Absolute DC Part 2: Sound and Fury by Red-Rum-18

One night, at an American city’s industrial docks, the avenging archer known as the Green Arrow, member of the Justice League, was staking out a warehouse where a group of human traffickers were meeting for a deal. The head of the traffickers, the brothers Jin Fang and Jin Sang, had a group of young girls their thugs kidnapped and were going to sell to a pimp. Just when Green Arrow was about to strike, a motorcycle was heard barreling down the cement towards the thugs. It was a woman on the bike, and she flipped off and started attacking the criminals. Green Arrow then jumped off and started helping her out. Green Arrow and the woman, who would later introduce herself to him as Black Canary, defeated the goons and knocked out Fang and the buyer, but Sang was was nowhere to be seen until he appeared with a heavy machine gun with intent to kill both of them. That’s when a spike on the end of a chain flew through the window of the warehouse and stabbed Sang in the back, killing him, before retracting. Canary chased the shadowed woman with the weapon a good distance before she lost Canary. Black Canary explained her background while helping free the kidnapped girls from their cages. Tracey Buxton was the secretary for one Oswald Cobblepot, a black market arms dealer known as The Penguin. After Cobblepot’s wife and son were murdered by vigilantes who targeted him, Penguin flew into a rage and nearly killed Tracey. She was ‘rebuilt’ using black market cyborg implants, which also gave her a super-sonic scream, but Penguin also implanted a bomb in her throat that would have killed her if she disobeyed her. The Robin, the new partner of The Batman, one of Green Arrow’s teammates, destroyed the control unit for the bombs, so she owes her freedom to Robin. After beating down the Penguin and forcing a doctor working in the medical black market to remove the bombs, Black Canary decided to strike it on her own as a superhero. Recently, she’s been investigating a string of disappearances involving young girls, but it turns out that none of the girls they just rescued from the Jins were those girls. Green Arrow agreed to help Black Canary on her investigation. The two decided to talk to the mother of one of the missing girls, Jasmine Duchess. The mother explained that Jasmine was mocked mercilessly at her school by other girls, regarding a rumor about her sexual relationship with a male teacher. The bullying came to a head when her face was burned in a fight with one of them in the science lab, wherein a bunsen burner was still going. She disappeared after getting out of the hospital. Black Canary and Green Arrow investigated Jasmine’s room and found something very interesting: a flier for a girls’ shelter and free trauma rehabilitation program. The heroes found the shelter and met the head of it, a small, elderly woman named Nancy Willes, who confirmed that Jasmine is indeed staying at this place. They were brought to a large dorm room full of girls staying with Nancy, but the old woman locked the door behind them and order them to kill the vigilantes! Jasmine, calling herself Lashina, fought them alongside the others, such as Stompa, Mad Harriet, and Bloody Mary. Arrow and Canary held back their strength, trying not to harm the girls, until the former managed to pierce the brooch on Nancy’s coat. With the brooch destroyed, it was revealed to be a physical morpher that changed and disguised Nancy’s true identity: Goodness, one of the Dark Side that escaped after their master, the demon overlord Uxas, was killed fighting the Justice League. With her true identity revealed, the girls realized they were being brainwashed and left Goodness’ side, allowing Green Arrow and Black Canary to subdue her. Jasmine was reunited with her mother, Arrow and Canary parted ways (for now), and Green Lantern, one of the the Justice League’s founders, had Goodness taken to the Ciensel Prisons on the planet Ysmault.


* Fang and Sang are from the New52.

* I didn’t want to imply a romantic relationship between Arrow and Canary just yet. Sorry.

* I also wanted Robin to be Canary’s inspiration for going into crime fighting, not Batman.

* Jasmine’s last name Duchess is from Lashina’s alias from the original comics.

** Jasmine’s bandages mirror the bands that cover Lashina’s face and nose.

* The name Nancy Willes, alias for Goodness, is taken from the two actresses who played Goodness on the live-action show Smallville.

** Goodness’ morphing brooch is the same type of technology Absolute Superman uses.

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