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I'm out ill cya all later. Might come back, but as of now I'm done with CV. Good Day everyone and wish you all the best.

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The Movie team - King Arthur, Dracula, David Rice, Hellboy, T-3000, Khan, Perseus, Zeus, Horus, and Pitch Black

Image result for King Arthur legend of the sword wallpaperImage result for Dracula untold wallpaperRelated imageImage result for Hellboy movie wallpaperImage result for t-3000 terminatorRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

Round 1 - 20 Chitarui, 20 Dark Elves, 20 Outriders, and 20 Robots from Age of ultron

Round 2 - Whiplash

Round 3 - Ronan ( no gem )

Round 4 - Loki

Round 5 - The Defenders

Round 6 - Loki

Round 7 - Ultron, yellow jacket ( can't shrink his foes nor make them big ), Vulture, and Killmonger

Round 8 - Avengers ( Civil war roster )

Round 9 - Thanos with just one gem ( power gem )

Round 10 - Battle of New York

I know 9 and 10 are pretty close and could go either way, but without hulk or thor in that picture, I'd place thanos just barely above as Scarlet and Vision being the only ones capable of taking him down.


  • MCU team is strictly MCU and MCU only. The movie team up above is all lore allowed besides enchantress is strictly DCCU along side DCCU comics related to her
  • No in fighting
  • Random Encounters
  • No prep
  • Team 1 is at its most powerful
  • No BFR
  • No morals
  • Determined to win
  • Win by Death or K.O
  • No Jobbing for either side
  • Standard gear for both sides
  • No outside interference

Battle ground is New York

Image result for New york avengers

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@wut: When I'm saying the top 1% matters I'm joking around. When I said what if he could get into h2h combat with jaina I was again giving you a hard time, as we both know he doesn't really have the means to do so. However, I didnt think his magic was craptastic due to our past debate on this before hand where you claimed a blood dragon's magic is still quite important,

Anyways, imo:

Blood Knight w/mediocre WHF Necromancy > Death Knight in both hand to hand and magic

Paladin > Arch Lector. While the Arch Lector can amp his strength to compete in fisticuffs, the Paladin is just flat out better at magic and support then the Arch Lector from what I've seen.

Grail Knight ??? Demon Hunter... I don't know much about Demon Hunters to really gauge their skills against someone like the Grail Knight. I would need to see what they could do. My gut says the Hunter could probably win abusing magic, but in a melee engagement, the Grail Knight should win.

Chaos Chosen ??? Dark Ranger... Need more info on the Dark Ranger. I'm not sure this is a good comparison though because they are vastly different in function. Not sure which is going to be more effective here.

Anyways, I kinda expect the Arch Lector to go down early. Paladin throw down with either the Grail Knight or Chaos Chosen... But really, this fight comes down to the Blood Knight. Your average Necro in WHF is just way more potent then your Death Knight or WC Necromancer is by comparison. So the amount of time is going to really matter as a normal necromancer can call forth an army. On the whole, I think its pretty close. Need more info on Demon Hunter/Dark Ranger though.

As you can see before you say "No I didnt!" :) Now I know the Blood Dragons are you made clear are not very powerful with said necromancy. I was just basing my opinion and the thread off of this idea. I understood Jaina would have prolly an advantage in magic, but from what I've heard the Warhammer fleets in fantasy are not only stupidly big, but carry some BIG firepower. Since this guy is a pirate lord, I'd figure he'd have even bigger firepower and from what I was told the Tomb kings have a good fleet, I think the person I talked to before said,

  1. High Elves
  2. Dark Elves
  3. Empire
  4. Norsca
  5. Telia ( or some other one I can't remember )
  6. Tomb Kings

However, this fleet being a specialized was prolly around 3 or 4 in ranking. Again I could be wrong he could be wrong, but that's why I based the thread off of.

The difference in End Times Gelt and Gelt is stupidly big. End times Gelt was the incarnate of metal who created a magical wall large enough to section off the entire North [was small 'gaps' and weak points they could trickle through], for comparison, that would be like at the start of BfA if Jaina just walled off all of Durotar. End Times Gelt was moments away from pulling a Caledor and saving the entire planet with his spell. End Times Gelt is so much stronger then normal Gelt they are different people which is why I specifically noted End Times Gelt. Jaina is stronger then normal Gelt by some magnitude in raw power.

I didn't realize he was that powerful! I assumed he got somewhat of an amp, but not that big of an amp. He didn't save the world though because Mannfred was a prick correct?

Not even remotely close. To threaten the Empire's existence you are looking at tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, of undead forces necessary to cause their fall as undead hordes capable of doing so are stupidly massive [Case in point, Konrad took over for Vlad who raised every person that had died in Syl after a plague wiped out most people as a launching point]. Harkon is not going to have nearly as much people because he doesn't need that much. Just enough to crew his ships and unless every single ship he is leading is a ship of the line [which they wouldn't be], he is never going to reach that high.

I see. I thought he had summoned up a large force in lore, his fleets being one of the biggest.

No, Necromancers are very useful for helping to hold together massive armies, but Vampires have an instinctive understanding of Necromancy due to what they are [this is covered in the WHRP Vampire Supplement]. Some master it, or are from lineages where its super important like Necrarchs, some barely use it at all [Blood Knights {Konrad is not a Blood Knight, he is a VC}]. Depending on the size of the host and the Vampire, they don't need Necromancers just like Necromancers don't need Vampires. They just tend to work together for shared goals.

Makes sense, curious if Vlad had succeeded in fighting and taking over the Empire. How would he address the Skaven if the Skaven were to pull off their invasion as they did before against the Empire? I mean I'd assume the Skaven plague wouldn't be all the effective, but the army itself I guess? Because you have stated before Imperial troops are very well disciplined, armed, and trained really well and are professional soldiers. Where as I see from the undead aspect, they are.... well poorly armed, horrible fighters for the most part with the Graveguard being the elite but said elite is roughly equal or slightly less superior then a Swordsman, and they don't really have a mind of their own.

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@wut: More like 1% everyone else matters little!

Really as in I didn't know vamps could easily control the dead. I thought they always had necros there to help guide the massive armies and so on. Not to sit here and try and say or prove a point wrong.

I thought Harkon had a huge force as well since he was fighting one of the world's largest navies and armies at the time? I take it his force was far smaller then?

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@wut: Right, but Gelt wasn't high on your list.....

Imo, First Gen Slann > Second Gen Slann >= End Times Nagash > Twins [Together] > Teclis/Caledor [At least, where I would place him]/Cripple Peak Nagash > Twins [Separate]/Kairos Fateweaver [Maybe a bit lower, he wasn't very impressive in Fantasy compared to Ka'Bandha who was amazing] > Third Gen Slann/Malekith/Lords of Change/Be'Lakor [Could be lower]/Sigmar Era Nagash >>> Arkhan the Black/Mannfred in Sylvania [he draws power from the land]/Van Hels/High Elf Loremasters-Archmages/Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress/etc > Balthazar Gelt/Normal High-Dark-Wood Elf Mages/Power Chaos Sorcerers >> Normal Human Wizards/Normal Chaos Sorcerers

So? XD

Not that I'm debating if Jaina's a boss or not, because she is and she can so beat Teclis 1vs1, but that's just me!

Really? because didn't Konrad struggle with that? I thought that was more like who had the bigger dick and so on. Big dicks = Control larger hordes of undead