easy. She hits Huntress with an open hand strike and easily breaks her nose. Huntress leaps at her and Shiva easily grabs her arms & slams her into the ground. 
Huntress remarks to herself "Oh God" indicating she realizes she is completely screwed. Shiva lets Huntress get to her feet and nails her with a left front kick to her face. Huntress remarks again she can't breathe due to the blood.  
She then tells Shiva that she "hits like a girl". Shiva hits her with a left elbow strike and White Canary asks how she's still standing. (Indicating to me she's clearly just trying to survive and give the team time to find the child they're looking for)  
Shiva then hits her with a right/left combo and Huntress can barely stand. She even remarks to herself that she's surprised.  
Huntress again taunts Shiva, asking her how she liked her drink earlier. Shiva answers with a devastating right cross. 

To this point Huntress has not landed a shot!

In the meantime Dinah & Terry have located Sin.  

Back to the fight!

Huntress is spitting up a ton of blood. She tosses some of it into Shiva's eyes. Huntress finally lands her first punch of the match and manages to trip Shiva. She then uses a double punch to knock Shiva off her feet. Shiva easily recovers and is back to her feet in no time.  
White Canary is shocked. Dinah then intervenes and says the fight is over because Sin is safe. Thereby stopping the fight.  Dinah says the fight is over and Shiva says the fight is to the death. Dinah says, "But you didn't specify when". Dinah says they're done and says if White Canary has a problem she can fight Shiva and Dinah. White Canary doesn't answer and says her death will come.  
Shiva asks to help Huntress to her feet because Lady Blackhawk is helping her stand.

In My Opinion

Shiva was clearly being manipulated here by the White Canary due to Sin being held prisoner. Maybe, she had some knowledge of Dinah's plan or even a hunch that Dinah (who wasn't present at the beginning of the fight) had a chance to free Sin. Clearly she could have killed Huntress at anytime (she never really gets too aggressive so maybe she was killing time for Dinah). If this fight had been judged on points Shiva wins by a landslide. 
Just my take.     

Sometimes Marvel Comics Makes Me Sick!

I've been reading comics for a long time. I've seen cover prices go up dramatically over the years. I realize with inflation and other costs that companies can't help but raise prices to make up for it. But of all these major companies I think Marvel is the absolute worse when it comes to pricing. For example, the new issue of Thunderbolts is going to have a shelf price of $4.99. Really? I've been loving this arc but what is in this issue that makes it worth $4.99?  
Here's the official preview from Marvel: 
  The Story: Iron Man, Thor and the original Captain America guest-star in this 96-page 150th blow-out issue! First, in the 40-page lead story, The Thunderbolts reach their milestone as loudly as possible, when the golden figures of the Marvel Universe come to their gray world--none other than the Armored Avenger, the God of Thunder and the Super-Soldier! Thor has come to hold court with one of his people held in the women's wing of The Raft, and when his fellow Avengers join him, things go to a realm no one expected! Iron Man comes face-to-face with Ghost, the man who almost killed him, and Steve Rogers confronts the man who did kill him, Crossbones! Plus: character bios, key reprints and more surprises in the book that has IGN.com exclaiming: “Parker and Walker are injecting a bit of fun and excitement into the title…This is the most consistently enjoyable title with the Heroic Age banner and anyone looking for a great team book would do well to give Thunderbolts a read.” 96 PGS./New & Reprint Material/Bonus Material/Rated T …$4.99  
New & reprint material, bios and more suprises? Am I going to read something in the bio section that shocks me? The same bios I can get for free at this fine website and its probably better written bios? This is the kind of crap that makes me want to drop every Marvel title I'm currently reading. Don't get me wrong, I'm 34 years old, on my own and can afford to pay $4.99 for a comic. But do I really want to? Make Mine Marvel used to be a slogan I lived by. Now I'm thinking "Make Mine Something Else" sounds quite a bit better.


