New Amalgam Universe by Red-Rum-18: Justice Avengers/Enemies/Secret Society of Evil 1

You are all probably wondering how the New Amalgam Universe came to be, eh? Well, gather ye 'round and I'll spin you the yarn of:

"The Origins"

The Anti-Monitor, sore from his defeat at the hands of his multiverse's heroes in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths", decided to enlist the help of a super-being from another multiverse. For eons, the immortal eraser of worlds scoured every era of time in every universe he can reach for the one he can call his equal, with the same goal at heart: Destruction for Destruction's Sake. And at last, the Anti-Monitor joined forces with his true counterpart: Aron the Rogue Watcher. Aron had long suffered the responsibility of watching the lesser beings of his universe slaughter each other without interfering, so he decided to take matters into his own hands, trying repeatedly to destroy and rebuild his universe in his own image, without pain and suffering.

With their combined powers, Aron and the Anti-Monitor slowly but surely merged their universes together, the most similar characters from each interacting with each other and the most similar events transpiring at the same time.

The most significant event to bring the heroes and villains of each universe together is the arrival of both Galactus and Imperiex to the same Earth. Galactus, from Aron's universe, wished to consume Earth for sustenance and to rebirth the universe, while Imperiex, epitome of entropy and decay, wanted to destroy Earth to reignite the Big Bang.

Galactus and his heralds (Terrax, Firelord, and Morg) squared off against Imperiex and his I-Probes over the whole of New York City, which was cosmically merging with Metropolis from the other universe.

While the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Teen Titans, and Green Lantern Corps tried to stop the war, which was slowly tearing both universes apart, the most brilliant minds from both Earths gathered in the Sanctum of Fate (Sanctum Sanctorum + Tower of Fate), a fused-together magical fortress now maintained by the Sorcerers Supreme of both universes, Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate. The council came to the conclusion that the is only one being capable of matching the power of Galactus and Imperiex: Onslaught!

Professor Xavier and his archenemy Magneto both agreed to the magical process, conducted by Strange and Fate, to reconstruct Onslaught from Xavier's and Magneto's psyches.

The reborn Onslaught was supposed to be magically programmed to serve Strange and Fate, but something went amiss: As Onslaught was slowly remoleded, Iron Man's armor involuntarily launched a missile at its form, and Brainiac, a 12th level intelligent AI from Anti-Monitor's world, exited the missile and took over Onslaught's mind. "Brainislaught" attacked Galactus and Imperiex, so he can reclaim the Earth, absorb its data, and destroy it.

As the war between Galactus, Imperiex, and Brainisalught raged on, they used their powers to compel their Earths' villains, from Lex Luthor and the Red Skull to Darkseid and Thanos, to attack the heroes trying to interfere.

In the end, the battles took their toll and the two universes imploded, destroying everything; not even Aron and the Anti-Monitor were safe from their own meddling.

The only two beings left were the Gods known as the One-Above-All and the Presence, both of whom were only at half-strength. They both decided to merge their powers and forms together in order to restore existence. They amalgamated and became "The Presence-Above-All."

The Presence-Above-All's first creation was "Dr. Strangefate" (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate), the only being in the universe who knows the truth behind its existence.

And well... you know the rest.

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  • The Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League):

    Vk’tr J’Onzz, a techno-organic alien, had been living on Earth in a human disguise for some time after the destruction of his home on the planet Mars. Sensing a psychic disturbance, Vk’tr traveled to the town of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island to encounter the human population infected with green, starfish-like creatures. The monsters controlling the civilians attacked Vk’tr, who tried to use his own telepathic powers to break the parasites’ control over the humans; using his powers on such a large population put strain on his mind, so Vk’tr was forced to retreat.

    After regaining his composure, Vk’tr figured he could release the creatures’ control by destroying the parasite queen, which is the center of the monsters’ hive mind. Knowing that he couldn’t do it alone, he decided to recruit other superhuman beings to aid him in this battle. Meanwhile, the heroes Iron Bat, Thunder Woman, and Silverflash had teamed up to fight the Green Giant, a superpowered fugitive with amazing strength and energy-manipulation powers. Vk’tr J’Onzz, in the heroic form of the Martian Vision, intervened in this battle, and used his telepathy to reveal that the Green Giant is really Cerki (Loki + Circe), an evil sorceress and Thunder Woman’s stepsister. Cerki revealed that she had summoned the demon Starro-Gorath (Shuma-Gorath + Starro) to infect the world with its parasitic clones, and that she kidnapped Green Giant in his mortal form to keep his power in check. She also disguised herself as the beast to keep the other heroes capable of beating Starro-Gorath busy, but she hadn’t anticipated another hero, let alone one capable of seeing through her charade. “It matters not, now, for Starro-Gorath has already taken control of Earth’s other champions, courtesy of dimensional rifts I opened for him, leading his spores to the furthest corners of the world”, said the witch before teleporting away.

