Qwan Respect Thread


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A young boy who is able to consume demons. Harbouring amazing strength and the ability to take a stick to the face, Qwan is on a quest to eat as many demons as he can, though even he doesn't know why. Qwan doesn't eat human food and gets frustrated when he gets offered to eat them. After learning of the 'Essential Arts of Peace,' Qwan begins the task of sneaking into the royal palaces of China in order to consume the sutra and discover who he really is and what he's on Earth for.


Qwan's goto ability in combat is his energy manipulation, with his main application of this power being energy projection. It was established that a portion of his full power could destroy Earth, which speaks for itself in terms of impressiveness.

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In addition to this, Qwan can mold his energy into various weapons such as swords and scythes that allow him to cleave through demons like they are butter.

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While short, the main take away you should get from this section is how versatile Qwan is with his energy projection. He can unleash powerful, planet level + blasts or he can cut enemies in half with a concentrated, energy construct.


While Qwan lacks impressive combat speed feats, he definetely has impressive reactionary feats to compensate.

During Qwan's fight with Chaos, it was heavily implied that Chaos can project blasts of light.

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And yet, despite this, Qwan was able to evade them without much trouble.

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This easily puts Qwan at FTL in terms of reaction speed.


Lastly we have durability, a category I was surprised to see that Qwan excelled in. Initially, I thought Qwan was a glass canon, but with just a little bit of scaling, Qwan is quite durable.

Qwan's most notable durability feat was when he tanked an energy attack from an enemy more powerful than Qwan (as indicated by the dialogue in the second scan). Scaling this monster off of Qwan's planet level + blasts, and Qwan should be significantly over planet level in terms of durability.

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Needless to say, Qwan is an all around powerhouse, excelling in both DC, speed, and durability.


Characters and Verses I am Looking to use in CaVS/Tourneys in the Near Future

Recently, I've been on a grind to broaden my horizons as a debater and represent new characters from underrated verses. So today, I am going to record the characters I am looking to represent in the near future not only to inform those who are interested, but also for myself as a motivator to see these series through until the very end. With that said, let's get started:



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This is an anime I have been watching for awhile and just recently switched to reading the manga so I can finish it even faster because oh boy, I really want to represent Yusuke and Hiei against Naruto and Sasuke. The characters have such diverse powersets that would lend themselves greatly to a CaV. As I touched on, I am most interested in representing Yusuke and Hiei due to their abundance of feats and my overall investment in their characters. However, Toguro is another character that I would love to represent, perhaps against Rob Lucci.


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This was probably my first ever anime, which brings me a certain sense of nostalgia revisiting the manga. Despite being aimed towards kids, Astro Boy deals with some pretty heavy themes which makes it worth the read even in my teenage years. But aside from the storytelling, Astro Boy contains some pretty solid Mid Tiers. However, I will most likely only represent Astro Boy himself due to all of the other characters lacking feats and requiring heavy scaling off of Astro Boy.


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Another nostalgic anime for me is Bakugan. And sure, it isn't the most complex series out there, it holds up surprisingly well. And god damn, for a kids show, the characters in the Bakugan series are pretty damn powerful, exemplifying universal feats by the end of the first season! Realistically, I would only represent Composite Dragonoid or a Composite Core User (Dragnoid, Naga, and Wavern) due to the other characters requiring absurd amounts of scaling off of the aforementioned characters.


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Out of all of the aforementioned series, reading the Hunter X Hunter manga will be... quite the chore to say the least given the atrocious artwork. I have finished the Hunter X Hunter anime (a fantastic piece of art that I heavily recommend to anyone,), but I really want to represent more Hunter X Hunter characters such as Kurapika, Hisoka, and Chrollo, characters I can't represent without knowing the context behind their feats in the manga, so I am going to have to read the manga. Only time will tell if it is actually worth the read.



