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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The T.I.T.A.N.S. (Tactical Intervention & Temporally Active Numinous Society)!Gathered from around the world, The T.I.T.A.N.S. together have found that, when certain teammates combine their abilities they are able to travel through dimensions and time!With this ability, they are about to discover the truth behind unsolved cases and return to the present to exact justice...or at least avenge those affected.However this ability of theirs only allows two teammates to travel through time, though all are able to hop dimensions. Those two teammates are The Engineer and Ragnarok, as they are the only ones able to store enough energy to get back.That is why it is up to the rest of the team to exact justice for the crimes of the past that they were unable to prevent.The team currently consists of:

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  • The T.I.T.A.N.S (Tactical Intervention & Temporally Active Numinous Society)

  • KrYPHhOs/Specimen X (Captain Steven Kent)

    KrYPThOs is a genetically grown super-soldier. With materials taken from captured aliens from the Roswell, New Mexico crash landing in the mid-1900's; spliced with the purest human DNA and the hardiest types of flora; Steven Kent grew to be a being of perfection.

    During his growth, his mind was also developed as the scientists at Starshield Labs uploaded information directly into his mind. Books like: Friedrich Nietzsche, Harper Lee, & the Bible; to list a few. At the same time they uploaded books on science, culture, history, psychology, and tactics. While his body was trained in martial arts and warfare, each night he would fall asleep to an upload of strategy, computations, and language.

    KrYPThOs is an honorable and morally incorruptible member of The T.I.T.A.N.S.

  • Deadstop (Wade West)

    Mercenary and former MI:X agent gone rogue, Wade was one of the most cold-blooded killers in the organization. Then, one day, while infiltrating the Russian Syndicate, Wade was captured and tortured.

    Unknown to him, MI:X had mounted a rescue team to extradite their agents within the Syndicate before it collapsed.

    Wade, in the midst of being mutilated for torture, was rescued by his ex-partner in the MI:X; who still believed in the goodness within Wade.

    As they were escaping, his ex-partner stepped in front of Wade, taking the brunt of a grenade blast for him. The blast hurtled Wade back into the room, slamming into a wall of laboratory chemicals, shattering the glass containers and causing his maimed and tortured body to be bathed in the unknown contents.

    As he lay in a pool, holding his dead ex-partner (and ex-lover) in his arms, believing he was dying, the walls shook as the charges the rescue team had placed, exploded!

    Overhead lights sparked and fell away from the crumbling ceiling, landing in the pool of chemicals in which Wade sat.

    Suddenly and painfully, Wade was electrocuted for several seconds until the base’s power grid died.

    Somehow the chemicals, electricity, and will to survive altered Wade West on a cellular level giving him mastery of velocity!

    Able to now channel his speed into healing or movement, Wade took on the name Deadstop and with the example of his ex's sacrifice to inspire him, Deadstop travels time and space with The T.I.T.A.N.S., righting the wrongs caused by the sins of the wicked.

  • The Engineer (منتصر ناثانيل قاس/Mmuntasir Nathanil Qas/Victor Nathaniel Stark)

    Victor Nathaniel Stark was born to a very wealthy family. In fact, due to his business acumen and inventions, Victor's great-grandfather was the sole reason why Egypt grew in power and began to slowly bring in their neighbor nations under their protection and authority.

    Now known as the Egyptian Conglomerate, the Stark family has become the CEO House of the entire Middle East and Northern Africa. This Conglomerate, which operates more as a business and less as a country, is the 3rd largest and wealthiest nation in the world, making the House of Stark the richest family in the world, with an estimated $13 trillion net worth!

    But at the age of 20, while on a diplomatic mission to Nairobi in Kenya, Victor was traveling through what he thought was south-western Ethiopia, when his caravan was attacked by the border patrol of the hidden people of B'Washenga! Victor was seriously wounded in the attack.

    After being taken captive, the B'Washenga doctors managed to implant special devices that would allow Victor to continue to live. As he grew in strength, Victor was able to meet with the leader of this hidden city, G'Challa, King of B'Washenga, also known as the Silverback! G'Challa is one of the world's greatest martial artists, having been trained by Richard Lockheed, the Silent Dragon.

    Now, using his country's vast fortune from being the sole provider for the rare metal, Nthbranium, G'Challa's family has made B'Washenga the most technologically advanced place on Earth.

    However he had bad news for Victor. It seems the tech placed within Victor's body was not stopping his body from breaking down. He was dying. So the doctors created a cloned body for Victor, which they would transfer his consciousness into, once it was ready.

    First Appearance

    As the clone was almost ready, Victor went into cardiac arrest. This was it, he was dying, and the clone wasn't ready. But the doctors had no choice but to try, so the transfer was made, and one week later, Victor awoke within his new body...and the worried looks on the doctor's faces.

    It turns out that because the clone was not ready when they made the transfer, the transfer itself caused a cellular breakdown that didn't look like it could be stopped. Once again, the doctors were scrambling for a solution, and the only one that seemed to be holding things at bay, was the cybernetic implants they were attaching to his body.