    Iron Bat, Thunder Woman, Martian Vision, and Silverflash unanimously decided to team up to defeat this threat and break the demon’s control over the Earth’s population.

    In the underground chamber that contained Starro-Gorath and the warp gates it used to spread its pox, Cerki tried in vain to place the Green Giant under the demon’s control, her magics straining to keep the monster contained. The witch was too late to realize that Iron Bat place a tracking device on her before she vanished from the battlefield. Iron Bat and Martian Vision attacked the underground cave, keeping Cerki and the mind-controlled superhumans busy while Thunder Woman sealed the dimensional rifts with her magic flail and Silverflash searched the catacombs at high speed for Bruce Jordan, the captive mortal form of Green Giant. Unfortunately, Silverflash was captured before he could free the Green Giant, and the other heroes were bested, too. About to be executed by Cerki, a mysterious shield flew from nowhere and knocked out the sorceress before returning to its owner!

    The other heroes looked up to see the legendary World War II hero Super-Soldier and the Aquariner, his Atlantean teammate from the All-Star Invaders. Super-Soldier used his laser vision to free the heroes, and Silverflash returned to his objective. The Green Giant managed to critically injure Starro-Gorath, breaking its control over the minds of the others and forcing the creature to retreat back into its ethereal dimension of darkness. With no more heroes under her control, Cerki had no choice to surrender, and she was sent back to Themsgard to await trial.

    Deciding that they need to stick together to face more threats like that, threats too great for one hero alone to defeat, the heroes decided to become a new team of superheroes called “The Justice Avengers”.

    The JA’s original headquarters was the Fortress of Justice, Super-Soldier’s new base in Northern Alaska, then the Mansion of Justice (Avengers Mansion + Hall of Justice), a piece of Iron Bat’s property in the city of New Metropolis, NY (New York City + Metropolis). They would later recruit new heroes into their ranks, including Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman), Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow), and Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna).

  • Super-Soldier:

    Amalgamation of: Captain America + Superman

    Real Name: Clark Hilton Rogers

    Biography: Many decades ago, two alien empires were locked in a deadly war: the scientific and industrious Kreetonians (Kree + Kryptonians) and the savage and war-like Skrultians (Skrulls + Martians). The Kreetonians believed that the war was theirs, but the treacherous Skrultians discovered the planet-consuming machine known as Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) roaming their spaceways. The Skrultians led Galactiac to the Kreetonians’ home planet of Halaton (Hala + Krypton), and the techno-titan proceeded to absorb the planet’s data and convert its mass into energy for him to consume. Unable to repel Galactiac, the capital city of Kan-Lar (Kree-Lar + Kandor) and all of its residents shrunk themselves down and escaped the planet in a rocket-propelled capsule. Before this, Jor-Nan (Ronan + Jor-El), a loyal servant of the Kreetonian government, and his wife Lara-Venn (Ra-Venn + Lara Lor-Van) launched their newborn son in a small capsule to a planet they believed to be safe… Earth.

    But, as Halaton imploded, the capsule couldn’t escape the vacuum wave in time, and the shock killed the baby. The capsule containing the alien corpse eventually crash-landed on Earth, in an area designated “Roswell, New Mexico”, in the Earth year of 1938 AD. Primitive human scientists working for their government studied the alien corpse’s biology, revealing that Kreetonians become more powerful when absorbing the solar energies of a yellow sun. When the event called World War II happened, the American scientists started experimenting with the alien genetics to enhance human warriors to stop the opposing forces; until they perfected it, the combination of solar rays and the “Super-Soldier Serum” made the test subjects blue-skinned and homicidally mad. When the Serum was finally perfected, the head scientist Emil Erksine (Abraham Erksine + Emil Hamilton) found the first man they would turn into a perfect Super-Soldier.