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This is a character I honestly didn't expect to pop up on my list, but in the interest of broadening my horizons, representing characters from western comics seems like the way to go. Now I probably won't read any Marvel or DC comics due to the butt load of appearances they have and the sheer amount of comics I'd have to read, but I think reading an independent comic character is a great place to start. And I've always been fascinated with Supreme and how he reinvents the archetypal superhero. In addition, he is quite the high tier powerhouse, a tier of character I can't currently represent as of now.


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Currently I don't necessarily have an abundance of high street characters, and I am hoping that Max Steel can fill that void. Now this will be my second time watching Max Steel as I watched it before I got into versus battle debating and thus, I need to rewatch the series and look for feats. In terms of quality, it seems like your typical cancelled Disney XD show, but I will give it a chance in that regard.


"Black Arm" Zephyr Respect Thread

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A former marine admiral, Zephyr was a devoted soldier of the marines back in his earlier years. He lived a dangerous, yet fulfilling life as an admiral, balancing his missions with his family life, living with his loving wife and his playful son. All was well for Zephyr until his family was slaughtered by a vengeful pirate. However, contrary to what one might expect, this event only served as extra motivation for Zephyr to serve the marines and hunt down the pirates of the New World. As he would grow older, Zephyr's role in the marines would transition from soldier to trainer, training the next generation of Marines. However, one fateful day, Zephyr's entire division of recruits, say for two people, would be massacred by a Devil Fruit wielding pirate. Zephyr even lost his arm during that event, leading to it being replaced by a mechanical arm made of Kairoseki. Despite his misfortune, Zephyr's devotion to the marines was unwavering, that is until the same pirate who killed his division would be recruited to join the Shichibukai. After finding this out, Zephyr lost faith in the marines and resigned, opting to form his terrorist organization called the Neo-Marines.


Throughout the movie of Film Z, Zephyr is portrayed as a physical powerhouse, as can be seen in this section.

To start things off, there is Zephyr's first encounter with the marines. Here he exemplified a respectable amount of strength, swatting away marine soldiers like flies, destroying the ground in the process. He was then able to block and overpower a strike from a Giant before one shotting him with an attack from his mechanical arm. While this feat mat seem disposable compared to what other characters in the One Piece verse are capable of, it should be able to give you a baseline for what Zephyr is capable of.

Later on in the movie, Zephyr is confronted by Kizaru, a marine admiral. This alone should tell you just how powerful Zephyr is considering the fact that an admiral was required to help the marines take down Zephyr. However, let's examine the fight further. So it starts off with Zephyr reacting to and deflecting a light based attack from Kizaru with relative ease. Kizaru then teleports into the air and projects another beam of light of which Zephyr is once again able to deflect. Now for obvious reasons, this put Zephyr's reaction speed in the FTL tier, but this doubles as a durability feat seeing as how his mechanical arm was dense enough to deflect an attack from Kizaru. He even no sold the following explosion.

As the fight progresses, Kizaru engages Zephyr in close quarters combat. The thing that stands out the most here is that Zephyr was able to keep up with Kizaru, who can attack at the speed of light. This puts Zephyr at the speed of light in terms of combat speed. Then, as Kizaru opens the distance between them, Zephyr reacts to another light based attack from Kizaru.

Now, after this fight sequence, Zephyr is pitted against the Monster Trio. He starts the fight off by attacking Luffy, sending him flying through a wooden door, dealing significant damage to him. He then goes onto block a kick from Sanji and a sword slash from Zoro with his mechanical arm before blocking a barrage of strikes from Luffy with his human arm. Zephyr returns the favor with a kick to Luffy's chest that creates a shockwave, staggering him. Following this, Zephyr overpowers a kick from Sanji, backhanding him away with his human arm. Zoro attempts to strike Zephyr, only for his attacks to be blocked by Zephyr's mechanical arm on two separate occasions before overpowering him with a single arm motion. As Luffy prepares to blitz Zephyr, he reacts to it with a punch to the face, staggering him. With a punch, Zephyr was then able to cancel out a slash from Zoro with relative ease. After the rest of the Straw Hats are seen fighting against Zephyr's subordinates, the movie cuts back to Zephyr blocking an attack from Luffy with his mechanical arm and following up with another punch to the face before tanking a slash from Zoro to the chest and blocking another slash with his mechanical arm. Zephyr then goes onto heavily stagger Sanji with a punch from his human arm. The fight ultimately concludes with Zephyr punching Luffy in the face, creating an explosion that sends Zoro and Sanji flying.