    Finally, it was G'Challa who devised a last ditch effort to save, Victor. Introducing a cocktail of medical nanites, a blood transfusion from the king himself, and the secret formula that gave the kings of B'Washenga the powers of the Silverback; all three were thought to be the last attempt to save the life of Victor Stark. And it worked!

    Waking up, and still having to use the cybernetic parts already implanted in him, Victor was awake and alive and no longer deteriorating.

    There was one major drawback. The nanites had fused with the strange metal the doctors had used in the cybernetic prosthesis they had attached to Stark. Along with the blood of the king, and the potion it had created a techno-serum that allowed Victor to access any and all electronics with his mind alone, as well as control his cybernetic body. He had become a living computer. Since his cybernetic parts were pretty obvious, covering most of his body, Victor, designed upgrades to them, designed to look like armor.

    Now, with a body that is mostly made of the hardest material on the planet, and powered by an arc reactor he designed himself, Victor Nathaniel Stark has joined The T.I.T.A.N.S. as The Engineer!

  • Gamazon, the Jade Warrior (Princess Diana Walters)

    Princess Diana Walters is an unusual hybrid of science and mythology. Born premature and deformed, to King Robert the Bruce and Queen Hyppolyta, on an island nation of exiled radiation victims, doctors believed she would not survive infancy.

    However, the island nation of Genosh Parbat, having been abandoned by the rest of the world after The Great Burn, has a thriving community of survivors and rejects from every country. This community has some of the greatest doctors and medical scientists in the world as well as having some of the most powerful shamans from tribes who sought protection from the harassment of the post-Burn people.

    When confronted with a deformed princess the King and Queen called for Doctor Artemis Samson, the most prestigious medical doctor on Earth, to perform a special reshaping ceremony for their daughter.

    Under the direction of Dr. Samson, ancient recipes were used to create a biological clay. As it was applied to the baby, a new body was shaped and formed by the skillful hands of Queen Hyppolyta, a famous artist.

    Once the new form was finished, as the entire population of Genosh Parbat chanted mystical prayers from the temple, the baby was placed in a gamma radiation bath. Within minutes the baby was removed, whole, perfect in form...and green!

    The royal family, accepting the miracle for what it was, immediately ordered the official colors of the family and nation to be changed. Soon, Diana became the symbol of hope and strength for her people!

  • Ragnarok (Halthor Ordanson)

    The Oansgard were the Universal Guardians. Their scientific accomplishments included discovering a way to store and channel the different energies of the elements that made-up all of space and time. The ruler of the Oansgard was given a warhammer that housed within it all the spirits of past rulers, thereby giving the current monarch access to the experience, wisdom, and teachings of those who had gone on before.

    The current son of the king, though not necessarily next in line for the throne, was Halthor, son of Ordan, mightiest of all the Oansgard, for he had mastered the most difficult of elements to understand. He had mastered Time.

    Sadly his mastery would not stop the events that would destroy his people.

    During his travels, Halthor journeyed throughout the galaxy, studying the temporal sciences of the various species he encountered.

    One day, light years from his home, Halthor received word that war had come to Oansgard and that his people were being decimated!

    Bending time, Halthor sped through the stars only to arrive too late. His homeworld had been ravaged by a great evil that left a sickly greenish-red aura behind. Halthor flew to the throne room where he came across his father's prone body. Searching, Halthor could not find the Infinity Hammer, also called the Soul Stone. Puzzled and in frustration, Halthor did the only thing he could think of...he used his mastery to reverse the flow of time, to allow him to discover what happened to his people, who had done this vile thing, and where was the Infinity Hammer.

    As time began to rewind, Halthor could do nothing as he watched within his temporal cocoon, the tragedy unfold before him. His puzzlement grew as he saw that his father never wielded the Soul Stone during his fight with his opponent! It seemed like his spirit was not in the fight and only fighting on automatic! But puzzlement turned to rage as he saw who the assailant was...his own sister, Sinestri, the Enchantress of Fear!

    He knew that she had always felt she should be the next ruler, but the governing council didn't want someone who reveled in Fear. But this?! This was beyond jealousy! This was pure murder! And of so many!

    WAIT! What was that?! Halthor stopped the journey and allowed time to flow forward once more as he watched in shock! His father, Ordan, was beckoning towards him! But no one should be able to see him!

    Halthor stepped from his temporal cocoon and quickly paced towards his father. His father told him that the Soul Stone told him that Halthor would be coming and to give him the Infinity Hammer. Shocked, Halthor tried to step back only to be grabbed by his father and have the Hammer placed in his grasp.

    Ordan, still holding the handle of the Infinity Hammer, closed his eyes and then told his son the final piece of his plan.

    With tears in both of their eyes, together they bent time and spirit and called out to all the souls of their people including those who were dying that very moment. As they strained with the effort, the entire population of Oansgard released their souls to be joined with the Soul Stone, living on within the Infinity Hammer, to offer their strength, power, and, at times, wisdom & expertise to the wielder.