    Clark Rogers, an art student from Overville, Kansas (Overland Park + Smallville), tried to enlist for duty when WWII broke out, but was rejected for being too physically weak and scrawny. Prof. Erksine believed in Clark’s strong moral compass, and recruited him into Project: Rebirth. The Professor explained the procedure of turning Clark into a genetically superior human, and the interest of repeating the procedure to create a powerful army to defeat the forces of Nazi Germany. Clark agreed, and the procedure began. Clark was injected with the Serum at the same time being bombarded with concentrated solar energy. The procedure was a success, and the scrawny Clark was transformed into a powerful and muscular superhuman.

    Unfortunately, Nazi assassins killed Professsor Erksine, the only one with the formula for the Serum, and without them, the US couldn’t create more super-soldiers. Clark took on the responsibility of being the only Super-Soldier, and trained for a year to control his new-found abilities, such as super-strength, flight, and laser vision. When the Super-Soldier was ready to be introduced to the frontlines of the war, he was given a special costume to hide his identity and inspire the American ways of truth and justice in his fellow soldiers. Clark was also given a special, indestructible shield created by Dr. Howard Wayne. The Super-Soldier fought alongside Allied troops during the war, fighting against Axis-controlled superhumans, most notable the Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor), who uses a radioactive alien ore to weaken Clark. When Clark almost died at the hands of the Skull in one mission, the Allied forces sought out other superhumans to aide in the war effort, leading to the advent of the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron). During the final mission of the ASI, they infiltrated a Nazi stronghold to prevent them from launching a nuclear missile at the US. After the mission was completed, Clark chased after the Green Skull, making his escape in a rocketship. As the ship passed over the North Pole, Soldier used his laser vision to dismantle the engines, killing the Skull in a fiery explosion! The shockwave of the blast knocked out Clark, and he went hurdling into the freezing waters below. The Allied forces eventually won the war, and the ASI disbanded.

    Decades later, in the early 2000s era, the former ASI member Namorin, who had lived a long life due to his Atlantean biology, found the frozen body of Clark Rogers in the Arctic and brought him to his undersea kingdom of Atlantis. Atlantean doctors revived Clark, and he spent the next couple of weeks in the care of his former teammate, who had since become king of his world.

    Clark became up to speed on the world’s development, from the invention of television to the terrorist attacks on New Metropolis, and when the demon Starro-Gorath became known, Clark donned his costume and shield yet again to face the monster with Namorin. After defeating this threat and forming the Justice Avengers with other heroes, Clark reintegrated with modern society. Using a forged identity (thanks to Iron Bat), Clark became a newspaper reporter in New Metropolis, becoming attracted to his co-worker Lois Brant (Betty Brant + Lois Lane). In this new era, Super-Solider faced many new villains… including a new Green Skull!

    Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/aim. Absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into his powers. Laser vision. X-Ray vision. Enhanced lung capacity. Freezing breath. Flight. Use of an unbreakable shield made from an alloy of the special metals Vibranium and Adamantium; he can throw this shield with great strength and accuracy. Super-Soldier is also an above-excellent strategist and leader.

  • Iron Bat:

    Amalgamation of: Iron Man + Batman

    Real Name: Anthony “Tony” Wayne

    Alias: Cobalt Malone (Cobalt Man + Matches Malone) [undercover as a cyborg villain]

    Biography: Tony Wayne is the son and only child of Dr. Howard Wayne and his wife Maria Kane-Wayne (Howard and Maria Stark + Thomas and Martha Wayne). Howard was the CEO of the multi-million dollar R&D firm Wayne Industries, which provided new innovations in medical technology for years. Howard was also a brilliant metallurgist who melded together the alien metal Adamantium with the energy-absorbing metal Vibranium to create the unbreakable shield used by the World War II hero Super-Soldier. Tony inherited his father’s aptitude for science and technology, and was able to enter MIT at just 15 years of age. One night, after the Waynes were driving home from the movies, a screening of The Man in the Iron Mask, their limousine was ran into by another car. The driver of the wayward car stepped out of his vehicle, drew a gun, and shot fatally Tony’s parents through the window. The attacker escaped the police manhunt, and the Waynes’ loyal butler, Alfred Jarvis (Edwin Jarvis + Alfred Pennyworth), formally adopts Tony so that he isn’t lost to child services. And though Howard wrote his will to say that Tony was to inherit Wayne Industries upon his death, Tony was still too young to accept the responsibilities, so control of the company went to the current CFO, Jonathan “Jack” Stane, who decided to refocus the company towards weapons manufacturing.

