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Hello friends. It's been quite a while since I've submitted a blog around these parts. I've always been a sucker for the villains in comics. When done well and given the proper motivations they can be every bit as interesting as the heroes they oppose.

One particular group has piqued my interest of late. The DC unit known as the League of Assassins have been a staple of DC Comics for quite some time. Recently debuting in the new 52, they have some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Consisting of Bronze Tiger, Cheshire, Lady Shiva, December Greystone and Rictus they are currently opposing Red Hood & The Outlaws as they attempt to sway Jason Todd to join their ranks.

When this arc is done I don't know what DC has planned for these characters. Will they fade into obscurity and be brought back later or show up sooner to oppose another team of DC heroes?

My question is simple. Over the years we've seen DC give miniseries and even ongoing titles to characters they consider villains. Deathstroke has had his own series and even his own Titans title. Black Adam, Lex Luthor and others have starred in their own miniseries..

Would you buy a League of Assassins comic? What sort of direction would you give them? Who would you want as a creative team? I personally would buy a book with the current group. They have a pretty diverse powerset and could make things miserable for individuals and teams in the new 52.

Thanks for reading.

~Jake Fury


Batman DCNU Timeline

Bat Timeline DCNU

Batman The Dark Knight #0

This issue details Bruce right after his parents death and roughly up to the point that he leaves Gotham. It focuses on Bruce tracking down Joe Chill up to his early college years.

10 Years Ago

Detective Comics #0

The opening of the issue states this book begins 10 years ago. Bruce's training in the Himalayas is featured here and it also mentions his training and travels to other locations.

The back up story begins seven years ago. It's in this story that we see Bruce's return to Gotham and he is reunited with Alfred.

6 Years Ago

Batman #0

This story begins 6 years ago. Bruce is in the early stages of his crime fighting career and has not donned the cowl yet. His main feud here is with the Red Hood gang and his early outings don't end well. In the issue James Gordon states that Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham 3 months ago. Therefore, he's been training and stockpiling his weapons cache here for nearly a year (9 months of it under the general public's radar). It should also be noted he is NOT operating out of the Batcave here, instead operating out of a Brownstone near Crime Alley.

The back up story takes place 5 years ago. It focuses on Dick, Jason, Tim and Barbara. It sheds more light on Dick Grayson's timeline in becoming Robin. In this back up, he mentions he is performing for Bruce Wayne the following weekend which is when his parents are killed. Also, Tim Drake states he is in middle school

making him roughly 12-14 years old assuming he is between the 6th and 8th school grades. Therefore Bruce becomes Batman between 5 and 6 years ago.

5 Years Ago

Justice League #1

Of course, this is the first encounter between Batman and Green Lantern. He later allies himself with GL, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman against Darkseid.

Nightwing #0

Five years ago we see Dick Grayson's origin and ascension to becoming the first Robin. His origin is retold here and in his first outing he assists Bruce against Lady Shiva.

4 Years Ago

Batgirl #0

Four years ago, we see Barbara's evolution into Batgirl. During an altercation at the GCPD she dons a makeshift Bat suit and helps apprehend a criminal. She begins her career as Batgirl afterwards and operates under the identity for one year before giving it up to focus on her college studies. It is at this point in time she is shot by the Joker.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #0

The retelling of Jason Todd's story. This obviously takes place after Nightwing's #0 issue.

Teen Titans #0

Tim Drake's origin, it deviates a good deal from his original story. Bruce and Alfred refer to Jason's death as being very recent in this one. An exact time table isn't listed.

18 Months Ago

Batman & Robin #0:

Bruce and Damian meet for the first time. From this date we know that Damian has been Robin for less than 18 months.


DCnU Character Introduction Ideas

This one is pretty simple. Take a DC character who hasn't been seen in the DCnU as of today and give them a short, simple introduction. Tell us what book they would be in, a short origin and anything else you'd use to establish the character.


Barnes & Noble-Crooks For Hire?