    With his final strength, Ordan also gave up his spirit to reside forever in the Hammer, leaving Halthor alone, holding the weight of an entire planets soul in his hand.

    Knowing then what he had to do, Halthor stepped back within his temporal bubble and sped time to return him to the present.

    Now, Halthor Ordanson, taking the name of Ragnarok, in memory of the death of his countrymen, journeys throughout space and time seeking out the murderer of his people!

    Having discovered others of vast powers on Earth, Ragnarok has joined The T.I.T.A.N.S. with the understanding that they would also aid him in his quest for justice.

  • Trident (King Arthur James Orin Howlett)

    Little is known about Trident, officially. Even his name, Trident, is just a name eye-witnesses have given him. This artist sketch based on accounts tells us he is a tall muscular man with wavy blonde hair and a thick blonde beard.

    His left hand seems to be missing and ends in a stump covered over in what looks to be an ornate silver and gold.

    His pants are multi-hued with burnished golden yellow, deep sea green, and black stripes.

    While he doesn’t wear a shirt, his tattoos are of black stripes, and he wears a large shark tooth around his neck.

    But it is his claws that attract the most attention. Reports indicate he is able to retract these sharp claws back into his hand(s). While this image seems to show they are extremely long, it’s believed that’s just an extravagance on the part of the stories. Those in the scientific field believe that if he can retract them as stated, then they cannot be any longer than the distance from his elbow to his wrist, placing them at an approximate 12-inches.

    What is known about this man is that he lives in the ocean. Fishermen, illegal poachers, those shipwrecked, and pirates; have seen him so far out in the oceans that there is no way someone could be out there safely unless they could swim and breathe underwater.

    When he has been seen on land it is either off the eastern coast of the Independent Canadian Union or in the company of The T.I.T.A.N.S., and they won’t comment.

  • Vigilante (Francis Chase Wayne III)

    The Quake, as it is simply known by now, shook the very foundation of the planet, causing California to literally split in two, with the western half slowly easing out into the Pacific Ocean. Those who survived this cataclysm found their lives had only benefited from this new locale! They were now owners of island property! And the largest landowners were the Dons of the Polish Crime Families in Chicago.

    One of the families most affected was the Wayne family. On vacation in their summer home in Malibu, California, just before The Quake, young Francis was a happy little boy of seven years old. His parents, Thomas Mario & Louisa Castiglione Wayne, were wealthy socialites who dabbled in the investment market. His mother, Louisa, was the business expert and seemed to have a sixth sense for knowing how the market would move. His father, Thomas, was a doctor, having served as a Marine in Vietnam for three tours.

    Together they made sure to build up a vast fortune that would ensure their children would never want for anything.

    And children they had a-plenty! Francis was older than his twin sister, Esmeralda, by twelve minutes, the two of them being the oldest. Next was Lisa, age 5 1/2; then came Maria, age four; and finally Rockford "Rocco" at age two.

    The house on the beach was full and that was before you added in the visiting family! Uncle Fredo, Thomas's brother, and Uncle Lorenzo, Louisa's twin brother, had arrived with their wives and three children each!

    These were Francis's favorite time of the year. Seeing his family, no lessons, just days upon days of fun in the sun!

    Two days into their family vacation and all was well, until The Quake hit! Francis was out on his little jet-ski that his father had bought for him, when The Quake hit land! The earth shook and the water swelled and tossed Francis, still clinging to his jet-ski.

    For what seemed like hours, Francis fought the waves and swells as he watched the houses along the shore either shake themselves apart or be flooded and pulled into the ocean by the tsunami that seemed to reach further and further inland.

    As the earth slowed its shaking, Francis managed to get onto land, scrambling over wreckage he made it to his house to find that it had literally crumbled from The Quake, killing his whole family.

    In utter shock, Francis could only sit there among the wreckage, sobbing as he tried to call his family back to life.

    Hours later, his voice having given out and having cried himself to sleep, Francis was awoken by the sound of people walking through the ruins of the house. At first Francis wanted to call out to them as he thought they must be looking for survivors.

    But just as he was going to, a heavily accented voice began to speak. The two rescuers turned out to be intruders as Francis heard them discuss how the plan had worked perfectly, and now all these homes would have to be foreclosed on before they could be sold off, and that the Dons would be able to pick them up cheap. Soon the Dons and their families would own most, if not all, of the new California island. The third intruder, who had so far remained silent, spoke up then claiming his machine seemed to make this Project Undertaking a complete success. With that, the three decided to go see how the other side of the new island had fared.

    His family had been murdered in order to make a profit for the mob! In that moment, Frank decided that he would find out who did this and how and he would make them pay!

    Frank was found the next day by relief workers and he was turned over to his family's publicist who agreed to raise him until he was old enough to inherit his family fortune and business dealings.