    His future reshaped by his parents’ death, Tony decided to travel the world after graduating to focus his mind towards martial arts and the skills of great detectives and investigators, determined to make a difference in the lives of innocent people plagued by crime. While traveling through China, during a time of civil unrest, Tony’s caravan was ambushed by rebels and a mine exploded in front of him, piercing his heart with shrapnel. The rebels took Tony to their hideaway, where a captive doctor named Leslie Yensin (Ho Yensin + Leslie Thomkins) gave him a new, mechanical heart. The rebels forced Tony to use his company’s secrets to build them weapons under the threat of death, weapons they would use to fight their “corrupt” government. Wanting no part in harming innocent lives, Tony and Leslie, feigning agreement to their terms, secretly built a weaponized suit of armor (made to look like a bat), which Tony used to free himself and the good doctor from imprisonment. Leslie returned to her family, and Tony was able to return to the States. At age 30, Tony Wayne took back control of Wayne Industries from Jack Stane, and returned the company’s efforts to medical sciences. Inspired by the power of his armored suit, Tony built several, more sophisticated versions of it, until he could gain flight capabilities. Loading this version, and the proceeding versions after it, with various tools and weapons, Tony Wayne became the superhero known as The Iron Bat. The Iron Bat is a founding member of the Justice Avengers and the founder of the Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders), but also has a collection of allies that doesn’t constitute a formal team. Iron Bat also has a prominent rogues gallery for him to contend with, including the enigmatic and sadistic armor-wearer called the Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + Joker).

    Powers: Tony Wayne is one of the most brilliant men in the world, possessing an IQ of at least 200, with a mind for both business and robotics. His multi-national conglomerate Wayne Industries grants him access to state-of-the-art technology, surveillance equipment, and billions of dollars to fund his secret war on crime. Tony, a media sensation and public figure, must pose as an egotistical, alcoholic, but otherwise philanthropic playboy/bachelor in order to hide the truth that he is really the Iron Bat, the grim and serious-minded hero of Gothton, Massachusetts (Boston + Gotham City). Tony and his closest allies have access to the Bat-Armory beneath his mansion, which contains a super computer, a detention facility, a research and development lab, a training gym, a museum containing his enemies’ paraphernalia, and the chamber that contains every variety of Iron Bat armor that he’s built, one for every demand on a mission. The Iron Bat armors have varying degrees of strength and different weapons and abilities, but the most common traits among them are flight capabilities and the storage and projection of bat-shaped projectile blades.

  • Thunder Woman:

    Amalgamation of: Thor + Wonder Woman

    Real Name: Princess Thorana of Themsgard

    Aliases: Thorana, Dr. Diana Blake (Donald Blake + Diana Prince)

    Biography: When the Presence-Above-All (One-Above-All + Presence) created the universe, he sent powerful emissaries called “Eternals” to bring life to many planets. When their mission was finished, they returned to their planet of Urgturn (Saturn + Urgrund), which orbited the Source of All Things, the omnipower at the center of the universe. When the Presence-Above-All exiled himself from the Source and the Eternals, a war broke out between two splintered factions of the Eternals over leadership. One of the factions devised the doomsday device (later called Armangeddon [Doomsday Man + Mageddon]) that split the planet in two and decimated the Old Eternals. The two halves of the planet reformed into two separate planets: the beautiful and untainted New Uranus (Uranus + New Genesis), and the hellish and dark Apoktan (Titan + Apokolips). The powerful denizens of these warring worlds would call themselves the New Eternals (Eternals + New Gods).

    The story of one of Earth’s greatest heroes begins with an Old Eternal who remained on Earth, allowing him to survive the doomsday weapon. He became the ruler of Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscaira), an island nation on Ancient Earth, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. These people were a prosperous trading community, willing to make peace with the Greco-Roman Empire, led by a family of superhumans called the Olympians. Zeus, patriarch of the Olympians, sent his daughter Heracles to be the consort of the prince Hippodin (Odin + Hippolyta), but it was merely a ruse for the Olympians’ forces to invade Themsgard when their defenses were lowered. Hippodin’s father was critically injured in the war, and he used his remaining power to grant his son and their people immortality. The Amazardians (Asgardians + Amazons) repelled the enemy, and later found a new land to escape another war. Now King of the Amazardians, Hippodin decreed that contact with the outside world was forbidden. Centuries pass, as centuries do, and the Amazardians crafted a grand empire from the ashes of the Olympians’ siege. The new land they claimed as their own was populated with several monstrous races, vying for supremacy, so the immortals forged many fantastic weapons and armor, the most mighty of which being the Enchanted Flail (Mjolnir + Lasso of Truth).