Jake Fury Random Reviews #1-Strykeforce Vol.2 2004

A little background to begin with, Strykeforce is a team in the Image universe that has had a few incarnations. Strykeforce Volume 2 is a five issue limited series that was released in 2004. The team roster for this volume consists of Stryker, Sly, Killawatt, Anvil, Lift & Tia Katana.  
The Cast: 
This book almost has an A-Team type feel. The team leader is Stryker who's a non-nonsense, take no crap, the mission means everything type of guy. He's also a cyborg with 3 arms on the right side of his body. The rest of the team consists of Sly a beautiful young girl who can turn invisible except for the fact she can't turn her clothes invisible. This leads to a few compromising situations for her much to the delight of her teammate Anvil. Anvil is the only team member that is mutated beyond human. He resembles an actual anvil with blue skin, heightened durability and strenght to match. His Hulk impression in a few of the issues is hilarious. Killawatt is a man with a secret and plays a key role here. Tia is another beautiful female who actually uses her sword tattoo as a weapon that can cut through nearly anything. Finally we have Lift who is a telekinetic and the equivalent of A-Team's Face. He's the team con man and his TK is only limited by what he can see. 
The Good: 
This is a fun five issue series with a simple story. Like a typical A-Team mission, Strykeforce is trying to track down a woman's son for her and learn quite a bit about this unique young man along the way. Their mission takes them from the jungles of Peru, to Califronia, Idaho and a few places in between. There's also quite a twist with a certain team member and their squabbles with the US government don't make anything simple. The writer mixes in some witty dialogue to go with a lot of action. 
The Bad: 
I couldn't find any followups to this series which is disappointing. 
The Bottom Line: 
Just a fun simple book and the only bad is that it leaves you hanging.  

I'm Coming Out Of The Closet!

The comics closet that is.  
This is going to be one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. But I need to admit something to the CV world that I've been holding in for a long time. I liked Judd Winnick's work on Green Arrow and damnit I even liked Dark Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis!


Would you date a telepath?

You're at work or college or high school and you've had your eye on this particular someone for a long time. Their looks, personality and everything about them just float your boat in an unbelievable way. You hear through the rumor mill that this particular perfect person has told someone that they've had their eye on you. So you're walking home from school or walking across campus or just having an after work drink with a friend and you declare your intentions to your BFF that you plan on asking this person out. They get a weird look on their face and mutter those awful words..."You know about (insert name of god or goddess here),right?" Of course you say no and then your friend spills the beans. Your friend says, "(God or goddess in your eyes) is a telepath".  
What do you do? Do you still go for it? Are you afraid he or she is going to mind fry you if you look at someone else or think they're having a bad hair day? 
Decisions, decisions.......

Wait, What? Dazzler vs Enchantress In A Singing Contest?

I get to work this morning and I'm randomly surfing around Comicvine. I notice a random thread involving the Enchantress so I decide to click on her page. A picture of her backhanding Dazzler catches my eye so I read a little further.  
According to her CV page it says that she had a couple of signing contests with Dazzler at some point in history. To make a long story short, the Enchantress traveled to EArth to steal some mystical energy. The source of the energy happened to be in a disco where Dazzler was singing. They engaged in a singing contest and Dazzler wins. This enraged Amora but several of Earth's superhumans happened to be in attendance and came to Dazzler's aid. They later met again when Dazzler spots her in an airport. Amora teleports her to Asgard and challenges her to a duel. At first Amora doesn't take it seriously and then begins to absorb Dazzler's life force after Allison gained the upper hand. Odin soon arrives and demands to know whats going on. Amora claims Dazzler disrespected her so Odin orders another singing contest.Amora goes first and mesmerizes every man in the room. (similar to the abilities of Venus) But then Dazzler takes her turn and Odin admits she has a better voice. He then teleports her back to Earth. 
I mean was Odin sitting at a table like Simon Cowell?  
Does anyone have scans of this? It sounds freaking classic!