    Until that time, Frank devoted his life to learning every style of fighting he could, the art of disguise, and how to be a detective. When he was old enough, he suddenly found himself a billionaire. Selling his family’s businesses and cashing out all their investments, Frank soon became one of the wealthiest men in all of the United Protectorates of North America.

    He journeyed throughout the world, increasing in physical strength and endurance as well as mental acuity. He became proficient in the sciences as well.

    With nearly unlimited funds Frank was able to hire the best teachers and go places many had never heard of, including learning from the different military instructors.

    By the time Frank had reached the age of 25, he had a genius level IQ and become: a philanthropist, detective, pilot, master of disguise, escape artist, fluent in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Latin, German, and Russian; master in 127 forms of armed and unarmed combat including Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Dragon Style Kung Fu, Boxing, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Nash Ryu Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Shorin-ryu Karate, Hwa Rang Do, and Chin Na And; with degrees in Criminal Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, and High Technology Applications.

    He now wages a one-man war against the criminal underworld as he seeks to find those truly responsible for killing his family among millions of others; Wilson Stanislaus, Godfather of the Polish Dons; and the scientist behind the Undertaking device, Dr. Sivanna von Doom.

    Meanwhile, The T.I.T.A.N.S. have brought him on-board, despite being uncomfortable with his methods, due to his unparalleled tactical experience and strategy mastery.

    For now, he will join them. But when they become a stumbling block to his personal quest, he will have to cut ties...or remove them from his path.

  • Devilwing (Matthew Grayson)

    At a young age, Matthew's parents eloped and ran away to join the travelling circus. Naturally gifted in acrobatics, the Graysons became The Flying Graysons, a Trapeze Act that will Dazzle Your Eyes. Within a year of joining, the Graysons were the most popular show in the circus and soon little Matthew was born!

    Ten years later, having joined his parents in their trapeze act, Matthew’s agility and natural talent made him a quick learner.

    One night Matthew’s parents were told by the Circus Owner that they needed to really wow the audience, so he wanted them to do their act without a net that night. He also told them that to really add some danger, they were to do the solto mortale, "The Deadly Leap."

    Both adult Graysons refused but when the owner threatened throw them out of the circus and make sure they never work in one again, they felt they had no choice. It was the only life they knew.

    That night, the tent was packed with spectators. As the Graysons climbed to their perches, they watched as the Ringmaster and some clowns pushed a large vat of liquid under the net. Then, in a booming voice, the Ringmaster announced that tonight’s performance would not only be death-defying with “The Deadly Leap” but would also be over a large vat of acid...and without a net!

    The net was instantly taken down and the Graysons could only look down in shock as the crowd cheered. Matthew’s parents looked at each and nodded. Each knew what they were to do. And then they began to swing.

    Faster and farther they swung out and Matthew watched as his parents prepared for “The Deadly Leap.” Just as they were about to attempt the most daring feat in their lives, Matthew’s mom suddenly turned on her swing and began to reach out for the perch, having changed her mind and not wanting to risk their lives for spectacle.

    She was about to step out from the swing onto the perch when a shot rang out from below. Matthew watched as shock lept across his mother’s face and she started to crumble backwards. Matthew reached to grab her but he wasn’t strong enough and together they fell, splashing into the vat of watered-down acid.

    It was at this exact moment, encased in a light acid bath, that The Great Burn occurred, sweeping around the world at ground level, changing the world permanently.

    The energy wave of The Great Burn phased right through the vat of watery acid just as Matthew opened his eyes, searching for the body of his mother.

    Instantly his eyes began to burn and his whole body began to convulse. Thrashing in the vat, Matthew kicked the sides causing the wooden slats to snap and shatter, pouring Matthew and his mother out onto the tent floor.

    Amid the yells and screams of a hysterical crowd, trying to escape, Matthew’s father, having rushed down the ladder to the ground, gathered his son in his arms, turned and ran out of the tent through the performers entrance.

    Days later Matthew (after the effects of The Quake had settled) realized that he wasn’t totally blind. His father, Jonathon “Stick” Grayson, helped his son realize his new potential and powers and they began training together in fighting and defense.

    Ten years later, “Stick” Grayson is approached with another life-changing dilemma. The Nationals are days away and the wealthy Mafia family of a competing gymnast wants “Sticks” protege to take a dive during the competition. “Stick” refused and paid the price for his defiance.

    Twenty-year old Matthew is told of his father’s death later that evening by the police. Heartbroken, Matthew vows to avenge both of his parents by bringing justice to those who took them away. Using his inheritance and insurance money, Matthew got himself through college where he got a degree in medicine. Though he couldn’t see computer screens, his abilities did allow him to read transcriptions. Though no one would hire a blind doctor, Matthew got a job as an at-home Medical Transcriptionist while he pursued his studies in medicine.

    Now, at the age of 25, Matthew, who spent all of his free time training and studying, knows as much about medicine as a fully credentialed medical doctor.