    A contest was held to determine Themsgard’s champion and, in the end, Hippodin’s daughter Princess Thorana was victorious. With the power of the Enchanted Flail and her magic armor, the champion Thunder Woman defended her world from many a threat. One day, in the modern era, a storm caused an airplane carrying members of Doctors Without Borders to crash land on the shores of Themsgard.

    Thorana was the first to respond, and that’s where she met Dr. Steve Foster (Jane Foster + Steve Trevor). Thorana pleaded to her father to grant the outsiders asylum to tend to their injured, but Hippodin refused and ordered the execution of the outsiders. Thorana, who fell in love with Steve, fought against her fellow warriors to help the humans escape. For her betrayal of the ancient laws, Thorana was banished from Themsgard. In the outside world, Thorana took on the identity of Dr. Diana Blake, one of the doctors who perished in the plane crash.

    Now a hero of the outside world, Thunder Woman battled many villains, including her wicked stepsister Cerki, who Thorana bested to become the champion.

    Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/senses/reflexes. Longevity. Her magic armor grants her flight and her bracelets protect her from harm. Her tiara protects her from illusions and mental attacks. Thorana is a brilliant tactician and master of several ancient martial arts and weapons. Her most prominent weapon is the Enchanted Flail, a golden, hammerhead-shaped crushing implement connected to a handle by a golden chain; the golden chain can extend up to fifty feet by the user’s will, the hammerhead can project lightning blasts when it and the handle touch, and those bound by the chain are forced to speak the truth.

  • Green Giant:

    Amalgamation of: The Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]

    Real Name: Dr. Michael Bruce Jordan

    Aliases: Bruce Jordan, Green Nova (Nova + Green Lantern)

    Biography: Bruce Jordan’s father was an accomplished US Air Force pilot, but when he was dishonorably discharged, he fell into a cycle of alcoholism and started abusing his wife and children. After their father was hauled off to jail for murdering their mother, Bruce and his brothers were sent to live with their mother’s sister and her family. Bruce graduated college with honors and a PHD in aeronautics, but he still suffered from the stress of his mother’s death. While working on a military air base, under the direction of airplane magnate Carol Ross (Betty Ross + Carol Ferris), the flight simulator Dr. Jordan was calibrating was encased in a shell of green energy and it flew off! When the simulator landed in the desert, Bruce met a dying alien named Rhomann Sur (Rhomann Dey + Abin Sur). Rhomann explained that he used his Force Ring (Nova Force + Power Ring) to summon Bruce to him, as he is the only one capable of taking his place in the intergalactic police force known as the Green Nova Corps (Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps). Bruce tried to drag Rhomann out of the wrecked remains of his spaceship, but then he started hearing sirens. It soon occurred to him that they were in the blast radius of an experimental gamma-ray bomb that was about to be tested! The explosion struck them both (killing Rhomann), and the impact shattered the Force Ring and imbedded it into Bruce’s flesh; that, along with the gamma radiation, changed Bruce’s DNA. After a few days of hospitalization, Bruce was arrested under the assumption that he was stealing the flight simulator. The stress triggered his mutated genetics, and he transformed for the first time into an energy-blasting monster! Unable to control his changes, Bruce was on the run from the US military for quite a while, until he made contact with other members of the Green Nova Corps. The Green Novas took Bruce to their headquarters on the planet Oaxan (Xandar + Oa), where their leaders, the Elder Guardians (Elders of the Universe + Guardians of the Universe), used their psychic powers to fully integrate Bruce with the green energy.

    Now in control of his powers, Bruce became the Green Nova of his Space Sector of 2814, while still being hunted by the military and other superheroes for the destruction he inadvertently caused in the early days of his mutation. The Green Giant became a founding member of the Justice Avengers.

    Powers: After being fused to the remains of the alien Force Ring in an explosion of gamma radiation, Bruce’s superhuman powers can intensify according to his adrenalin flow, meaning the angrier he is, the stronger he becomes; Bruce originally had no control over his transformations, leading to uncontrollable rampages that branded him as an outlaw, but he gained his control with the help of the Elder Guardians. When Bruce changes into the Green Giant, his muscle mass and size increases, while his skin turns green and certain parts of his Green Nova uniform manifest on his body. The Green Giant has superhuman strength/speed/stamina/durability/senses/healing. His connection to the Central Force Battery on planet Oaxan allows Green Giant to manipulate the green light spectrum, allowing him to fly, survive in space and underwater, translate any language, communicate with his fellow Green Novas, and create “solid-light” constructs that look and function like anything he can imagine. In his civilian identity, Dr. Bruce Jordan is an astrophysicist and has a pilot’s license.

