Absolute Loyalty by Red-Rum-18

Some months after the crisis of an alien invasion, led by the extraterrestrial tyrant S'Tar-Ro, was thwarted, the heroes responsible for saving Earth, who had united into The Justice League, began establishing a base of operation for responding to and neutralizing international threats. Their new base, the Fortress of Solitude, was converted into such from a former military outpost controlled by the undersea nation of Atlantis, which is ruled by Justice League member King Or'yn Marius, aka Aquaman. With the resources, abilities, and knowledge provided by the seven heroes, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Dr. John Jones, the Fortress was constructed with a supercomputer-aided war room, gym, research lab, medical wing, a vault for confiscated items, sleeping quarters, and a motor pool for their three space-travel jets (built using technology from S'Tar-Ro's downed fleet of star ships). One day, our heroes began research on a prototype molecular teleportation relay for addressing crises on other civilized planets, based on the technology Green Lantern uses as the basis of her powers. Alexandra DeWitt was still relatively new to the Green Lantern Corps, a division of the galactic police force known as the Spectrum Lantern Alliance, and she had yet to fully realize her Lantern device's ability to control her internal nanotechnology; more senior SLA agents are capable of generating spatial-displacement wormholes for faster-than-light travel, but Alex has gotten by so far with basic flight through the void of space.

The Spectrum Lanterns' leadership council had accepted Green Lantern Alexandra DeWitt as a member of the Justice League, and she asked for her mentor, Yellow Lantern Thaal Sinestro, to help her develop her wormhole abilities for herself and research for the League's teleportation system. A freak occurrence while attempting to generate a wormhole herself results in an implosion of matter and energy, heavily damaging the newly-constructed Fortress. Alex and Or'yn were caught in the implosion, and were displaced to a planet in an uncharted part of the galaxy; Sinestro could sense that they were still alive, but he is unable to open a wormhole to their location. Superman, Batman, and Sinestro take one of the League's star ships to track down and rescue their teammates.

Meanwhile, on the unknown planet, Green Lantern Alex wakes up in a dense forest. She attempted to form a communication device with her powers, but her Lantern was extensively damaged and it would take time for it to complete it's self-repair subroutines. Time it appears she doesn't have...

Absorbing the damaged Lantern into herself, Alex had to run for her life from a pack of alien animals that roamed the jungles she was lost in. Lost, alone, and losing pieces of her civilian clothing bit by bit (her Spectrum Lantern uniform dissipated when she deactivated her Lantern for repairs), Alex was nearly made into the next meal of the dangerous fauna when a group of winged humanoids, the natives of this unknown planet, killed the beasts and discovered her. But she'll learn that she is out of the frying pan and heading straight into the fire...

Speaking of heat, somewhere else on the planet, Or'yn was lost in a vast desert, the heat of the sun that this world orbits slowly eating away at him and his amphibious biology. He did away with as much clothing he could to cool down, but he was as good as dead. Or'yn was rescued by the same race of avian humanoids that dominate the species, but his coexistence with them would be much different than Alex's.

When Alex awoke, she was in a carriage, bound in chains, with the avian people leading a slave train of others of their species. Her Lantern technology was, at this point, repaired enough to act as a universal translator, and she learned that the avian people were taking her and the other captives (marked with the word “Hol” on their beaks) to their capital city: Salras. In the city, the captives were stripped of their clothes and forced to wear rags as they awaited their fate in the dungeons beneath the gladiator arena, where they will spend the rest of their lives killing and being killed by friends and family. Alex and the others were brought to the arena the next day, to face the hardened soldiers that that serve their government; veterans with no qualms about killing their fellow being for duty or for sport. The other captives brought out for that fight died in the battle, but the only human, Alex, managed to hold her own against them; she may have been a rookie Lantern, but she still could swing a mean sword. The audience, the elite and impoverished of Salras City alike, cheered as they anticipated the “alien girl” 's slaughter at the hands of the arena's most dominant warrior: Shayera Thal.

When Or'yn awoke, he was barely exposed to enough water the desert-dwelling avians who rescued him could acquire for themselves, but it was enough to revive him. The headband he wore allowed him to understand their language and they explained everything: their planet is known as “Thanagar” and they are of the Thanagarian nation of Hol, named for their royal family. A war between them and the nation of Thal began years ago when Shayera, the warrior princess of Thal, refused to marry Prince Fel Andar, the nephew of Hol's king, which would have united the two nations in peace. The two nations have been fighting ever since, with the forces of Hol led by the king's son Katar Hol, who is much more interested in military affairs than the duties of royalty. Only a few months ago did the nation of Thal obtain a mysterious weapon that turned the bountiful jungles of their territories into barren wastes and deserts, and rumors persist of an outside force aiding the armies of Thal. Since then, the forces of Hol have remained within their own territory, trying their best to aide the civilians during this horrible drought (with some, including Katar himself, secretly planning to find and destroy the weapon responsible).

Back in Thal's capital city, Shayera had bested Alex in combat, but she instead showed mercy to her downed opponent instead of killing her. Then stepped forth the director of this arena, and Alex realized that this man was NOT an avian like the others; a brutish, muscular male alien with red eyes and yellow skin ordered Shayera to slay Alex, but she responded by saying, “I answer only to my father, the king, not to you, Mongul.”