    Today Matthew spends his life playing two roles. By day he is a medical transcriptionist who also operates and fixes up those criminals that cannot take a chance at a hospital. At night, Matthew becomes Devilwing and uses the information he gathers from his patients to exact justice throughout the city.

    All the while, he searches for any hint as to the location of the men who killed his family.

  • Nacht Wunder aka Night Marvel (Kurt Batson)

    Young Kurt Bâtsôn was just your average 13-year old German, orphan boy, until one day he snuck onto some abandoned circus grounds. As he walked around, checking out the old buildings and rides he came across the old Funhouse with all of its mirrors. Many of them were cracked or shattered, but those that remained whole still made him laugh at the way they seemed to alter his appearance.

    It was somewhere in the middle of the funhouse that he stepped in front of a mirror only to be confronted with a frightening image! A dark blue-furred, pointy-eared elf-demon stared back at him with glowing eyes!

    Frightened, Kurt stepped back, right onto a jagged shard of mirror, slicing through his sandal and into his foot. Crying out he fell to the ground, grabbed his foot and pulled out the sharp glass, tossing the bloody mirror the feet of the image that still lingered in the mirror.

    Suddenly, the image moved and looked directly at him, a voice sounded within his head, “An offering has been made. The vessel has been chosen. Finally I am free!” There was a flash of lightning and muffled thunder, and just like that Kurt found himself standing tall, no longer hurt, and not in his own body!

    Memories and experiences rushed into his mind and he instantly knew that his life would forever be changed. He had become Night Marvel, the Eternal Elf!

    His memories told him the whole story. The Night Marvel use to be a Dark Elf of infinite power. His job, along with the rest of the Dark Elves, were to guard the night. To keep watch for those spirits that would seek to do harm while others slept. Night Marvel was the name given to the most powerful of the Dark Elves and was a mantle that could be passed on if the old vessel could no longer endure.

    Now it has passed to Kurt Bâtsôn. Whenever Kurt calls out, “BÄMF!”, there is a flash of light and smoke along with muffled thunder and Kurt will be transformed into the Night Marvel, possessing the sense of Purity and Justice of Baldr, the Strength of the giantess Ängrboða, the knowledge and wisdom of Mímir, and the power of Fjölnir! Able to crawl walls, fly, and blend into his dark surroundings, Night Marvel has joined The T.I.T.A.N.S. Reserves to further his training in his abilities as well as to help defend the mortal realm from the evils of the night!

  • Рейнджер aka Reyndzher aka Ranger (Ororo Королева)

    Born to a wealthy Russian socialite and a poor bellboy from a hotel her mother once stayed at on safari in Central Africa, Ororo Королева never felt at home in her mother’s country. Though she was told the circumstances of her conception and that her father’s only request was she be given the name she bears now, she has never known nor succeeded in discovering information about her biological father. Her mother’s husband (then-fiance) always hated her, as did the rest of her Russian family; even her own mother regarded her with shame and disgust.

    When The Great Burn struck, humans and animals alike were affected and a call was made for recruits for the military. Seeing an opportunity to escape the hatred she experienced within her family, Ororo falsified her age and entered the Russian army. Soon she realized she had a gift for archery and tracking and quickly ascended the ranks to becoming a top military Ranger, assigned to track Burned creatures both human and non.

    While on a mission to a particularly cruel portion of the country called the Siberian Badlands, Ororo chose to press on despite her team abandoning her. Half-frozen and nearly dead from dehydration, Ororo unintentionally discovered that she had latent Burn abilities herself. She could create tiny flames on the ends of her fingers, could stop the wind within a 5 foot radius of herself, likewise the snow, and even throw tiny rocks without moving her arms, though this could contribute to their momentum. In essence, she had weak control of the classical elements. Unfortunately, she realized her powers would make her a target of her own government and decided to stay in the Badlands. Evading the one rescue party sent after her with ease, she remained there until an encounter with Trident at the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

    He told her about The T.I.T.A.N.S. and how they were automatically granted immunity to international Burned sanctions (formally known as the Sokham Accords, named after the city in Sweden which was ground zero of The Great Burn), if they joined. Deciding that it was a better life to help those in need than live on the tundra, she told Trident she would join and within seconds a message was dispatched to Captain Krypton, who picked her up.

    Using the powers of the wind, her arrows never miss their targets, and her abilities with the other three elements allow for her arrows to have slight enhancements at her whim. Her powers also allow her to know when weather is coming, if it’s man-made or natural, and she can alter the wind to allow her to track by scent anyone she is following. When she is on reserve, she remains in the Badlands and rarely ever answers the messages her teammates send her. Only Trident seems to be able to find her with any reliability.

  • Aceroala aka Steelwing (Jose Heredia Montoya)

    Born in the Republic of Peru to Luis Montoya and Valentina Coreas, José was raised by his father after Valentina left when he was five years old.

    At the age of eighteen José had already learned how to take anything mechanical and make it better. He had rebuilt his dad’s car, turning it into a solar powered gas-free vehicle at the age of 14. At the age of 10 José had installed home-made solar panels on their house, cutting them off the grid.