  • Silverflash:

    Amalgamation of: Quicksilver + Flash II

    Real Name: Peter Franklin Allen

    Biography: Peter Allen’s biological father is Jean-Luc Lensherr, a French metamutant (mutant + metahuman) who helped fight against the Nazi forces controlling France. When his twin children were born, some time after he became the terrorist mastermind Magnetron (Magneto + The Brain), an enemy of the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), Jean-Luc sent his babies away to America, where he knew they would live better lives. The twins were separated and were adopted by two different families. The boy twin was adopted by the Allens, and he was named Peter. Peter grew up a healthy, successful man, as his father wanted, but his metagene, which he inherited from Jean-Luc, remained inert for some time. Peter became a forensics expert for his home city’s police department, but he had a reputation for being late. One night, as he is preparing to leave work, a lightning bolt shatters a case full of chemicals and spills them all over Peter. After recovering in the hospital, he discovers that he can now move at super-speed. Hiding his powers from his friends and family, Peter decided to become the speedster superhero “Silverflash”. After aiding a team of heroes and forming the Justice Avengers with them, Silverflash would reunite with his real father, who was reduced to existence as a brain in a robot shell. This is also the same event that reunited Peter with his long-lost twin sister, Wanda Zatara, who was trained to be a sorceress by her adoptive father. Peter and Wanda, as Silverflash and Scarlet Magician, aided their father against the X-Patrol, who eventually told them the truth about Magnetron’s true intentions. Betrayed, the twins battled their father and his Brotherhood (… of Mutants + … of Evil) and then defected back to the Justice Avengers.

    Powers: Peter’s metagene was activated and enhanced by the chemical accident, increasing his leg-strength, stamina, reflexes, metabolism, biological durability, cellular division, and senses a hundred-fold. This, combined with his ability to resist the effects of friction, reduced oxygen, and kinetic impact allows him to move at superhuman speeds. He can run up to speed-of-light levels, generate power bursts of wind with super-fast laps and limb rotations, run along walls and bodies of water, heal his wounds at an accelerated rate, process his thoughts at beyond-human levels (making him immune to mental attacks), and vibrate his molecules super-fast to phase through solid matter and (under the right circumstances) travel through time and to other dimensions. Silverflash appears to have a connection to the Speed Force that’s stronger than any other speedster.

  • Aquariner:

    Amalgamation of: Sub-Mariner + Aquaman

    Real Name: Namorin Marius

    Alias: Mac McCurry

    Biography: On the planet Earth exists a technologically- and genetically-advanced species of humankind, who have exiled themselves from the eyes of the surface world thousands of years ago. They are “Homo mermanus”, and their kingdom is the underwater utopia known as “Atlantis”. Decades ago, Fenlanna (Fen + Atlanna), the princess of Atlantis, was saved from a shark attack by a human sea captain named Leonard McCurry. Grateful to her savior, Fenlanna laid with him. When she returned to Atlantis, she realized she was pregnant, due to her people’s natural powers of empathy. She concealed her pregnancy for as long as she could, and she gave up the child when he was born. Fenlanna returned to the surface and found Leonard’s home in an American shore town. Leonard agreed to raise their son, and he named him Mac McCurry. For the first decade of his life, Mac had a healthy relationship with his father, but it soon enough came time for him to ask for the truth about his mother. Leonard told Mac about that night, and that he’s half-Atlantean, which explains his unusual talents and appearance. Mac decided to leave America and return to the sea, hoping to find his true home. For months Mac traveled beneath the waves, developing his strength and telepathic connection to all sea life. He soon found Atlantis in the Pacific Ocean, where Fenlanna Marius now rules as Queen. Reconnecting with his family, Mac took on the true Atlantean name his mother wanted him to have: Namorin. Prince Namorin studied his people’s ways, from history to technology to weapon arts, preparing himself to be the heir to the throne. He also developed a rival to his cousin Orrah (Byrrah + Orm), who was the heir to the throne before Namorin became known.

    When the Second World War broke out on the surface world, the Atlanteans remained neutral to the conflict… until a fleet of Nazi submarines attacked the city, led by a traitorous Atlantean codenamed U-Fish (U-Man + Fisherman). Namorin and the soldiers in his command fended off the invasion, and the fight between Namorin and U-Fish went to the surface, gaining the attention of US naval fleets. When the Allied forces started assembling a superhuman strike team called the All-Star Invaders, they invited Namorin to join the ranks. Minding the possibility of another Nazi invasion of Atlantis, Namorin agreed, and took the codename “Aquariner”.

