Absolute DC Part 2: Seeing Red by Red-Rum-18

In an American town, a violent white supremacy protest clashed with counter protesters well into the afternoon. But when a car drove headfirst into the anti-fascist protesters, things turned ugly when a woman in the group was saved from the car by the speedster Jonny Quick. His arrival preceded the descent of Owlman in his combat ship, who opened fire on the white supremacists. The Nazis that scattered from the gunfire were rapidly hunted down by Jonny, who slashed all of their throats and stabbed their hearts with his hidden wrist knives. The Javelin, the combat ship of the Justice League, arrived to fight these Syndicate members, but Owlman’s ship launched an EMP that disabled the JL’s ship and caused it to crash into the street. The anti-fascist protesters cheered the Syndicate for what they did, and then threw rocks and garbage at the Justice League as Jonny and Owlman’s ship teleported away.

Meanwhile, there was a bar in the middle of Texas, full of rowdy bikers and thugs, that saw news of the massacre. This resulted in a fight between those who supported the Syndicate and a group of Neo-Nazis. One of the pro-Syndicate bikers, Guy Gardner aka “Warrior”, took down some of them before he ended up stabbed in the liver. But, a flash of blood-red light exploded from him and threw back some of the Nazis. He realized what was happening to him and formed a few weapons from the light that he used to kill the remaining Nazis before flying off. Powerhouse, another Syndicate member, observed this from a distance.

On the planet Oa, the Green Lantern Corps’ headquarters, Alex DeWitt, a Green Lantern and member of the Justice League, was turning in a criminal when she was ordered to report to the office of Ganthet, one of the Guardians of the Spectrum Lantern Alliance. In the office with Ganthet were Laira, a senior Red Lantern, and her trainee Bleez, a newly-minted Red Lantern from Thanagar. The Red Lantern Guardian Herupa Hondo Hu authorized them to investigate a disturbance on Earth involving a human with spontaneous Lantern abilities, and requested Alex join them. Alex agreed and the three Lantern traveled to Earth to investigate. On the way, they discussed how a person could ever develop Lantern abilities without being recruited by the Alliance, or even, somehow, gaining their own Lantern Device. They also talked about how, even though Earth is Alex’s jurisdiction, Laira should be in charge of the mission since the anomaly involves a potential Red Lantern recruit. On Earth, they patrolled the area in Texas that the anomaly first appeared in and discovered several locations destroyed. The witnesses gave them information, saying that all the buildings destroyed by the anomaly were known hideouts for white supremacists. That’s when Gardner was discovered by the Lanterns, about to assault another Nazi hideout. Outnumbered three-to-one, Gardner was knocked out and taken to Ysmault to be examined by Lantern scientists at the Ceinsel prison. To there, Powerhouse followed them. In the Ceinsel’s operating room, the scientists, led by Hondo Hu, they determined that there was an external signal that reached Gardner and activated his dormant Lantern nanotechnology, but also allowed him to channel it without binding to a Lantern first. Alex, Laira, and Bleez were there with Guardian Hondo Hu when Gardner’s powers flared up again and he escaped his bonds with an explosion! Hondo Hu and Alex saw Powerhouse through the haze of the aftermath and Hondo Hu was shot in the chest by him. As Bleez and Laira fought Gardner, Alex got the name “Damon Stewart” out of Hondo Hu as he laid dying. Gardner was defeated eventually, and was imprisoned in a special containment unit designed for rogue Lanterns. After hearing that name, Alex went to Ganthet after Hondo Hu’s funeral and explained his last words to her. Ganthet explained that Damon Stewart was an Indigo Lantern from Earth who betrayed the SLA, fused his body to his Lantern device, and was imprisoned until his escape long before Alex’s induction into the SLA. Alex realized that Damon Stewart is Powerhouse, and he’s out for retribution!


* Gardner’s tattoos were glowing with his Lantern power’s light, and his mouth was bleeding because he was biting down on his teeth too hard out of rage.

* Laira’s Lantern is a serpent-shaped band wrapped around her wrist, and Bleez’s is a bird pendant.

* Damon Stewart is John Stewart’s brother, and John will appear in this storyline.

* Normally, rogue Lanterns would be stripped of their Lanterns and memories of working for the SLA as punishment, but Damon’s fusing himself to his Lantern facilitated the need for special cells like the one Gardner is now in.

** Powerhouse’s crown is his Lantern, fused to his skull.

* Bleez got both of her wing ripped off by Gardner.

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