    Now, with his technical expertise, José joined the Peruvian military in the hopes of working his way into the government as a contractor who could really help his country.

    During his service, José made a name for himself in the Mechanics Division. He was soon promoted to the R&D Division where he was placed in position to integrate new ideas into workable prototypes.

    His ability to understand the inner workings of things intuitively led him to developing software for new weapons and armor.

    When Japan began to arm their nuclear silos, José was chosen to be part of an elite task force to infiltrate Japan and disarm those silo in any way possible. He was one of the top military tech inventors sent in with his squad to Japan (prior to it sinking) to try and stop/disarm their nuclear arsenal before it was launched. Unlike the movies this did not go well and Japan was able to still launch just slightly more than half their missiles. José watched as his men died around him, protecting him from Japanese soldiers only to fail at stopping all of the missiles. Instead, José managed to divert most of them to nearby bodies of water, but those he couldn’t stop caused the deaths of millions.

    After being arrested by the Japanese military, José was turned over to the UN within the hour who sent him back to Peru right after The Great Burn spread over the globe.

    Unfortunately, The Quake began as José was over the Pacific back to Peru. Watching from a non-stop flight from Japan to Peru, José could see all the devastation from the bombs being amplified by the power of the global Quake.

    Touching down on what remained of the airstrip, José got right to work going from vehicle to vehicle, plane to plane, and building to building checking them and fixing them when he could.

    He realized quickly that the roadblocks were going to prevent people from getting rescued or getting medical help, so he quickly made his way to the nearest machine shop and began to piece together a suit of armor that could be used to lift heavy objects as well as fly around or over obstacles.

    Within just a few short hours he had his first Steelwing prototype.

    At the age of 22, José had become the first documented “superhero” on Earth. Within days him and his suit had saved more than a thousand people, stopped dozens of fires, and helped remove roadblocks for emergency crews to get through.

    As each area became easier for other rescue personnel to work in, Steelwing, as people were now calling him, would move on to the next and so on. In just a few months Steelwing had become a national hero for all of Peru and other parts of South America.

    Now, with his new notoriety, Steelwing has been called on by The T.I.T.A.N.S. on occasion to help in situations his expertise was needed. However, for the most part, Steelwing spends most of his days secluded in his now state-of-the-art warehouse with all of his machines, inventions, and tinkers away until he’s next needed. Though he still dons the armor for his patrols, he mostly prefers to leave the peace-keeping to the officials.

  • T.I.T.A.N.S. Academy

  • Muraña (Pietro Kaine)

    A protege child born with autism, Pietro, at an early age, was able to look at complex formulas and problems and find the solutions within minutes. At the age of five, Pietro’s madre, an overachieving, workaholic, business executive was considered the greatest corporate “assassin” on the continent. Specializing in corporate espionage among pharmacological manufacturing corporations, Slādé taught her gifted hijo at home to be the best he could be and to be ruthless in his process.

    Pietro’s madre used non-approved psychotropic drugs in order to shape her hijo to do her will. When Pietro turned ten years old, he had already been tested and proven to be at the high school senior level in mathematics and science. His mamá, seeing an opportunity, used her drugged hijo to manipulate data and codes to allow her easier access to company secrets. This activity was red-flagged by the government who stepped in and arrested them both, placing Pietro in juvenile hall before sending him to live with his tía, Maia, a genetic scientist studying animals.

    Pietro quickly became interested in the study of genetics, and especially in unlocking the codes necessary to pass animal abilities onto human subjects.

    At the age of nineteen, Pietro had become a scientific genius who had spent his young life studying how to use the abilities of spiders and bats for the good of mankind...and a profit for his company. When his investors started to pull away he made a gamble and injected himself with the test serum being developed for the military to improve night vision, hearing, and agility in soldiers. The serum worked far more than even he believed and he became altered.

    The first time he used his abilities in public it brought the attention of The T.I.T.A.N.S. who met with Pietro and convinced him to become the first student at the new T.I.T.A.N.S. Academy.

  • Syber (Simon Connell)