    When the war ended and the ASI disbanded after the death of the leader Super-Soldier, Namorin returned to Atlantis. Decades passed, and the atlanteans remained youthful due to their above-human biology. Everything was going swimmingly (pardon the pun), until Namorin’s mother was assassinated by a human villain called the Black Shark (Tiger Shark + Black Manta). Aquariner defeated the Black Shark, but he escaped his Atlantean prison. Namorin, grieving the death of both of his parents, became the new king of Atlantis, promising his people a brighter future. In the modern era, Namorin was traveling the Arctic Circle when he found the frozen body of his ASI teammate Super-Soldier. He brought Clark Roger’s body back to Atlantis, where they revived him! Clark became up to speed on the world’s development, from the invention of television to the terrorist attacks on New Metropolis, and when the demon Starro-Gorath became known, Clark donned his costume and shield yet again to face the monster with Namorin. Namorin and the other heroes defeated the monster, and decided to stay together as a new hero team called the Justice Avengers.

    When he’s not ruling over Atlantis and protecting his people, Aquariner serves as a founding member of the JA and acts as a liaison between them and their auxiliary team, the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Plastic Man, Dr. Light II, Firestorm, Bulletman).

    Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; draws strength from moisture; the ability to telepathically communicate with marine animals; master of Atlantean combat arts and weapons, most notably the trident. As King of Atlantis, Namorin has diplomatic immunity and he holds dominion over his kingdom’s armed forces and weapon systems.

  • Martian Vision:

    Amalgamation of: Vision + Martian Manhunter

    Real Name: Vk’tr J’Onzz

    Alias: Victor Jones

    Biography: Vk’tr J’Onzz was originally a Skrultian (Skrull + Martian), a reptilian alien from the planet Sk’rlec’andra (Skrullos + Ma’aleca’andra). Vk’tr and his family lived on a Skrultain colony on the planet Mars, but it was completely wiped out by an invading horde of techno-organic aliens called the Ivorarchy (Technarchy + White Martians). The Skrultain soldiers killed all of the invaders, but they were all killed in the process. Vk’tr was the only Skrultain left on Mars, and he was critically injured. The blood of an Ivorarch dripped onto him and mixed with his own DNA, mutating him into something else…

    Vk’tr traveled back to Sk’rlec’andra, but he was chastised for his unusual appearance. Unable to change into a Skrultain form with his natural shapeshifting powers, he traveled to the Planet Earth. In the human guise of “Victor Jones”, Vk’tr etched out a living as police investigator in New Metropolis. A while after, he learned that humans tested nuclear weapons on the surface of Mars, and Victor determined that they were the ones who unleashed the Ivorarchs from hibernation. In his monstrous form, Vk’tr attacked the NASA lab responsible for the nuke tests. He was defeated and destroyed by the superhero Wingspan, but his conscious existed in the pieces of his techno-organic body. Rebuilt by Metoltron (Ultron + Metallo), a rogue robot created by Wingspan, Vk’tr was reprogrammed and sent after Wingspan and his girlfriend Wasp Girl (Janet Van Dyne + Hawkgirl). With their help, Vk’tr rejected his new programming and turned against Metoltron. After recuperating in Wingspan’s lab, he sensed psychic disturbances, which lead him to an invasion of mind-controlling demons. Assuming the superhero identity of “The Martian Vision”, he assembled with other heroes to defeat the invaders and form the Justice Avengers.

    Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina/reflexes; flight; telepathy; shapeshifting; laser projection from forehead jewel; density manipulation (intangibility and invulnerability); invisibility; regeneration; space and underwater survival; high intelligence. Vk’tr’s only weakness (like all Skrultians) is fire.

