most powerful comic book characters

top comic book characters (my opinion)

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  • The One Above All is the creator of all realities and wields a greater power than the living tribunal and other beings.

  • The Presence is the creator of the dc universe. He can also limit the Spectre's powers.

  • The Man of Miracles is pretty much like the Jesus of the Spawn comics. He is a mysterious super being that gives Spawn knowlege and guidance.

  • Beyonder is a omnipotent being in the marvel universe whose power rivals Galactus. He is considered the most powerful superhero.

  • Protege is a powerful being who's power even surpasses the Living Tribunal. He can duplicate other powers. He was ruled out by the Celestial Scathan the Approver.

  • The living tribunal has limitless abilities including the power to sacrifice beings in the universe. He uses his powers to maintain balance in the universe. A extremely powerful entity.

  • The Anti-Monitor is one of the most powerful beings in the dc universe, capable of absorbing entire universes and altering the essence of reality. He has near limitless cosmic powers and can manipulate matter.

  • Spectre is a supernatural ghost like entity that possesses mortals to manifest judgement. He is capable of battling foes like the Anti-Monitor and is one of the most powerful magical entities in the dc universe.

  • Galactus has god like abilties and the wielder of the power cosmic. He can consume entire worlds to take as nurishment. He manipulate cosmic energy and matter.

  • The Silver Surfer wields the power cosmic. He is the planet eater Galactus herald. He finds planets for Galactus to absorb its energy. He flys on a surf board and can fire planet destroying blasts.

  • Thor is a powerful being in the marvel universe wields a magical hammer and can control the weather. He is the son of Odin.

  • Thanos is a universal threat capable of manipulating cosmic energy and destroying half the universe.

  • Darksied is a anti-god of evil and fires omega beams from his eyes. He wants to control all living things.

  • The Celestials are the cosmic god like beings that experiment on lower lifeforms.

  • A creation and son of the planet eater Galactus. He possesses nearly unlimited cosmic power.

  • Apocalypse is a super powerful mutant in the marvel universe. He has nearly indestructible armor and can shapeshift. He wants to save all the strong mutants and let the weak ones die.

  • Sentry is one of the most powerful beings on earth. He is also known as the void which is his dark side. He is capable of running at super speeds and possesses super strength.

  • Dormammu is a enemy of Doctor Strange and wields immense magical powers. He can manipulate matter and energy. He also can teleport and absorb life force. He is more powerful than Doctor Strange and even Mephisto.

  • The powerful demon lord of evil, He granted Johnny Blaze the power of the Ghost Rider.

  • The ultimate force in the dc universe. has the ability to create the big bang.

  • Character created by Charles Xavier and Magneto. He can create and manipulate magnetic fields. He wields the power of both Professor x and Magneto.

  • Juggernaut is a mighty character. Nearly invincible while running and being able to take on the Hulk.

  • Hulk is a green beast of destruction. He is one of the most strongest marvel characters. He has capabilities including regenerating, running at super fast speeds, and super strength.

  • Jean Grey is a memer of the x-men and an omega level mutant. When she becomes the Phoenix she has limitless telepathic powers. She is one of the most powerful mutants in the marvel universe.

  • Doctor Strange has very powerful magical abilities and can teleport. He can even levitate.

  • Victor Von Doom is highly intelligent and possesses magical powers and was even able to steal powers from Odin.

  • The strongest telepath in the marvel universe. He is the founder of the X-men, and one of the most powerful mutants.