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Deadpool 2 is the best 0

Oh my god i think that deadpool 2 is really good. Ryan Renyolds as Deadpool is one of the most funniest people ever. Cable is a a-hole in the beginning and then he becomes a hero when deadpool and cable figure out the the issue was the kid. Then what happened they teamed up and kicked ass. Then i feel that one of the best things that was in this was colossus was a crazy and unethical in the end but in the beginning he was very ethical which is not very funny to watch. i think that what they sho...

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Superman #1 1

Oh my god i like the new superboy. i like how it is the best superman. Wow i like how the art of superboy makes him look like an actually mix of his mom and dad unlike other kids "cough,cough". Superboy how he becomes a hero and then he seems like an awsome dude. ...

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