Friday night I'm picking up dinner for my girlfriend and I. I'm waiting on the takeout order to get ready so I decide to browse around B&N; for a few minutes. Instinctively, I head for the comic section and I'm checking out the newstand singles. I pick up a couple of Spider-Island tie ins, Heroes For Hire & Black Panther. They seem pretty interesting but then I see the price tag for each of them. They were both marked at $3.99 and I had no intention of paying that for a couple of tie-in books. Yesterday, I'm at an actual comic shop and I walk past the same issues again. For some reason I decide to check out the price tag and they're both priced at $2.99. What is up with that? I don't ever buy singles at the big box bookstores but is this a common practice? The covers were exactly the same except for the price tag. Can anyone shed some light on the subject?


I Was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Tim Drake, I laughed at your new costume when I first saw it. I thought it was completely ridiculous and one of the most laughable things I had seen. Seriously, wings? I got an extra chuckle from that. But, I am writing you today to apologize. I...well.....I like your new costume. It's pretty bad ass and all of your new tech makes it a helluva lot of fun. Your Friend, Jake


What's Your Favorite Re-Design of the DCnU Reboot so far?

The first 52 issues have all been released as of today. We've seen some major changes and some subtle ones. Out of all the redesigns so far, what's your favorite? It can be costume changes, personality changes or a mix of the two. My favorite so far is Superboy. 
I love his new costume and I love the fact that he's going to slowly develop his personailty and heroic attributes. He is a clone after all, so it makes sense for these things to take time. He shouldn't pop right out of the proverbial test tube with everything established.  

Is the DCnU Wonder Woman looking a little more Greek?

She looks a little less American to me in her first issue. Diana has always been pictured as more of an Americanized woman version in my opinion. I like the new design with slightly darker skin and features that remind me more of a Greek/Mediterranean woman. It might just be me though. 


WW #1 Preview Image
WW #1 Preview Image



My Thoughts/Review in a Nutshell for the new DCnU Titles

I'm not going to read all of them but I thought I'd offer my thoughts on the titles I have read. I'm not a DC historian or expert by any means but I've read my fair share of books over the years and have an acceptable knowledge of Bats, Superman & the JLA. Without further ado, on to the comics!
-Justice League:  
For an opening issue this was fine. It's hard to judge the comic so far because the entire cast isn't even in place yet. The entire concept behind this being their "very first meeting" wasn't easy for me to take in. I wanted to just scream to the world, "DAMNIT, YOU ALL KNOW EACH OTHER!" But in all seriousness this was pretty decent for the opener.  
-Action Comics:
Is this Superboy? Superman? Superteenager? I wasn't too sure after reading this. It almost felt like something from the Spiderman movies with the teenager on his own in the big city with the landlord figure,etc. Maybe it'll get better but this one just didn't do it for me.  
-Green Arrow: 
Green Arrow has apparently been rebooted to the Smallville version of the character. He's much younger and some of the cast felt like certain characters from the Smallville universe. The generic villains seemed pretty weak too and none of hem stood out. Not really much left to say about this one without spoiling it. 
I've never read a comic involving anyone here except for Martian Manhunter. The concept seems pretty cool if a bit far fetched. Also, it references some events that happen in Superman #1 but that issue isn't out for another 3 weeks. It's a pet peeve of mine when companies release books that way. All in all, this wasn't bad or really that good. It was pretty interesting and I'll check out the rest of the arc. 
Detective Comics #1: 
This was my issue of the week. I really enjoyed all of the aspects about the book. The art is really good, Joker is crazy and Batman is frustrated due to the Joker's unpredictability. We also see another villain who's possibly even a sicker twisted freak than the Joker and a fight between Bats & Joker. No complaints here. 

Comicvine, You're My Only Hope.....

Alright, so I finally got around to reading Rise & Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire. I realize I'm about 5 years behind everyone else which is normal for me. Anyway, I need some help to make sure I'm covered on my reading for Havok/Vulcan, the Starjammers, Imperial Guard, etc. I've done some research and if there's anything I'm missing feel free to drop me a line here. 
Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar Empire 
Emperor Vulcan 
X-Men Kingbreaker 
War of Kings 
Realm of Kings
Anything I'm missing? Major stories that I need to fill in my reading?