Top 5 Most Powerful Hunter X Hunter Characters (Anime Only)

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I will not be counting featless characters such as Ging Freecs and remember, this is Anime Only.

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  • I am of the belief that Meruem is the strongest character in all of Hunter X Hunter. He basically mid diffed one of the strongest Nen Users in the verse in Netero and has never been defeated by anyone in the series (except by the Rose Bomb). And that's just Pre Rose Meruem. Post Rose Meruem is a monster in terms of raw power, and I don't think anyone in the Hunter X Hunter anime can compare to him

  • Now many maybe surprised to see Gon as second on this list, but I am going off of Gon's adult transformation. In his Adult Gon form, he is comparable to the strength of Pre Rose Meruem, who is the strongest person in the verse. That's an insane amount of power.

  • Isaac Netero is third on this list for simply holding his own against Meruem. Not only is he one of the fastest people in the verse for taking on Meruem, but he is also stated to be one of the most powerful (human) Nen users in the verse. And considering there are people like Ging and Chrollo, it is no wonder that I have Netero this high.

  • I know many may be mad at me for putting Chrollo so low on this list, but Chrollo hasn't been that impressive in my opinion. In addition, some of the Phantom Troupe members were struggling against lesser Chimera Ants, and Chrollo shouldn't be way way more powerful than them, so at best, I put Chrollo at Royal Guard level, note quite Chimera Ant King level. But don't get me wrong, Chrollo is still a force to be reckoned with.

  • Neferpitou makes my number 5 for being, in my opinion the strongest Royal Guard. He/She tanked hits from Meruem and Netero, casually blitzed Kite, and has very very strong Nen. The only reason I put him/her below Chrollo is because of Chrollo's Hatsu ability, but I do believe that Pitou is above all of the other Phantom Troupe members.