Alexandra awoke in the palace of the royal family of Thal, in the boudoir of Princess Shayera; her injuries were healed and she was dressed in more proper clothing. Shayera told her family, and their military adviser Mongul, she spared her life so she can be her new hand maiden, but Shayera really did so because she needs Alex's help. ”I was sent a dream by the Seven Deities of a scourge and a savior falling from the heavens; you are the savior... and Mongul is the scourge.”Shayera explained what Or'yn was also told half a world's away, except she knew that Mongul, another outsider like Alex, was the one who provided the weapons the nation of Thal are using against their enemies; in exchange, Mongul had them harvest an unknown metal from their mines (he even appointed himself the head of the capital's gladiator arena for amusement). Shayera refuses to marry Prince Fel to forge peace between Hol and Thal, for her heart belongs to another. Unfortunately, Mongul had Thanagarian spies loyal to him, and when they learned that Shayera was conspiring with Alex to destroy their super-weapon, the two women were captured. Mongul, in the chamber containing the weapon, planned to execute them with the weapon, but Shayera said that she has “friends in the Hol army who would not like that one bit...”

Katar, along with Or'yn, Vetalla Dae, and other saboteurs from Hol, attacked the chamber after locating it in the night with Shayera's aide. The combined might of Shayera and Katar matched Mongul in physical combat, but when he tried to hold Alex hostage, in exchange for his life, her Lantern had completely repaired itself and she struck back. Once again the Green Lantern of Earth, she realized that she needed a solid conductor for her wormhole generation powers, which she used (without fail) to send the super-weapon into deep space and into the sun Polaris. The Thanagarians loyal to Mongul surrendered, but Mongul himself would not... at least not until Superman punched his lights out.

The two warring nation of Thanagar, Hol and Thal, managed to finally broker a peace treaty without the need for forced marriage.

The jungles decimated by Mongul's weapon returned and the slaves and prisoners of war were freed.

The metal Mongul had them harvest turned out to be Nth Metal, a valuable element with energy-manipulation properties; with this element in their possession, the Thanagarians can now become more technologically advanced and prosperous.

Mongul himself turned out to merely be a foot soldier for the military of his planet Debstam IV, and when his ship crashed on Thanagar, he repaired it to transport the Nth Metal back to his world, where he would have made it into a weapon to take over his world; Spectrum Lanterns Alex and Sinestro transported Mongul back to his planet to await trial.

Now that the Spectrum Lanterns know of Thanagar, and the people are now developing space travel with the Nth Metal, they are currently being inducted into the galactic union of civilized planets under Spec-Lan protection.

No longer having to marry Prince Andar, Princess Shayera was allowed to be with the one she truly loved: Vetalla.

The members of the Justice League managed to return safely to Earth, except for one thing: Superman believed that Thanagar was one of the planets destroyed by S'Tar-Ro, the same villain who destroyed HIS home world!


* First a few things about the character design:

** Thanagarians are where between mammalian and avian species of their home planet and have the qualities of both.

** Yes, she is topless, but her humanoid mammaries are covered in small feathers that cover her body; zero titillation.

** The “horns” on her head are clusters of larger feathers, and she had mammalian hair she styled into “wings”.

** Thanagarians have beak-like protrusions over their mouths and noses that the can close and open like Predators; this is for defense and breaking through the shells of downed prey.

* I decided to go with something akin to the Golden Age versions of them for their story, not the overly-complicated reincarnation deal that the modern versions of them have.

* Both Katar and Shayera were both invited to join the Justice League, but they are too busy with post-war Thanagarian business to take that up yet; if they do, Shayera will become Hawkwoman and Katar will be ”Hawkman”.

* I chose Shayera to be a lesbian and be in a relationship with Vetalla Dae for two reasons: 1.) because there were so far no LGBTQ heroes in Absolute DC so far (though Wonder Woman was thought to be transgender during her music career in her civilian life) and 2.) to throw you all through a loop for being used to her being with Katar in the mainstream comics.

** In a more detailed version of this, like a hypothetical comic, there would be undertones of attraction in Shayera's relationship with Alex, a reference to the DC Animated Universe version of Shayera and her heterosexual relationship with Green Lantern John Stewart.

* The Fortress of Solitude is the JL's main HQ for now, though it's usually Superman's solitary HQ in the main comics.

* Wonder Woman, Flash, and Dr. Jones were busy somewhere else at the time of this adventure...

* Green Lantern Alex DeWitt is now able to create wormholes, but so far not without a solid surface to place it on, unlike senior Lanterns.

* Salras, the capital city of the Thal nation, is named after Thalsalla and Thalrassa, both names of the capital of all of Thanagar in the main comics.

* Fel Andar isn't Katar's cousin in the main comics, instead he was a usurper of the Hawkman title.

* Yes, Mongul is back and he may be back for revenge against the League. But, I'm not telling you whether this is the original or his son...

* I know mainstream Thanagarian lore speaks of “7 Devils”, like Onimar Synn, but not of any benevolent gods, so I made up the 7 Deities to oppose them.

* Now that Thanagar is under Spec-Lan jurisdiction, some of them will be recruited into the force, such as Chay Andar, Fel Andar's son, becoming a Yellow Lantern (a reference to his heroic identity of Golden Eagle).

* My next Absolute DC story WILL tell you the big revelation involving Superman's destroyed planet... along with 3 new heroes...

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