    Once Simon Connell was a renowned actor and quite famous for appearing in a strue of popular romance films. To the world he was seen as the kindest actor in the industry, always seen with a smile, and helping out others when he could. A picture of bliss to the world, as he stood tall with a loving wife in his arms at various award shows and film premieres, the world seemed like it would stay perfect this way for a long time. During the shoot for his latest film, where he was meant to play a scientist trying to uncover the mysteries behind a new material while locked in a romance with his lab assistant, the team was able to acquire the rights to film at a local A.I.M. facility. There Simon wanted a tour of the facility, as he once had a fascination with biology and general science, which he studied for a while before finding his future in acting. So they were shown an actual project the facility was working on: Ion Energy. With the world entering a new digital age, they were trying to find a way to transport a person from one side of the world to another through the World Wide Web, by transmuting them into ions and then putting them back together at the other end. The source of this new transport was a pure form of ion energy, which began acting up the moment Connell entered the room. This lead to the instruments in the facility going crazy and suddenly Connell is enveloped in pure ionic energy! Absorbing the energy that seemed strangely attracted to him, Connell found himself in the middle of darkness, struggling to keep the energy contained within him. To his luck, the A.I.M. scientists were able to locate him, inside the pattern servers, and began the process of bringing him back! After several attempts they were forced to feed his ionic signature into one of their containment suits used by their scientists while in the ion chamber. Over time, Connell realized that he had lost his emotional feelings, as when his wife finally entered the room those feelings and butterflies in his stomach disappeared; he felt nothing when he looked into her face nor was he even able to feel scared by the prospect of not feeling. After trying his hands at leading a normal life, he wasn’t able to keep up the act that he still loved his wife or even understood the concept of love, so she left him and his time as an actor came to an end. While not feeling any sadness to what has happened, he understood that, just maybe, he had a higher purpose to lead, as this energy must have a purpose he had yet to understand.

  • Ms. KrYPThOn/Specimen XY-16 (Carol Kent)

    Ms. KrYPThON is a genetically grown super-soldier. With materials taken from captured aliens from the Roswell, New Mexico crash landing in the mid-1900's; spliced with the purest human DNA and the hardiest types of flora; Carol Kent grew to be a being of perfection.

    Unlike her genetic cousin, KrYPThOs, Ms. KrYPThON was designed to be a pure warrior. During her growth, her mind was uploaded with information like: The Art of War, Bruce Lee, current warfare tactics & strategy, as well as psychological warfare; to list a few. At the same time they uploaded books on chemical warfare, cultural espionage, history, and psychology. While her body was trained in martial arts and other hand-to-hand combat, each night she would fall asleep to an upload of strategy, computations, and language.

    Though trained and raised for combat, Ms. KrYPThON has also been secretly trained at The T.I.T.A.N.S. Academy by her “cousin” KrYPThOs, without government approval or knowledge, to be a warrior for peace instead of death.

  • Almaeisha Almawt aka Living Death (هيلينا بروكس/Hilina Bruks/Helena Brooks)

  • Archimage (Dkeefhk;'ech)

  • Krtrim (Paitrik Bekar)

  • Fusione Giù aka Meltdown (Giovanni Balestruccio)

  • Mr. Excelsior (Michael Reed, PhD)

  • Quartermaster (Harper Forge)

  • Red Winter (Тодд (Todd) Aмбар (Ambar) aka Joseph Hood)

    The elder half brother of Ranger, young Dzhozef капот was also the illegitimate son of wealthy Russian socialite Ольга (Ol’ga) Королева, though his father was a respected government official named Микаэл (Mikael) капот. Ol’ga and Mikael eventually married for a time after Joseph's birth, but the two divorced after Ororo’s birth.After his parents’ divorce, Dzhozef became an outsider as much as Ororo, and the two became close, though Mikael would occasionally exercise his custodial rights and the two would often be separated for months at a time. Mikael was a violent and abusive man, and would have a powerful effect on his life later. After the Great Burn, Dzhozef, like his half-sister, joined the Army, but while he lacked Ororo’s sense for tracking and stealth, he shared her marksmanship and endurance and therefore ascended into the Russian Strike Force, an elite group of soldiers, who went into especially dangerous missions, regardless of whether the target was Burned or not. He and his half-sister would occasionally work side by side if the target was, in fact, Burned. However, after Ororo went MIA, Dzhozef became more erratic and violent, often disobeying orders and causing civilian casualties in the line of duty. However, he was allowed to stay in the service because he was willing to do missions others would not. Approximately a year after Ororo’s disappearance, Joseph was sent on a mission that currently has no details available to the outside world. When he resurfaced 8 months after that, he had taken a different name, Тодд Aмбар, a bionic arm, and appeared to have no memory of his life prior to that time. His identity as Dzhozef капот is only known because he and Ororo crossed paths after she stopped him attempting assassination of a prominent German official under a mercenary contract. After fighting to a stalemate, Barnes fled and Ororo dispelled these details to The T.I.T.A.N.S. Barnes eventually turned himself in, curiosity getting the better of him and Ororo told his story as she knew it. Though he still has no actual memory beyond periodic flashes, he has come to trust in this knowledge after doing his own research. However, he rejects the formal and as he describes “stifling” responsibilities of full T.I.T.A.N.S. membership and his violent nature have led some to question whether he should even be a member of The T.I.T.A.N.S. at all, even reserve. Nonetheless, his newfound loyalty to his half-sister and his strong sense of justice means he will come if called. He is sometimes seen aiding Vigilante when both are operating outside of The T.I.T.A.N.S.

  • Snøkatt (Narya Kyle)

    Living embodiment of a goddess of Norway. Came into existence as the first sunrise rays struck the land of Norway on the 1st day of Creation.

