Preparing for the zombie apocalypse!

This wild watermelon decided to come to my aid.

However, unbeknownst to him, I plan to use his delicious contents as nourishment.

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In earnest, I guess someone threw a seed in my garden(could've been me) and some time later, this spawned. Yes, imma eat it, no two ways about it.


I just experienced an earthquake

I thought the whole house was gonna collapse on me, luckily it didn't, another 5-10 seconds more and it would of definitely done some major damage, i am still shaking 15 minutes after, scary stuff... makes me think how terrifying it must be on a larger scale and makes me even more sympathetic of people who have suffered from them

It was 5.3M


Respect the saiyans!

Hey guys/gals!

I've seen that a lot of people tend to underestimate DB in terms of physical strength, speed and destructive power.

Of course there are a lot of DB fanboys out there, but there are just as many haters. That is why I've decided to create this respect thread.

I'm here to turn non-believers into believers, let's start with physical strength.

A lot of people think that Goku struggled with 40 tons... these people have never seen DB, they have just seen that one scene from the anime or have seen a single scan from the manga and think they know everything about DB.

That's the reason why a lot of people call spite when a DB is involved(oddly enough, it is because they think the DB char doesn't stand a chance)

Okay... let's start giving some proof:

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One thing that a lot of people forget is that the gravity on Supreme Kai's planet is 10x earth's gravity, remember when Goku first got on King Kai's planet, he struggled to lift a hammer, so Goku is actually training with 20 tons on each limb with ease, 10x2= 20 (logic)

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After the South Kai changes the weight to 40 tons (40x10=400 tons), Goku is still able to carry the weight in base form, but he is not able to train with it.

So Goku in his base form is still able to hold a weight of 400 tons strapped around each of his limbs... a total weight of 1600 tons.

Now, I can bicep curl 50 lbs... but there is no way in hell I can train with the same weight strapped around my wrists, I probably couldn't train with said weight even for a single minute.

Stating this, just to put into perspective how impressive such a feat actually is.

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SSJ Goku says piece of cake while training with 400 tons on each of his limbs.

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That cube is about 4 m^3, If the cube was made of pure gold it would weigh roughly 80 tons (10x80= 800 tons), chances are this metal weighs more than gold, SO... Goku is tossing a 800+ tons object... like it was nothing.

This metal breaks the Z-sword, The Z-sword was supposed to be indestructible.

Next: I will give some proof about speed :) , Feel free to post feats, this is a respect thread after all ;)


First blog!!!

Yup first blog! :D

Well... I don't have much to say.

Watched the green lantern movie today and it sucked.

When i walked out the cinema, I felt as if I were robbed :(