Towards the climax of the movie, Luffy gets a rematch with Zephyr. Zephyr starts the fight off high caliber bullets with his mechanical arm. He then blocks an attack from a Gear Second Luffy with his human arm, albeit Armament Haki enhanced, creating a shockwave. Zephyr goes onto overpower Luffy before firing off more bullets from his mechanical arm, aggressively opening the distance between him and Luffy. Finally, Zephyr fires off an energy blast, further opening the distance and creating large explosions.

As the fight continues, Luffy attempts to blitz Zephyr, but it is ultimately blocked by Zephyr's human arm, without it being Armament Haki enhanced. He then goes onto block several attacks from Gear Second Luffy with his human body parts before causing Luffy to retreat. As Luffy charges towards him, Zephyr creates a large explosion that is so potent that, even though Luffy was a good distance away from the explosion, he was still sent out of Gear Second. This doubles as a durability feat because Zephyr was able to no sell the explosion.

The last rematch Luffy would have with Zephyr is a battle of Armament Haki. He was able to cancel out an attack from Luffy with his Armament Haki before heavily staggering him with a punch to the face and to the gut. He then blitzes Luffy, bombarding him with punches. Luffy then retaliates with a punch to the gut before receiving a strike to the gut from Zephyr that sends him reeling. After this, Zephyr clashes with Luffy before tanking another attack from Luffy. There is then a montage of Zephyr and Luffy trading blows, both of them tanking hits to the face. Following this montage, we see just how much damage Zephyr inflicted upon Luffy as fatigue starts to set in for the Straw Hat captain. And while Zephyr is drained, this can be chalkd up to old age, as established towards the end of the clip. Zephyr then starts to blitz Luffy, hitting him with blow after blow before tanking a kick to the face. Luffy charges towards Zephyr only to be met with a punch to the face. Luffy retaliates with a punch to Zephyr's face before receiving several punches to the chest. Now, at this point, both Luffy and Zephyr are nowhere near fighting condition, but as said before and as said in the video, this is because of Zephyr's old age, and yet despite this, Zephyr was practically able to outlast Luffy, which is impressive given Luffy's insane stamina. In fact, he even goes onto fight against an entire army of Marines while severely injured.


Luffy's True Speed in Skypeia

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This blog is in response to a recent debate I had with @hey_thatsmildlyadequate over Skypeia Luffy's speed. After the debate, I decided to take time to reflect, and reread some Skypeia chapters to gauge Luffy's true speed. And, after doing that, I believe I have found the answer.

Before I get into this, I want to debunk a common misconception that has plagued the One Piece community. Many people like to bring up Enel moving FTE to Luffy when he transformed into his lightning form. They say that it is because of Enel's superior speed that Enel was able to move FTE to Luffy. However, it was established by Luffy that Enel's Mantra allowed him to evade Luffy's attack, not superior speed. Enel simply sued his precognition to time his transformation into lightning just right. It was even established by Enel himself that this was the case.

And that's assuming Enel is actually moving at the speed of lightning in travel speed and not teleporting. I say this because in the 5th panel, we see that in the time it takes Luffy to retract his leg, that's the same amount of time it took Enel to travel. It takes a few seconds for Luffy to retract his extended body parts, so if Enel really moved at the speed of lightning in travel speed, it wouldn;t have taken him so long to cover such a small distance. The only rational explanation for this is that Enel can teleport.