  • Spector (Dr. Jonathon Strange)

  • Qiánfēng aka Striker (杰斐逊 巴顿/Jiéfěixùn Bādùn/Jefferson Barton)

  • Virgo (§øᵲ₫nαxⱸ/Ἷα џᵲ₫µᴁb\§iἿⱸtαƥαḉ/Sordnaxela Yrduaeb Siletapak aka Sacred Angel of Silver)

  • Bílý Hříva aka Whitemane (Zelená Síly & ÅĮⅎꞧⱷ₫ⱷꞧΊ₢ꞣꞩꝍ₦)

  • Onyx (Corvus "Corvi" Pruinae)

  • Behemoth (Kaino Jaimie Korde)

    Korde gained his powers while on a expedition in Antarctica when he came across the Cobalt Gem of Karottyc.

  • Melltithio (Syr Victor von Strauss, Lord of Kent)

  • Ferruginous Hawk & Sparrowhawk (Henry Carter & Janet Hall)

  • Silverback (G'Challa,King of B'Washenga)

  • Black Rokk (Atamu o Peniamina le Faavavau)

  • Bolt

  • Brainim Zoliac

  • Coucou aka Cuckoo (Coquin)

  • Deathshead (Juxast)

    Worshipper of Death who became this universe's version of the Grim Reaper. He shows up just as someone dies.

    He has grown to hate those who stop him from taking someone. Whether they are healed, are brought back with resurrection, or are given last minute passage to Heaven. He especially hates those that cannot die. Or live longer than he thinks they should.

    He only takes those who have not chosen an afterlife.

  • Éadóchas aka Despair

  • The Huntsman (Сергій Флойда/Serhiy Floyd)

  • Hisṭiriẏā aka Hysteria (Bratatī Dharmabiśbāsa)

  • Jester (Skygge Toskinson)

    Skygge Toskinson was born on Oansgard to a fairly less off family. However, his parents were proud to have him as their son and he grew up with a happy childhood. After showing potential at a young age, he was granted entry to the Oansgard Elemental Academy and quickly became one of their star students. It was here that he first encountered Sinestri, princess of Oansgard. Though talented, Skygge was a nerd and felt she was out of his league, despite his (and several other students’) crush on her. However, during one of the school’s obligatory political classes, he managed to make an impression on her by effectively backing up her claims to her family’s rule and the prosperity it would bring to Oansgard. She cornered him after class and Skygge shook the whole time, but eventually she decided she liked him and asked him out, to which he promptly said yes. Though they eventually broke up romantically, she kept him by her side due to both his talents as a Shadow Master and his overall intelligence, which she found useful. After graduating, Sinestri sent him to Earth to learn more about the fabled Chaos Element, said to be more powerful there. During that time, turmoil raged in Sinestri’s household as the debate was made about whether she or her younger brother Ragnarok would become the next ruler after their father passed. Skygge eventually found the Element and collected it in a special container to prevent undue effects. After returning it to

    Oansgard, Sinestri saw an opportunity and made a plot with Skygge to stage a coup, to which his blind loyalty to her allowed him to agree. However, upon trying to use the Element in aid, the container failed and the Element bonded to Skygge’s body, bleaching his skin and knocking him unconscious, as well as sending out a shock wave that drove Sinestri into a fit of rage. It was then that she went on the murderous rampage across the nation, wiping out all of the Oansgardians. Ragnarok returned just as the madness wore off, but it was too late. After their dying father granted him the powers he still possesses today and sent him from the danger, Skygge woke and saw the carnage in the nation. Driven totally mad, but still retaining loyalty to Sinestri, he took the moniker Jester and after she told him that Ragnarok was responsible for driving her to that point, he believed her unquestionably and swore eternal vengeance upon him. They have clashed several times, and on one occasion, when Deathshead offered them a deal in exchange for helping defeat Captain Krypthon, Sinestri to Jester to double cross him and Jester stole Deathshead’s Celestial Cube, which he immediately took a strong liking to. Though it was eventually retaken, when Sinestri and Jester are separated, Jester always finds himself pursuing the Cube, with limited success. However, once in possession of it, he is almost impossible to stop. Vigilante in particular fears him, with or without the Cube, due to his blind loyalty and otherwise totally erratic and murderous nature. This has intrigued Jester and when Sinestri is making grand plans and has no use for him otherwise, she allows Jester to torment Vigilante mercilessly. One such occasion led to the near death of Red Winter, who was fighting alongside Vigilante against Jester of r the first time. It is some Red has never forgotten. Currently Jester is missing, but no doubt with Sinestro, by her side as she plans her next big attack.

  • Dark Waters (Δαβίδ Οκτάβιος/Dr. David Octavios)

  • The Query

  • Scavenger (Jonathan Laughton)

  • Toxicant (Zahira Bichū)

    In 63 AD she fell in love with the son of a royal house who watched her perform. Mother of this royal son hates her so paid someone to remove her. They failed. Just as she was about to die, her meta-mutant gene was activated and her body healed itself by filling in her loss of blood with ichor from local plants.