  • Soldiergirl:

    Amalgamation of: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes + Supergirl

    Real Name: Kara Barnes

    Alias: Death Soldier (Winter Soldier + Apokoliptic Supergirl) [Brainwashed by Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid)]

    Biography: Born in the 1920s, Kara Barnes is the younger cousin of Clark Rogers, who became the American superhero known as Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman). When Clark was presumed dead at the end of World War II, the American Government tried to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum that gave Clark his powers, and Kara (being a close genetic relative) was one of the test subjects. The process had an ill effect on Kara, as did the other subjects, so she was put in suspended animation. The scientists later gave up on recreating the Serum, so they closed the labs and placed the cryogenics pods in a storage facility in Gothton, MS (Boston + Gotham City). In the 2000s era, an earthquake happened in Gothton, which killed the other frozen subjects, but awakened Kara. Kara wandered aimlessly through this strange world, until her stabilized powers attracted crimelords who wanted to use her to control the city. The tech-based hero Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman) saved her from being controlled by Oswald Hammer (Justin Hammer + Penguin) and soon enough reunited her with her cousin Clark, who was also frozen. After becoming used to the future and her new powers, Kara Barnes decided to join her cousin in the superhero community as “Soldiergirl”. As a member of the Justice Avengers, Soldiergirl would go on various adventures, from being brainwashed by the villain Deathseid to meeting her other-dimensional counterpart Power Soldier (Rikki Barnes + Power Girl).

    Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/aim (though less than that of Super-Soldier). Absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into her powers. Laser vision. X-Ray vision. Freezing breath. Flight. Considerable martial arts training and athleticism.

  • Steel Falcon:

    Amalgamation of: Falcon + Steel

    Real Name: Samuel Nathan Irons

    Alias: Abraham Johnson

    Biography: Sam Irons is a child prodigy, but just as he was about to graduate from high school when his single mother was killed by a mugger. Angry at the world, Sam dropped out and joined a gang, but he never lost his affinity for technology. When his gang was busted for gun-running, Sam was arrested and his blueprints were confiscated by police. The blueprints attracted businessman Lex Schmidt Jr. who paid for Sam’s release and gave him a job at his R&D firm, Lexcorp. Some time after the reemergence of Super-Soldier in the modern world, he saved Sam’s life in a construction accident. Waking from unconsciousness, he saw Super-Soldier and a falcon standing over him, and he became inspired to become a hero. Adopting the falcon (as both a persona and the actual falcon as a pet, naming him Redwing), Sam started work on a suit of powered armor and other weapons. When Mr. Schmidt found his employee’s “off-hours activities”, he sent guards to get rid of Sam and steal the armor. Sam defended himself with his technology, and Redwing fought alongside him. Super-Soldier arrived in the building to see what the commotion was about, seeing Lex use an electric shock to disable the suit. This was when Sam learned what Clark already knew: that Lex Schmidt Jr. was the new Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor). After escaping the Green Skull’s lair, Sam became Super-Soldier’s new ally, the Steel Falcon. Sam’s niece Natasha Wilson (Jim Wilson + Natasha Irons) later died of AIDS, but she downloaded her mind into a robot body, becoming the second Steel Falcon.

    Powers: Sam Irons is a brilliant inventor. His armor grants him: superhuman strength/durability/endurance, flight, projectile blades, various scanners and wireless connections, and a sonic emitter that allows him to manipulate birds. His mechanical sledgehammer can extend up to 10 feet, fire electric blasts, and has jet boosters and a tracking system so it can return to him when thrown.

  • Red Guard III:

    Amalgamation of: Guardsman II + Robin III/Red Robin

    Real Name: Michael Drake

    Biography: The original Red Guard, the sidekick of Iron Bat, was Dick Rhodes, who later became the hero Warwing (War Machine + Nightwing). The second was Justine Todd, the adopted daughter of Oswald Hammer and future villain Scarlet Cape (Crimson Cowl II + Red Hood II). The third and current Red Guard is Mike Drake, who was raised by his wealthy aunt and uncle after the deaths of his parents. After his uncle Kevin was killed in the midst of a crime spree that was quelled by Iron Bat, Mike started investigating Iron Bat’s possible connection to businessman Tony Wayne. He found the Bat-Armory beneath Tony’s mansion and donned the Red Guard armor to take his revenge against Iron Bat, believing him to be responsible for his uncle’s death. The armor backfired in the middle of the fight, and put Mike in a coma. During the months Mike spent in a vegetative state, Iron Bat was able to compile the evidence that proves that it was the criminal known as Dr. Boomerang (Boomerang + Captain Boomerang) who killed Kevin Drake.

    After accepting Mike’s apology, Tony invited him to become the new Red Guard. Mike, now Red Guard III, currently finds himself in a relationship with another member of the Iron Bat family, Stephanie Elkins aka Alert (Sentry [Curtis Elkins] + Spoiler).

    Powers: Powered armor to the user provides superhuman/strength/reflexes/durability/stamina, jet-powered flight, and various weapons and tools in utility belt.