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Another argument people like to use is that Luffy was being tagged by Enel's lightning, which while true, the statement forgets one crucial fact: Luffy was able to react to Enel's lightning. In the second panel of the second page, we see Luffy covering his eyes AFTER Enel fired a lightning bolt at him. This is further proven by the light that Oda drew in the second panel, indicating that the lightning bolt was close. So while Luffy was unable to dodge the attack, this isn't necessarily a bad showing for Luffy.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Now for actual lightning timing feats for Luffy. A prime exemplification of Luffy's lightning timing feats is when he effortlessly kicked away a lightning bolt from Enel. People may argue that Oda didn't place a lot of emphasis on the panel, but that's a stupid argument in my opinion cause it is a feat nonetheless. And no, it isn't an outlier feat considering the distance away from Luffy and the cloud of which the lightning bolt came from, so given that, deflecting a bolt of lightning shouldn't be out of Luffy's pay grade.

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And there you have it. Luffy is a lightning timer in Skypeia. It doesn't simpler than that. Hope this was a good read and if you disagree with me, let's debate about it in the comments :)

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Every Character/Verse I Can Use Un a CaV/Tourney

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Since I was unsatisfied with being limited to the characters ComicVine has in its database, I figured I would make a blog post of every character/verse I can use in a CaV or tourney cause why not, am I right?



Just as a foreword, I can represent ANY One Piece character. Below are just the characters I most enjoy representing

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  1. Monkey D. Luffy
  2. Charlotte Katakuri
  3. Aokiji
  4. Magellan
  5. Enel
  6. Whitebeard
  7. Fujitora


This is only referring to Part 1 Naruto as I dropped it by the beginning of Shippuden, so obviously I can't really represent anyone from Part 2.

Below are the ONLY Naruto characters I will ever debate for.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
  1. Rock Lee
  2. Sasuke Uchiha
  3. Gaara


Now that we have gotten through the HST, or rather the Holy Shounen Duo, let's go to my favorite non HST series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

There are a lot of characters I can represent from this verse as I really do love the series. Note that I am just starting Part 4 so after I finish Part 4 and progress through the series, this list is subject to change.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
  1. Jonathan Joestar
  2. Part 1 Dio Brando
  3. Part 2 Joseph Joestar
  4. Caesar Zepelli
  5. Kars/Ultimate Kars
  6. Jotaro Kujo
  7. Part 3 Dio Brando


My second favorite non HST manga of all time is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but since it is hard to scale and find feats for most of the characters, there are very few characters from this series I can actually represent

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
  1. Tsuna
  2. Enma
  3. Mukuro


Kill La Kill is up there for me in terms of favorite anime and has some of the best character designs of any anime. So representing their characters is a real treat.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
  1. Ryuko Matoi
  2. Satsuki Kiryuin


My favorite anime of all time, Hunter X Hunter is a masterpiece and possess one of my favorite villains of all time in Meruem. So of course Hunter X Hunter had to make my list of people I can use in CaVs and tourneys.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
  1. Gon Freecs (or Adult Gon)
  2. Killua Zoldyck
  3. Hisoka
  4. Uvogin
  5. Neferpitou
  6. Meruem
  7. Isaac Netero


Moving on from anime we have the live action superhero universe, the MCU. I will include both Movie and TV characters I can represent.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
  1. Black Panther
  2. Iron Man
  3. Ultron
  4. Ant Man
  5. Daredevil
  6. Luke Cage
  7. Vulture


Now we have the counterpart to the MCU, the DCEU.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
  1. Superman
  2. General Zod
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Ares


The best superhero show of all time, Young Justice is definitely up there in terms of characters I enjoy debating for.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
  1. Aqualad
  2. Blue Beetle
  3. Zatanna
  4. Miss Martian
  5. Superboy


With all of that said, here are other characters I can represent to close off this list.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
  1. Belcross
  2. Rick Sanchez
  3. DCAU Doctor Fate
  4. Superior Iron Man
  5. Hancock

Well that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed the list...

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